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  1. Jarric's got worms When I was little, probably 6 or 7 years old, I told my parents that my best friend had Worms. They, having not heard of this new computer game, were rather concerned until I managed to explain it to them. Anyway, I upgraded my computer over the weekend (with no small amount of help from @Mr_Willes and @jonfirestar), and finally got round to playing Worms W.M.D. In honour of that, and because I feel like I need some aggression and comedy violence to push me through this next challenge, I'll be running a Worms theme this time round. I need your help with this. Each of my goals will be a worm, and the aim of the challenge if to finish without killing any of my own worms. I would like you to suggest names for my worms (preferably names that don't make me want to kill them). Bonus points if you include a picture of your worm that I can include in updates. @Starpuck @deftona @sarakingdom @DarK_RaideR @WhiteGhost and @cn3wton have named my worms, and now I will do my best to keep these precious guys alive! Previously on Jarric's challenge... Spoilered for size: In addition to my main goals for the year, I've got a race coming up on 4th July. Nuclear Oblivion to be exact, which is a minimum of 2 laps of the 12km Nuclear Rush obstacle course, known for fantastic obstacles, ludicrously sticky mud, and far too many trenches. I've done it in the past and felt thoroughly defeated by the end, so this time I want to defeat the race instead. I don't have a race strategy for that as yet, so far the plan is just go hard for 2 laps and see how I feel, but in the meantime my training will be based around doing the best I can on 4th July. I'll have a team of 6 worms, and each of my goals will be tied to a worm. Worms have 175hp, and I can do a maximum of 70hp of damage per week (or 10hp per day) if I fail my goals. Each goal will also be worth £35 of real money. For the percentage of my goal I complete, I get to spend that money on whatever I like. For the failure percentage I put the money as an overpayment on my mortgage. This means that I'm wagering £210 on myself this challenge. Money is on the total percentage, so whilst my worms could die half way through the challenge, I could still get to keep a little bit of bread if I don't 100% fail. Don't Wormy, Be Happy ('Wormy' for short) - workout 10 times per week - 15XP This one's simple enough (if not that easy), just hit 10 workouts each week. The plan for that is Crossfit MWF, running TTSS, handstand practice and hangboarding TT (after my weekday runs) and bouldering on a Sunday. There's a couple of cases where this will change a bit. Sunday of week 1 I'm going on a running training thing called "run smart - run efficient" which should be fun, so that week bouldering will have to be Saturday. Saturday of week 2 I have an obstacle training session, so I'll probably do a short run before that, move my long run to Sunday that week, and skip bouldering. Wormintrude - cut calories - 15XP I was initially planning quite an aggressive calorie cut, but as I've got a race fairly soon I'm going to take it a bit easier. The plan is to average 2,520 calories per day, for a total of 17,640 per week. That should be around a 20% deficit, based on some somewhat dodgy maths. I also plan to focus on making sure I get enough protein, but I won't be making a certain number a requirement for now. I can split calories up however I like - at the moment I'm thinking 5 days at 2,300 and the remaining 2 at 3,070, but we'll play it by ear and see what fits in with my routine. Slimey - unpack boxes - 5XP This is a really easy one, just for me to keep some momentum with sorting out the house - unpack at least 1 box every week. If I achieve that, my new home will look a lot nicer by the end of this challenge. My hope is that one box will lead to another, and I'll do more. Tiberius (the muse worm) - draw two things - 5XP I want to get back into drawing. I don't really know where I'll find time to do that right now, but I'm certain I can find time for a couple of short drawing sessions per week. So that's the challenge, two drawing sessions per week, doesn't matter how long they are or what I draw. I might do some of the #MerMay prompts, or maybe some random stuff, or work on a thing for a D&D scenario I want to write, it really doesn't matter. Sir Reginald - brush my teeth - 5XP I've got a good routine of brushing my teeth every morning when I shower. I don't have a good routine of brushing before bed, and that needs to change. This is a goal that I keep repeating, and is either really easy or incredibly hard, but it needs to be a priority because I'd quite like my remaining teeth to stay in my head, thank you very much. William - check in daily - 5XP This worked really well last challenge, in that when I checked in I focussed better on my goals, and the check-in goal helped to draw me back here if I missed a couple of days. It wasn't perfect, but it helped. All this needs is for me to write a single word on my thread, and I'll count it as a success. So please, send me some names for my 6 worms. Bonus points if you also include a little picture of your worm to go with it. Let's do this!
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