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  1. Hi everyone! I realized that I tend to by the same things every time I go to the store, win! But there's a point to it, I'm not sure what to do with all of this heathy food! Loss! I have around 20 items and I need help creating recipes that would be easy to meal plan with. I'll leave the list below, thanks! P.S also any way you can help me with budgeting all this would be greatly appreciated! I'm a poor college student now! Protein 1. Whole Eggs: cage free 2. Any of these could be in my kitchen, Lean Meats: Chicken, turkey, lean cuts of pork (like tenderloin), beef,
  2. I fell off the wagon in the middle of last challenge. Honestly I'm not sure I was on the wagon to begin with, but I digress. TENTATIVE WEEKLY SCHEDULE: Monday - work 8h Tuesday - classes maybe, evening church group Wednesday - work 8h split Thursday - moar classes maybe, evening church group Friday - work 4h, maybe class Saturday - ???, church in evening (online ofc) Sunday - ??? probably housecleaning tbh TO-DO: Cooking Lunch duty M Dinner duty TWRF probably (dinner by 5 or 5:30 because that's
  3. ^^ Minor spoilers for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ^^ About me Despite the above, I am not a boy but a man in his 40s. A man who works from home and wants to see if his dream of becoming an author might just become reality; a man who wants to find a way to increase his inadequate income; a man who doesn't want the deteriorating health that comes a desk-job; a man who wants to see if his dream of becoming a game-developer might just become a reality (is there any Earthly reason I should not succeed at both this and becoming an author?) Epic quests
  4. Borrowing (stealing) Marmadukian's format. Thanks for the inspiration. About me I'm in my 40s and I work from home as a partner in a business that doesn't really bring in enough money to make ends meet. I was a skinny kid but put on weight when I got married (because my wife's such a damn good cook). I've struggled to keep that weight in check (because she's still a damn good cook); however, I've been making progress recently with the help of Wii Fit U, the NF bodyweight strength training routine, and the NF diet (we're on Level 2). I love the work I do, even if it doesn't bri
  5. Hey guys and gals, So I've always been a jack of all trades in life, always jumping around to different interests and never quite sticking with any one. I'm fortunate enough to have a good education and a job that can at least give me the income to pay the bills and let me try some new things, but I have always struggled with finding my true calling. I have always known this was a temporary job and didn't know how to make my way out of it. Around the time I started reading Level Up your Life and discovering the community here, something in me clicked into place and told me to wake
  6. Hello all, my name is Fluffy_Shark (or Fluffy for short) and this is probably my third time respawning. I am 22 years old. I struggle with depression and anxiety and currently go to school full-time while working part-time. Lately my stress has been through the roof and I've resorted to eating copious amounts of sugar, and drowning myself in the internet, all trying to escape from my stressful world. I have never liked how I look and I have always felt weak and unfit. I haven't worked out in nearly 4 months and I'm sick and tired of it. I have so many things I want to accomplish in life but I
  7. Hey Nerds, I just got back from a great trip where I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends. Coming back home, I'm feeling really lonely. For ~3wks/mo, I work from home. When my bf gets home from work, he's ready to chill and I'm like a dog that hasn't been let out all day. So I'm thinking that trying co-working would be an option. The issue is that I live in a small town where that isn't a thing. Have any of you tried co-working? Thoughts on starting co-working spaces or building co-working communities? At this point, I'm looking for someplace with wifi, a coff
  8. Planned goals (copy and pasted from last challenge thread): Sleep like it's your job: I am so much more pleasant, productive, and energetic when I consistently get ~8 hours of sleep; this year I've really discovered that it's a cornerstone habit for making good choices throughout the day Fuel like an athlete: Eating veggies, fruits, and plenty of carbs will be a cornerstone of my athletic diet; don't need to track but do need to find some way to ensure I'm eating a proper diet (likely will be number of fruit / veggie servings consumed) Work like a boss: More subjective than p
  9. Goals to be added later. But basically, I'm trying a shiny new program (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) and I'll be aiming to find maintenance or a slow bulking calorie intake over the course of the challenge. Also will be tackling work goals and things to support my development as a dancer. Goals are now added!!!! Be a real adult: Clean my apartment 1x / 3 weeks (wash countertops, sweep, vacuum, mop, and all those other things I appreciate when they're done but don't do very often) Sleep 7+ hours every night Serve all food into a bowl
  10. Hi so I'm not sure if this is right place to post this but I couldn't think of anywhere else it would be appropriate. I don't have any kids of my own but I do have quite the busy schedule and who knows best on how to juggle multiple activities? Parents! I'm going to be a freshman in college, going to start working full time in August but will hopefully be able to pull back on the hours once school starts at the end of September. I'll be taking 3 classes, each 5 credits so that's a full work load that in itself and my workouts are only about 45-1 hour long and Sundays are my plannin
  11. Janus (Latin: Ianus. Pronounced: 'ja:.nus]) is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings. There are respawns, and there are respawns. I do a lot of the first one - every month, every week, sometimes even every day. Things like 'I'll stop this now' or 'This time I'll do it this way.' These are normal. These are for those times when you fall off the wagon, but you only need jog a bit to climb back on, or maybe you lay on the ground for a little while and then grab ahold again when the wagon laps you. Sometimes, however, a respawn is
  12. My job is awesome. We have a free books and breakfast event this morning and I got a free talking Sorting Hat.
  13. Jayim's first Assassin Challenge!!! Hello Assassins! Newbie here. =) I've been beaten down by a chronic illness for the lasts decade. Well, I've decided to beat back! I've been trying to get my life back together since October, so I've already made some progress. Then I found NerdFitness and now I'm even more excited! My big goals are at the bottom of my intro post: https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/94695-a-life-to-live/ Anyway, on with the Challenge! Food 1.) Eat an Egg, Meat, Veggie breakfast every day instead
  14. I was going for an alliterative title, but looking up "holiday" in the thesaurus led me to "event," which suggested calamity -- er, I hope not catastrophe -- not any better crisis -- I give up I also tried "hiatus" as the seed, which brought up caesura -- ah, if only it was a hard "c" coffee break -- which I have a habit of skipping (right, @Chronosus?) Anyway.... Guess that I'm doing on the last day of the challenge?? . . . . . . . Flying to ENGLAND. Move over, T
  15. Brutal Bears Finds Balance Introduction Boss: Kuvira Health: (50/50) Brutal Bears the Lava Bender: Possible Attacks:
  16. Title With it being friends and familly and work.. when do you do it? i'd love to hear your solutions, im a bit lost on this.
  17. shaeon

