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  1. I ran my first marathon, by myself - with nothing but water from water fountains. My timing would be 5h 23 min and 29 s to cover a distance of 42.2km, in 31 degree weather.
  2. At the beginning of the year, I could barely run a mile. I kept trying (and failing) to do 5k runs, and I'd always have to start walking during the second mile. I'm not sure what my time for one-mile would have been, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 minutes. Back in June, I finally ran a mile in under 8 minutes. Today, I just ran a mile in 6:55. It feels impossible. I was in disbelief when I first saw it, trying to figure out how I could have subtracted a minute somehow or something. It just feels really, really good. I'm super proud of myself right now. My distances have gotten better
  3. I've had an exciting month! So during lockdown, I kinda had to switch from leg press machines to squats. I had some dumbells that I'd been using at home for this, and now our covid situation has largely improved (current local blip notwithstanding) and our gyms have reopened. I switched to using the bags, but having found the 15kg now to be too light, I had to go up. Only I couldn't shift the 20kg one onto my shoulders. I had no choice - I had to learn how to use the barbell. So, under instruction, I set foot in a squat cage for the first time and did my squats with a 2
  4. Hi all I've just posted my introduction in, of all places, the introductions section. Visit there for personal context, or, don't! You are your own person and you can do what you want, physics permitting. Apologies in advance, I talk a lot. And I'm Canadian, so I also apologise for it. I've been doing the beginner bodyweight workout, although not in its entirety, for just about a month now. Day One, having not done any sort of structured workout in 15 years, I went as hard as I possibly could and burned out (pretty hilariously) after two circuits. For two days after I couldn't
  5. Yesterday was THE DAY. The last day of None-to-Run program. I did it, I've completed all the intervals and runs. Even better - I run offroad which is tougher (I've been told so) than road running, yet I find it fun and relaxing (despite sometimes my lungs want to jump out of ribcage and get some vacation...) Maybe nothing big for pro runners, but I'm proud of myself
  6. Last week I left work at 11:30pm. My daughter was closing at her job and would not be off until 2:00am. I was her ride. I had a few options. I could drive to the parking lot and take a nap until she got off work, or I could find some way to pass the time. I decided to put on my night running gear and go for a run. It was supposed to be a quick 5k, but at the halfway point at which I would turn around and come back, I was still feeling good, so I continued to follow the road, which led to a few uphills and downhills and then down a 400+ foot descent to the end of the road next to a lake. I paus
  7. TLDR: Went from 11 to 17 pull ups in 30 days. I documented my journey in this video: To see my initial rep max, skip to 1:00 To see my final rep max skip to 2:52 For my 1st ever challenge (the one from April 23 - May 30), I decided to take on the Russian Fighter Pull Up Program for 30 days straight. https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/107841-optimus-prime-rolling-out/ I’ll admit, I wasn’t very good at recording my daily logs, but I did complete the entire program to a T. Basic
  8. Oh my goodness gracious! I lost 11 lbs as of today! I started this program in the beginning of March! I was 208 lbs since I started! I hope my appearance gets better though...
  9. Well, it happened. I weighed myself yesterday. I have been doing the work, eating right and pushing myself every step of the way. The info I have gathered, eating habits and exercises are doing their charm. I feel great and proud of myself. I have lost almost 60 pounds! Coming from over 300 lbs have bee a journey but I feel great about this first milestone. As my gift for keeping me motivated, I will wear a Star Wars inspired costume to a Comic-con convention at my town. Bst things are yet to come. If you need that extra push forward, set a goal for yourself. You can ac
  10. Spent an hour and a half fixing my stationary bike. Its now silent and i can continue biking in the am without disturbing my wife! It may be stuck on max resistance but i was only one setting away from that anyway. Happy i saved myself a couple hundred bucks!
  11. I've always felt that, if I had a reason to be in shape, instead of just to look and feel better, it would be easier to motivate myself to exercise. So, I had my 5th Muay Thai class yesterday, and I freaking love it! I want to keep doing this, long term. I'm just a beginner, but I can already tell, I'm going to love this, long term.
