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  1. Okay. I missed...a challenge? More than one challenge? I don't know. It's been a busy six weeks. I'm proud of myself for mostly keeping up with workouts, and keeping up with hydration and sleep. And writing a ton. But I'd like to get back on the wagon. Things aren't going to get simpler anytime soon, but I want to be doing better on my goals. I want to be less reactive. I want to focus on my own goals and move those forward. It's way past time to update my goals for Q2 2019, so here you go: So, since last we talked, the gaming con I was co-planning happened, it was awe
  2. Challenges during this challenge: I'm going to a big old conference for work, which is great, but as we've all seen before, is really tough on me (man I feel like I *just* went through this). I'm tabling at my first zine fest!!! YAY! The day after the conference! BOO! I'm launching a Patreon with an accompanying daily poetry project. Family reunion, too. This challenge will be ripe with opportunities to be over-tired, self-critical, and stressed, so I'm emphasizing self-care: Time spent outside, sleeping, eating veggies, drinking water, reading excellent b
  3. So I am going over the things that I want to improve upon this year, and it seems I can't just stick with something which is what I really need to improve but I am going to take a new approach and just focus on small fixes. Things I want to improve: 1. Overall Fitness and Health 2. My ability to be ladylike 3. My savings and budget 4. My organization/home This challenge I am going to focus mostly on 1 and 3 with a small bit of two rolled in. This challenge I will not buy any crap on amazon/online, no clothes, no projects, no STUFF
  4. Forgot to post this earlier! The following Home, Health, and Financial sections will be the foundation for all my goals and challenges for 2019. Below is just the same text from the first challenge that will pretty much follow me throughout the whole year. If you are new, you can start with the spoiler. Also forgot February is a short month...some Feb. goals may bleed into March. FEBRUARY GOALS HOME: MK Cloth: Make room/spot for all items in one room, go through each category below and separate into items that spark joy, items that need to be discarded, and items
  5. New year, same exact catchphrase goals as always. Okay, so first, the exhaustive abridged version of my goals for Q1 2019: tl;dr: Lots of writing and exercise, cleaning up some backlogged projects that I never want to think about again. I added a new category this year (sustainability) because it's something I want to think about and act on way more often. It used to be rolled into my "community" category but it didn't get enough attention. Okay, so given that those are the things I want to achieve at the start of this year, what do I need to do to get th
  6. 2018 marks the year that I came back. I came back to the NerdFitness challenges, and I came back to be a much healthier version of myself. My biggest failure, was to gain all my weight back so fast. October 7th, 2014 I was 257.3 lbs (my lightest). September 21st, 2015 I was 385.2 lbs. 127.9 lbs gained in less then a year's time. I floundered over the next 2 1/2 years or so, only getting to 367.6 lbs at the beginning of 2018. My Day 1 back at it. I wanted this to me my defining year. The year to help erase that horrible failure of a year. So far, I am doing it. I haven't
  7. Hello everybody , I am a male 18 years i started working out from 10 months i lost 5.5 kg from 78.5 to 73 and i gained some muscle mass with private coach then i stopped for a while and from about 5 months i returned to the gym but i didn't continued as i didn't have a trainer,Now i am 77 kg and i want to go back to the gym and i decided to follow online workout but i can't determine which will be good for me and my body and i am overwhelmed by this many workout and also many splits i don't which to follow. I will be grateful if you can help me thanks in advance.
  8. Second verse, same as the first: 1. Go for a walk twice a week. 2. Salad lunch three times a week. 3. Finish one of my cross-stitch projects. 4. Work out twice a week; ride my bike once a week. For those of you who followed along last challenge, you may notice that *nothing changed at all*. After the trip (which was awesome!) I'm feeling a need to re-establish these patterns after a successful challenge last month. I have so many things I'd like to add (Writing! Decluttering! Going to a PT to see about my knee! Fitness classes!) but I've been down that path
  9. Nightcrawler_Bamff Rejoins the X-Men (Take 2) Nightcrawler: Me Rogue: Unknown (but AMAZING!) Photo: Burump (Instagram) Goal: Get back to within 2lbs of my Weight Watchers goal so I can start going to meetings for free again and stop paying for the online tools. This was the goal for the last challenge, but I fell off the wagon and ended up at the same weight I started at. I am currently 6lbs away from this goal. How: 1. Weight Watchers: WRITE IT DOWN!! I'm figuring out that if I eat something that isnt very Weight Watchers f
  10. Three days late and a dollar short, I'm here! Challenges for the challenge: * End of year always has a bunch of wrap-up work I want to get done * Christmas is coming (oh god help me) * I'm realllllly tired and out of sorts after Thanksgiving. * I'm looking at some big life changes. ANYWAY we all know that December is a burning trash heap of stress, obligations, disappointed friends and family, disrupted schedules, unhealthy food choices and big expenses really great month so I'll just get down to brass tacks. Quest #1 (HEALTH): Comple
  11. Hey guys, Better late than never I always say! While yesterday threw a slew of distractions at me I got a perfect window today to post my second challenge and my first one in the Rebel group. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Ratynda and where my last challenge focused on a broad group of topics meant to get me to broaden my thoughts towards new opportunities, this one will hold a lens to my progress in what I've established and measure out progress in a more tangible way. As I got to know myself better, I started to realize what motivates me and what drains me, and this mont
  12. Jonesy’s Oh, Bother Last challenge was a struggle to find the determination to follow through with my goals. This challenge I'm going to keep it simple. Me, keep things simple, yeah ok but I’m gonna try real hard. At least for the challenge. Haha Fitness : Workout 12 times Health : Meal Plan each week & eat at home at least 15 times Life : Make a reasonable to do list and accomplish at least 4 items Keep it Simple!
