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Found 9 results

  1. I haven't passed a challenge in a long time. Like since my original account two years ago I went back and looked at what I did then, to see what the difference was, and I only noticed two differences. 1) Successful challenges weren't splitting my energy multiple ways. EVERY goal on the challenge had something to do with losing weight, and they worked together really well. So as much as I liked my 'adulting/self care' goal from last time, I'm going to ditch it in favor of the tried and true cardio/strength/diet recipe. 2) I had a lot of interactions with my support network. I w
  2. Highmountain: Moose Cows. Moose Cows that are all about balance, nature and keeping those Pesky Harpies and Drogbar in their place. I can't think of anything to do with this one, so I'm calling it my WoW/Fun goal. I am the main tank for my Saturday night Raid team and I need to have gear, food and flasks ready for raid night and I also want to be on my A game when we get shit started. Daily: Heroics, World Quests, One Mythic, one episode of a show to just curl up with my gf and chill Weekly: research the fights so I can be awesome, and down shit faster so we can make progession and
  3. So I like to play World of Warcraft. A lot. And I am one of the zillions of us out there that wish our world was as interesting as Azeroth is and would love to romp around the world fighting monsters and making a name for myself and kicking the daylights out of the Boss level enemies that want to see the world burn. Basically I want to be a level capped fully geared, totally enchanted BAD-ASS Hero of the Horde or Alliance. I play for both teams (pun intended zing!) Getting to Level Cap Get to 30% BF (15 lbs loss) by February 1st Do ten pull ups in a r
  4. So here's the deal Nerds! I'm a die hard WoW player. I've been in the game pretty consistently since late in the Burning Crusade expansion and I love this game. With the new expansion Legion coming out at the end of August it just seemed way too punny to pass up the chance to make a Leigh-gion challenge and tie my deep rooted love of this wonderful game into my desire to be even half as awesome as my characters in the game. I have three that I use on a regular basis but I am going to be playing my Paladin almost exclusively for this new expansion with my Warlock and the obvious Dem
  5. Shatyr continued her journey, heading for Ashenvale. Darkshore lay behind her, broken but still free. Those who remained would continue the rebuilding, trusting in her and other heroes to keep the forces of the Horde from reaching the forests. She would not let them down. Her first stop would be Maestra's Post, where Moon Priestess Maestra was waiting for reinforcements. ~~~/|\~~~ It's been a while since I posted on the forums, so I'll go ahead and do a brief introduction. I am 32 and I work tech support for a bank. This is not exactly a high activity job and it is really hard to pace in a
  6. Okay, so those of us who play or have played WoW know what dailies are. You level all the way up and that's all that's left are the dailies, really, and dungeon runs, but until you max level, dailies can give experience, especially when you're a low-level. ONGOING GOALS: My dailies are: tracking input and output using My Fitness Pal, working out on my DDP Yoga at least three times a week, and walking my dog once a day. (Which is harder than you think because he pulls and he barks all up and down my street, and there are lots of dogs on my street that irritate him) I want to keep my carbs
  7. Hi all! I've been meaning to do this for a while, but seeing as I suffer from social anxiety even online, I avoided it. I also tend to ramble. That said, I found Nerd Fitness earlier this year - around April - and lurked around the site and forums for quite a while. I've struggled with my health and weight for most of my 20s, and while I'd started running semi-regularly around 3 years ago, I wasn't making any progress. Working a desk job and commuting by train every day hardly helps, as I'm sitting 8+ hours a day, not including the time I spend at home vegging. It took some time to realize
  8. Good day everyone! I'm Halifirien. You can call me Hal. Or Hali. Or my real name, Cory. I'm here today because I'm ready to change my life. I have never been a physically fit person. I've spent most of my time either in school, playing video games, watching movies, reading books, or any number of other nerdtastic activities. I won't give you the long version of this story (though anyone who wants to know is free to ask), mainly because I hate typing. We have Vent/Mumble/Teamspeak/Skype for long stories. After 24 years of nerdery, I'm ready to get fit. This is mainly to be healthy, but I h
  9. I sit behind a desk for a living in a job that always has food around and that provides doughnuts every Friday. As a result, I have jumped back to 255 on Jan 1st. I am tired of being overweight At the first of the year, I jumped back into the slow/carb diet and on 12th I was sitting at 240. This week I am making the transition to Paleo. basically cutting out beans. It has been tough this week, I am hungry a ton. I seem to be eating every few hours. And I still have the bad habit of 1 12oz Diet soda a day - I am drinking a ton of water though! I also started the basic body weight workouts
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