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  1. I start really late for the last challenge so I haven't finish it yet and I kinda fail my last challenge miserably so I'm thinking of Start a new one here with everyone on 24th Main Quest Refine my body strength endurance balance and agility enough to be able to start training Pakour or Martial Art Mission 1: Complete Focus T25 Alpha Work Out DVD (Will report what I'll be work out each day) A:100% B: 80% C: 60% D: 40% E: 20% F: 0% Mission 2: Wake Up Early 6:00 am - 7:00 am (I heard old Martial Artist practitioner wake up early to train so i will too! ) A:100% B: 80% C: 60% D: 40% E: 20% F: 0% Mission 3: No more Candy!?! And eat Orange (I really want to try Paleo food program but I live and birth in Thailand so i mostly grew up with Rice and Noodle so it nightmare for me to change suddenly so the next best thing i can think of is cut off Non-Paleo and add Paleo-Friendly one by one each Challenge so that I can slowly develop a new eating habit) (Only Eat Non-Paleo when It's a Special Event!?! ) A:100% B: 80% C: 60% D: 40% E: 20% F: 0% Grade: This how i grade six week is about 48 days. So I'm gonna count the day that I complete mission and then divide it by 48 is that good enough? Life Side Quest: - Ace an Exam that gonna happen in next week after so i gonna up my reading time each day Wish me Luck!?! - After Exam start clean up the House and start learning Guitar once again! Class that i want to be: Assassin/Ninja! Monk might change over time Motivation I might die tomorrow maybe next week or even next month I don't know But i know one thing!?! I got one chance at life why not give it my all. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. -Mahatma Gandhi Little bit about me: Well my name is Jin as that the name my family call me or as my classmate like to call me retard nerd otaku fat ass loser etc etc. I'm born in south east Asia "Thailand" in 1994. I'm use to be a short fat kid and right now I'm still a short fat-ass so nothing change much i guess. "shrug" Anyway i been try to get in better shape for past few years by doing DVD workout like Insanity Les mill PX90 all that stuff But i never got to finish any of it...... I give up every time it getting too hard always gave myself an excuse say that i don't have any motivation to help me or I'm tire let try tomorrow. So as you might think I gone back to the usual routine of eating playing game and then sleep. But past few month i stumble on this site and decide WTH let try once more time "I don't want to be the same Lazy fat ass forever!!" so here I am ready for a challenge! To rebel against my own very nature to become strong, fit, healthy to be free from those name calling to feel good about myself!?! Let the Journey begin!
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