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  1. After completing my first challenge, and finally successfully running a distance of 5k, I'm ready to step up my running training to the next level. Here are my goals for my second challenge. Goal #1: Run a Half-Marathon Starting Point: Ran 5-miles on 2/22 (~47:30 at an easy pace) How to get to 13.1 Do all of the following once a week: 1. Intervals - I love them! 2. Middle-distance runs 3 - 6 miles at a quick pace (this will be my weak point) 3. Long runs - 6 - 12 miles at an easy pace My stretch goal will be 1:37:36 (I want to beat GreenMatt's time on the Scout's Leaderboard) A sub-goal is to run a 5k in less than 20 minutes. GreenMatt is on the board at 19:44, so I'll try and beat that. Attribute Points: 5 STA Goal #2: Cross-Train Twice a Week Starting point: Occasionally use a stationary bike What kind of cross-training I'll be doing I'll be sticking to the stationary bike, and plan to do intervals of 30 seconds of sprinting and 4 minutes of easy pedaling 4x-7x This is also used to build stamina for the half-marathon goal Attribute Points: 3 STA Goal #3: Power-Lift Twice a Week Starting point: No experience with barbells Starting Strength Just started reading Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, and it comes highly recommended by my brother as a great program for building functional strength. I'll do two workouts per week, likely on the same day as my cross-training. Attribute Points: 3 STR Goal #4: Write 15 Finance Articles a Week Starting point: I've written about 75 articles for the Motley Fool since the beginning of November. My work ethic has fallen off a cliff in the last couple months. When I first started, I was writing 3 articles per day. They recently gave me a raise, so now I have no excuse not to write as much as possible. I can earn a really great living writing 15 articles a week, setting my own schedule, and working from home, a coffee shop, a friends house, a foreign country, or anywhere! It's a really great opportunity, and I've been wasting it. Not any longer! I plan to write 15 articles per week, and will appreciate an accountability partner on this to make sure I get my work done. (Preferably someone with an interest in finance, who would actually want to read my articles.) So I turn to you, NF community, to make me do my work. Attribute Points: Not sure yet, please help me decide! I'll be posting a list of toys I plan to buy myself for keeping up with my goals soon.
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