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  1. EDIT: CHALLENGEME!!! I want to get going on Pullups, and i want others to join in cause a little competition works wonders for me! Real easy, pick a thing you want to get better in and do it in a GtG style of way throughout the challenge. Let me know (here on my thread or on your own) how many sets a day you did and we will get a little competition going. Okay some tips: Do half of what you are capable of at a time. I can do 2 consecutive pullups, so i'm gonna start with a set of one at a time. Try to get in as much "sets" as p
  2. I have been fascinated by the sheer size and strength of bigfoot, i want to emulate that to the limit of what's humanely possible. Does anyone know how we could train to be big and strong like bigfoot, as close to humanely possible?
  3. Hi, I started to do weight training 6 weeks ago, doing the same circuit 3 days per weeks and am starting to get a bit bored so I've decided to try this new format : Workout A : circuit / 6 exercises / 12 reps / repeat 4 times Goblet squat 20 lbs Inclined Push -ups on stairs Single arm Dumbbell rows 20 lbs Bench Press 15 lbs 1 legged Bridge Plank Workout B: circuit / 6 exercises / 12 reps / repeat 4 times Lunges 15 lbs Dips with knees bents *10 (Really hard !!!) Overhead Press 15 lbs Single ar
  4. Initial post removed because user is 15.
  5. What do you guys do for post-workout nutrition? By that I mean the first thing you consume after a good workout. I've recently taken a liking to a quick baked sweet potato in the microwave usually with some greens.
  6. Here I am at the dawn of time. Again. This time of wellness to not make time for illness. It's been a rollercoaster to say the least and somewhere on my journey I lost my path and am stumbling through the woods, a bit disoriented but since I'm writing it down here, I feel confident in my abilities again. Now there's a win already! I have several goals but this time, I'm toning them down a notch. There is already so much pressure from work and family - and let's be honest, mostly myself - that if I cannot control other people's behavior, at least I should be kind to myself. Now
  7. No one is obligated or expected to actually read all of this lol. Just wanted to log everything for my daily workouts and basic plans. It changes often, so I'll be updating and revising here and there. The more I do a routine, the more I find gaps, or things I need to adjust and will do so as they come. Also, any outdoor activities or swimming, or other adventures that happen away from home gym I will share in thread to keep track of my activities with pics 💖 'MOON'DAY - ELEMENT OF WATER 5:00 AM - Wake 5:10 AM - Monday's Meditations: Moon energy, healing, self love
  8. Come one, come all! Hello everyone! These last few months have been tough, but I feel like now it is tougher and I am in need of some additional support, so here I am :D! We all know Christmas can be magical and wonderful and the best moment of the year. As long as it does not generate anxiety, fights with our loved ones and general fear of overeating AND desire to eat just one more slice of that pie that only comes once a year. So I feel I will need to setup goals, accountability and more generally to infuse my life with some FUN, because I want Christmas to be awesome but
  9. I'm 21 (137 lbs) and hitting gym for the first time . I don't have any knowledge about shaping body so I have a partner with me who has some experience with gym and I follow his instructions ... here is what we did in the first week : day 1 : warm up - mix workout ( push ups(15 - 20 reps) , chin ups ( hardly 3) , sit ups (50 reps) , biceps , triceps , wings ). day 2 push ups , chin ups , sit ups, chest day 3: push ups , chin ups , sit ups, arms day 4: push ups , chin ups , sit ups, biceps , triceps tomorrow : shoulder here are some issues:
  10. 12 Week Hypertrophy Quest Quest Goals: 1) Increase Muscle Mass 2) Decrease BF% 3) Increase Strength In All Lifts Overview/Details Each working set should be performed to near failure with 12 being the most reps you should perform and 6 being the lowest. This workout utilizes supersets.Take a 1 minute break between each superset. Supersets are grouped by letter before them. See Quest Objectives for context. Increase weight on each set by at least 5lbs. Increase weight from week to week as well. By the end of the 12 weeks, you should be 10lbs+ stronger in many
  11. Hello! I'm currently in a rebuild stage of my life and looking to get back into a more regular workout routine. I recently moved to Bremerton, WA and started a new job so my life has been in total chaos for the past couple of month. I don't know many people and am looking to get a good accountability buddy via in person.. text.. email.. whatever to continue maintaining a health life style and help keep me on track and whatever other craziness life throws. I work at a hospital so my schedule can be a bit crazy so looking for someone who maybe also
  12. Have you ever wondered, bodybuilders like Arnold, Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray and many others are so committed to working out? How do they get it right every single time? Because they not only work out physically but also their mind is trained for it. They experience a feeling of euphoria. It is a feeling where the body and mind is in unison Does this seem difficult? Let me tell you, it's not. Here are 3 simple tips to getting the connection right! 1. Be positive- You can do it. Arnold Schwarzenegger always believed that the immense power came from
  13. Start: March 5th 2018, Waist Ratio: 73% which is considered morbidly obese according to this website; Link Waist: 44 inches, 2018 goal is 30 1. Food intake(including drinks) 2. Workout 3. Walking 4. Body stretches/exercises
  14. My current goal is to lose 50 lbs, I'm down 100 since March 1st 2017. Here i will basically log my workouts and how well i think i did on my diet. So lets start with today. Exercise 60 Min exercise bicycle i do this every morning unless i'm on vacation without a gym. Usually i play some battlefield 1 while doing this ( really makes the hour fly) I plan on doing a workout tomorrow so stay tuned to see if i fail that Diet If i say it here i will stick to it so i can go ahead and post it and keep on track. Breakfast 6oz milk, pure protein bar sna
  15. I am wondering if anyone is out in the area near Groton CT? I am presently trying to train for the tough mudder i signed up for and needless to say the only shape i am in is round... so i am looking for other like minded people intrested in getting into shape to contact me and we can work something out to keep us all on track and postive and not to lose motivation.