  13. I am 45 yrs old a leo. Latina mixed I started out on this journey 415 pounds I got down to 165 .over the years I.have yoyoed with my weight I .emotionally ate.made excuses.used my dads death with cancer tore my.world apart and i used it as a excuse to eat ,failed relationship I ate. Food WAS my.comfort. I gained back into the 200s ..well with hard work dedication..im back in onederland. I also take care of my.mom that's partially paralyzed from multiple strokes.but.I need to take care of me too.self care..I cant take care of her if I.dont take care of my own health.
  14. Biography: Classified Name: Commander Valkyrie Shepherd Earthborn Sole Survivor: An orphan in an overcrowded, poverty-stricken city, I escaped a life of crime on earth by joining the military at the age of 18. During my service, I survived a harrowing mental and physical ordeal which left me the sole survivor of my unit, and mentally tougher than an Asari Matron. My struggles and achievements have created a duality of empathy and ruthlessness, which serves me well in my race to save the galaxy. Class: Soldier Specialization: TBD Spectre Status: Not Achieved
  15. Hey fellow Rebels, I am new to the forums, but have been with NF for over a year now with some minimal successes. The FB group is really helpful, but I decided I needed to try something new this year so I joined the forums as well. My main goals are to gain strength and endurance, possibly with a little bit of MMA and meditation/yoga. I am a huge Star Wars, LOTR, DC/Marvel, Harry Potter, and Disney fan and many of my inspirations come from characters in those fandoms. I also really admire Detective Kate Beckett from Castle she is such a badass! My non fitness related goals are to l
  16. Breaking from my DragonAge Challenges to refocus and find a little of what I’ve lost. I used to have a nice foundation and starting point but those have scurried away from me. I also want to find some way to incorporate some of the NF Academy quests into a challenge. I’m sure I can add in some of the mindful stuff in. I contemplated joining the druids this go around but I love the assassins. Going back to basics with quests revolving around the 5 senses. Using some of the information from www.chopra.com/. Plan is to focus on the 5 senses and use them to he
  17. Battle Log 1 Measurements: Weight = 96 lbs Waist = 27in Neck = 12in Chest = 31in Biceps = Left= 9in Right= 9in Hips = 33.5in Thigh: Right= 18.5in Left = 18.5in Calf: Right= 12.5in Left = 12.5in Goal Weight is 115 - 120 lbs Oddly my right and left sides are the same size. At least I won't have to worry about a dominant arm or leg (: Calorie Intake: Goal = 2445 per day I have 1 week calculated on by fitbit app no point in adding in a whole week on the first check in. 5/7 days with the right amount of
  18. It would be nice if we could see how close we are to beating a specific boss battle. That way, if we fall, we have a better idea of how long we should prepare before attempting the battle again.
  19. Hello my fellow Nerds! I just entered this Rebellion today (well, I did get the Emails for a while, but...) and thought it might be handy to have a third place to keep track of my days. First would be my Fitbit (Alta), second a piece of paper I use to write down my daily things I got done, and third this. So, let's start with today, 11pm: 1. I'm at 15.100 steps for the day, putting me at 10.7 Kilometers 2. I ate about 2000 calories (stupid cake I couldn't resist, damn hormones...) 3. I drank about 2.150ml 4. By now I've burned 2.714 calor
  20. I walk away for a few weeks.... what the hell happened to my forge?!? Ohhh yeah.... kind of didn't put anything away and left things to fester Time to clean this up!!! So, I ghosted out right after the start of the last challenge, didn't have anything to contribute, left you all high and dry, and for all that I'm sorry Time to get back on track. The last month has been a considerable change for me and now it's time to get things organized, get things cleaned up, and get things better around here. Goal One: Heating Things Up In The Smelter I need to get the home fires burning hot and str
  21. So hey there fellow Rangers. Last challenge, I flaked out a bit in the end. I was a little sick, but really I have no excuse. I did have some positive momentum, and I want to continue to build on that. This challenge will provide me with one big obstacle. The Family Vacation. There will be a couple of days of travel. Most likely, I'll have to write those two days off. Probably something like 7-8 hours of driving February 13th-20th will be vacation time. That week, I will modify my goals. I want to still keep on track, and be able to enjoy the time off. We are heading down to
  22. My main life quest is to improve my body composition. In order to achieve this, I need a solid foundation upon which to build a more balanced life. My goals for this challenge focus on improving habits, routines and creating a more healthy way of life. 1. Walk! STA+1 CON+2 I have already got into the habit of walking in the evenings (avec dog) but on weekdays I sit at a desk, looking at a computer screen for 7+ hours per day and I need to take proper breaks. I will buy a timer, bring it to work, and at some point in the day I will get up and take a 5-min walking break. So look out Mordor
  23. Heyla guys!! I missed you!!! A LOT! Had surgery on my herniated L4-5 disk in June. After 9 months of pain and 4 months of a long hard recovery I feel like I am ready to get back to it hard now. I have been slowly introducing more and more to my daily workouts and have learned a lot about how what my body wants to do right now. AND learned that I have lost SO MUCH ground. I have gained around 50-60lb back.... I have lost flexibility especially in my back and legs I have lost strength in my back and legs I have lost endurance with everything. I still have to be careful with high im
  24. Every assassination is about three phases: Planning, Execution, and Extraction. This challenge is all about refining what I've already got: a good Assassin fitness program, and strong archery skills. I want to improve each of my phases: For the Planning phase, I want to focus on my home, family, and sanity. For the Execution phase, I would like to get more accurate with my bow, preferably out to 30 yards. I'm a pretty good shot at 20 right now, but it's harder and harder to be accurate at greater distances. Lastly, for Extraction, I'm pretty well rehabbed from my chronic ankle injuries
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