    Shaeon Focuses

    Sleeping got much better with my last challenge, and now I want to work on things that bring focus to my life. I have a terrible tendency to flail around, wondering what I should do. I've been working on taking care of the basics, and doing so has made me more centered. I've also recently had a breakthrough on some things I am the most indecisive about, and I want to work to encourage myself to stick to this path (yes, I'm being terribly vague. I'm not quite ready to discuss it yet). So this challenge, I'm working on turning off all the noise and getting focused. So for this chall
  18. So I was going to do another acronym challenge and call it I.V.Y. just so I could use this picture Because holy crap does it describe me! LOL But then the 'powers that be' decided to go revamp the site and piss me off With our Fearless Leader posting his views on what our 'description' should be, I decided to change the topic of my challenge, even though what I'm working on stays the same For those who do not know me...I just (Jan. 2nd) had my two year "nerd-versary", I have always been an adventurer...I do not particularly give a rats ass what some book decided to change the descrip
  19. Teirin

    Teirin shows up

    The last few weeks haven't gone particularly well. Some previously long-standing habits have been dropped and need to resume and others need to be broken. Sleep and work goals are fixed, the others are subject to change if a better plan occurs to me. Sleep Sleep trumps everything else. Try to be calm and ready to sleep by 11:30 pm on week nights. Preferably weekends too. Continue melatonin experiment. SaraKingdom mentioned Valerian as well. If all else really fails, see someone about mild sleeping pills. I can't operate on the sleep I've been getting lately. Meditate/Introspection E
  20. Howdy folks, I have a 17.3" laptop that I have to haul around for work. It doesn't fit in most standard 17" bags. I frequently travel for work, and my Samsonite backpack has lasted all of 6 months before tearing out at the corner (where the corner of the laptop bulges). I'm in the market for a replacment! I'm not entirely convinced that I need a backpack, so a shoulder bag might be an option. I'm not the sort who sits at the bar between flights; I generally get a pretty good chunk of walking done in that time. It's like hiking (or rucking!), once you load your massive laptop + charger + t
  21. "The man in black fled accross the desert, and the gunslinger followed" The desert was the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what looked like eternity in all directions. It was white and blinding and waterless and without feature save for the faint, cloudy haze of the mountains which sketched themselves on the horizon and the devil-grass which brought sweet dreams, nightmares, death. SUMMARY In order to become who I want to be, I need to up my game. My fourth challenge posed a couple of obstacles, but it still could not take me down. After nerdwarts (last's 6wc
  22. Hokay, so. Here's Mir. Not round. But damn, sweet Mir. Anyway. Here is my word vomit: Background I've struggled with depression and ADHD for pretty much my entire adult life. In particular, I have traditionally had enormous trouble maintaining a job of any kind. Part time, full time, retail, office, professional, etc., it doesn't matter. After a while, I just can't make it to work every day. I have struggled. I have tried. I have set goals, rewards, budgets, etc etc etc...nothing works. I'm sure that I've talked about this extensively in older posts; if you have questions, feel free to as
  23. I recently started a new factory job. Im on feet for 8 hours a day. Its by no means hard physical work i take parts (plastic car mirror parts) off a racks and turn around and put them in totes. But i am sore because my body isnt used to standing 8 hours straight. Do you druids think i would benifit from a few poses (no more than 5 or 10 minutes 445 is early and thats when i have to leave!!) If so what poses do you recommend?
  24. Hi NF'ers I have just started actively following a fitness plan and tonight is my first evening shift at work this week; I was wondering if there were others out there like me who have a varied schedule, and I was curious as to what you do / eat / drink to keep yourself energised and feeling well without succumbing to copious amounts of caffiene and sugar (two of my biggest downfalls!) What kind of meals should I eat to keep myself energized, or is a quick afternoon nap more the way to go? Or do I just continue my daily routine (breakfast, lunch, workout, dinner) as per usual and just "suc
  25. Alright, I'm back (waits for applause... aaaand... nope) Ok I know I'm not that influential here, at least not yet, alright back to business. Alright so my main goal is to pass my next test so in that sense First goal: Diet I need to get back on track with a proper diet i've been slacking, back to the paleo ( as strict as I can be) STA +4 Second Goal: Flexibility My kicks lack height, apparently my hip flexors are incredibly tight or something like that, so I need to make sure that I get those up. DEX +3 Third Goal: challenge This is kind of a cop out, but I am going to
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