  16. Hi everyone!!! I cannot believe that I have never came across this webpage before. Since I am a huge dork and overall fitness/health fanatic this seems like a great idea for like-minded with similar goals. I know it have been a while since the mass effect trilogy ended, but deal with this. I picked Commander Shepard as my inspiration for this four week challenge because regardless if you are paragon or renegade Shepard, she is determined and perseveres. And who doesn't want the body of the elite group of N7's from the Alliance Navy. Quest One - Fitness: R
  17. I recently joined the rebellion, then the academy. I'm stoked to succeed! I've got a list of small but manageable goals including exercising 3 days+ a week with a rest day in between. I've decided to exercise at home since I have a habit of pushing myself at the gym 3 or 4 days a week for 3 weeks, then quitting for a month+. I successfully completed the academy's beginner bodyweight workout and got sick the same nite with a vicious head cold (I think). It's bad enough that im going to a walk in clinic later today (got sick Tuesday nite). So my question is, is it ok to skip the exercise till I'
  18. Hi, I am looking for the best way to train at home to lose (a lot of ) weight. I have a treadmill, dumbbells and barbell (W shape). Is there any pointers how to start? What is the best exercises? Thanks in advanced.
  19. December finals season is the absolute worst. Need proof? Here you go: 1) Lot's of people and media expect you to be happy because of the holidays. 2) 0 daylight. 3) Lot's of food to stress eat. 4) Finals. BUT I am finally approved to ease into working out again which means I can combat stress and stress eating by channeling all my energy into pretending yoga is fun. (JK I love yoga but I like other things that I can't do more.) So to celebrate my return I'm going to try and take it easy (yet again). Goals: 1) 3 Workouts a Week 2)
  20. RES

    RES: Still Here

    In continuing with my quarter long challenges (because I'm kinda lazy like that) our goals are still: Gym 3x/week Food 5x/week, would be 7 but let's be realistic Nerd Fitness 3x/week posting something/somewhere doesn't have to be my own thread, hopefully this will become a daily habit again. Tracking spreadsheet is in the signature Gym has been a struggle, I am committing to doing this in the evening if my other half doesn't get up with me in the morning to go. Food...probably could be better but not horrible, my job is quite social and since being
  21. 1st, I had changed my name but realized I like the Cannonfury screen name better so I changed it back. I failed a lot in past challenges but I will do better this go around! My main overall goal is to lose 30 lbs. My goal for this challenge is to lose 10-12 lbs. Body fat %: 39% Body fat weight: 73.09 lbs Body muscle mass: 110.91 lbs 1. Walk or exercise bike 30 minutes each day 2. Workout every other day 3. Drink more water; at least 32 oz a day
  22. Hey thank you for looking in my Daily Battle Log Things you are going to see me post in this log: Daily journal; Workout/skill log; Xbox/PS gaming log; Anime/TV/movie log; Streaming; etc.. Old posts will be edited.
  23. Hi guys, im just starting out in calisthenics, but im getting tired really quick which disturbs my workout program, therefore i want to start stamina training but i dont want to lose weight because im already thin (i'm 5.7 feet/ 173 cm and weigh about 130 lbs/ 59 kg). Is there any way i could gain weight, stamina and mucle while doing both, or does anybody have any advice/tips on my topic? (btw i eat 3-4 meals a day)
  24. I could use some help. I do my stretches everyday but it's just been so hot outside I haven't had the strength or motivation to go out on a hike. For those of you that don't go to the gym and do workouts at home, what's a good thing to start doing? I'm trying to get my stomach flatter and not have loose skin on my arms. I just feel alone and it sucks.
  25. This challenge (as well as the next one) will be influenced by two things: Soulcon, which starts July 10th and the Spartan Race, which will be August 27th. Soulcon is a ministry for men created by Navy veteran, author and lifestyle/fitness coach Cody Bobay. It stands for SOULCONtrol and refers to the Bible's call to submit our mind, will and emotions to the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Essentially, Soulcon equates the concept of self-discipline with strengthening your walk with the Holy Spirit; they are not mutually exclusive. The spirit (your soul) needs to be strong
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