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  1. Dear Jackie, it's been a good while since head quarters heard from you. We almost suspected you injured or even worse, dead. We're glad to have you back and as usual, we'll jump right to it. Your chestnut reddish hair and green-brown eyes won't save you from this one, nor will your awesome guitar skills or writing skills. *Ehm* Sorry, I got a bit lost. Here goes: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is as following. Main: Lose approximately 20kg and find yourself living a healthier and more exciting life. Your mission progress shall continue as following. Level 1 + 2 (6 jan – 16 feb 2014) Goal 1: Get a minimum of 7½ hours of sleep each night, preferably 9. Goal 2: Wake up at 7:30 on week days, 9:00 latest on weekends. Goal 3: Eat something for breakfast (within 45 min) each morning, even if it’s just some nuts. Life quest: Do not use your credit card for anything, continue to pay it off to eventually get you out of debt. Do you accept? ___________________________________________________________________________ Silence in the room. I look down at my computer whilst thinking it through. Am I really ready for this? I know they're letting me start off easy, because I'm new, it's been a while and I need to start small. But really, breakfast? I never ate breakfast, like ever. I tried it in periods, but it just isn't my thing. Can I really make it my thing? I know it's needed if I want to continue my time here as an agent, and I really do want to stay here. I want to see myself achieve the status that Master Woh has carried for almost a century, Little Miracle. Suddenly I hear the clock strike midnight.. it's a new year. Poof! Just like that I know what I need to do. I stand up, and I almost yell into the computer out of excitment, YES I'LL DO IT! A flash of green, like always. And just like that, as if nothing had changed, I was on my way to start the adventure of a lifetime. ___________________________________________________________________________ The why? I've tried changing my life several times over, always biting of way more than I could ever chew. To get over that, I've decided to change my life around one aspect at a time, and I start with the one I feel most comfortable with: sleep and day rythm. For a very large portion of my life, my sleep and day rythm has been horrific, to the point of damaging both me and the grades I get at university. This being one of my major source of unhappiness, I realise that to live a really healthy and happy life, this is where I need to begin. Together with that, I have never ever been a morning person. I border on diagnosis for DSPD (Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder), but don't have one officially. With that said this will be a huge challenge for me, even though it might look stupid to some of you. With my no-morning-person nature, also comes that I am not really awake until noon, leaving me with no hunger or attention span until that hour. Wanting to change that, I've decided to try and get myself used to a different life, and see how that will affect me. There is a risk of having a very negative effect on my mental health, and it might be obvious but; if that's seen, I will retreat immediately and go at it a different way. But yeah, starting somewhere, I start here. ___________________________________________________________________________ The result In accordance to the head quarter bible, I will be able to come out of this alive with the following results. Level - 2 STR: 0 DEX: 0 STA: 5 (+5 from the 10 points given half way, for enduring so far.) CON: 3 (+3 for finishing the sleep/breakfast goals after 6 weeks.) WIS: 2 (+1 from the 10 points given half way for having slept and eaten so well, +1 for finishing the life goal after 6 weeks) CHA: 4 (+4 from the 10 points given half way for being forceful enough to continue.)
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