  12. tl;dr - I play roller derby, we had an awards night last night, I won two awards for being part of the league. #validation So last night my roller derby league had our first end of year dinner / awards night. Historically I was never the sporty type until starting derby and so I wasn't going in to dinner expecting much. The only sporting award I ever got was 2 participation awards for tee-ball when I was like, 6, or 8, or something. only like, 20 years ago. But I've really found a love for roller derby and the people I've met doing it. I've also never felt much drive to be an
  13. So I've run off and on over the past year as I've increased activity and was able to run. Often fluctuated around 8-10 minute miles pretty consistently (once I could actually run a mile). Got kind of hooked on the fitbit's 'cardio fitness score' and was happy that I was in the "good" range. Stopped running about 2 months ago when I switched over from the beginner's bodyweight circuits (had added dumbells, so not really 'bodyweight' anymore) over to stronglifts 5x5. Decided to run after my session this morning as I had a little time. First mile wa
  14. I've got some insomnia issues, I didn't really sleep last night, worked a full day today...and then I came home and worked out anyway. This is big for me - I always seem to get derailed when I get sick or tired, but today I stuck to my plan anyway. I feel great - and hopefully I'll sleep tonight!
  15. Been tracking calories, walking, weighing in, sweating, cussing for 5 years trying to listen to my body, and take better care of it. As of Saturday, I am NO LONGER A MEMBER OF THE 200+ club. Weighed in on Saturday at 198.4 lbs. Measured twice to be sure, 19.6% body fat (per electric impedance measurement so take that with the bottle of salt needed). Not resting on my laurels though, still goals to hit!
  16. Had a fitbit since around January. Kicked ass this morning in full body circuit and run...checked the fitbit app and finally moved my cardio score from "Good (44.2-49.6)" to "Very Good (49.6-55)" Woot woot!
  17. I'm back to 130-132lbs! I haven't been super diligent about my diet but I have lost about 20 lbs in just over a year by living on my own and eating normal portions. It's amazing what happens when someone my size (5'4") stops living and eating with two guys (6'0" and 6'4")! Now it's time to build up some muscle!
  18. I ran a half marathon on Sunday and finished the bugger without giving myself any major knee pains. I not only feel accomplished I actually feel like I did the week before the race instead of limping around in pain. I even went for a short run this morning. Here's me in the home stretch (in the shades):
  19. This battle log will not be daily. But I would like to leave something of my progress behind, just in case someone like me comes along and needs that extra push or second wind. Starsapart was that person for me, and I'd like to be there for someone else! First things first...or perhaps second things second, I am not at my goal. Not by a long shot. At this point in time, I am a novice, just beginning to count the fruits of her labor. I am into my second real 6 week challenge--not including my novice training. And I have told myself, I will give nerdfitness 7 challenges to astound me. But at thi
  20. My first WOOT post because I levelled up to level 2 in the academy today! Hopefully the first of many levels in the foreseeable future.
  21. I just have to share: Since the beginning of the year, I've lost 15 pounds!! What's especially exciting about this is that I haven't particularly made weight-loss a focus of anything, and I haven't even done anything particularly consistent. I've just been doing the 4-week challenges since the beginning of the year, focusing on improving my diet. But that has made me so much more mindful about my choices that the weight has been dropping as a matter of course. All my pants are getting loose in the waist, and when I bought new jeans the other day, I had to go down a size.
  22. So my life goal on the last challenge was to start the Kickstarter we were working on, but we had some logistical issues (manufacturer quotes and questions) and it didn't start in February, so my challenge failed, boo. Buuuuut, we hit the Start button last Friday! Hurray! If you'd like to take a look, it's here: Gravity Duels We're also working on a Thunderclap for it so more people will see it. Here's the link to that: CLAP I'm still in the "running around seeing how else I can share it" phase, so if you've got any ideas, let me know I'm also working on
  23. Readin about someone lifting more than they ever could is great - But seeing the person lifting more than they ever could and then seeing their happy faces is even better! Reading about someone doing his first 10 pull ups is great - But seeing the pullups, seeing the fight at the last pull up and the happy face after succeeding is even more awesome! Reading about using the 20 seconds courage to jump out of the plane is epic - But seeing the jump itself is more epic! I guess you understand what I want to say - some things are better to be seen
  24. I'm excited to say that one month ago I found a lifting partner and joined a local gym. I have made it into the gym following a lifting program every morning I was to be there for the past month. Even when my partner called in sick I showed up and did my lifting. I am actually renewing my gym membership for three more months. I'm kind of shocked, I guess I assumed when I joined that it would fade away quickly but having a partner has really pushed me to get up early and get my lifts in. I'm looking forward to the next month and hoping to continue my success.
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