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Found 2 results

  1. Well, here we are! I'm officially in the Assassins now! This is my second challenge and I'm really looking forward to it. Last time, I had a lot of successes, a few failures, and at least one major milestone. I worked on some pretty simple, straightforward goals, kind of building a foundation for later adventures. This time I'm going for something bigger and more exciting. I'm going to do my best to continue my goals from last challenge but my main focus is different. I've wanted to become skilled at parkour ever since I first tried it several years ago, but then my wrist troubles started and I couldn't work on it for ages. Now that my wrists are a bit better and I'm much stronger than I was before I think it's high-time I get back in the game. Overall Goal: In a nutshell, I want to be a ninja IRL. That is easier said than done, especially when you have an ongoing wrist tendinitis/tendinosis situation. I want to take direct steps toward that goal, including building strength, improving flexibility, finding ways of dealing with boredom, and getting bionic wrists. No, seriously, if anyone knows where one can get bionic wrist replacements please let me know. My specific challenge goals are: Goal #1: Practice a parkour technique at least once per strength workout (which I will be doing 3x per week), and work on at least two different techniques per week. Goal #2: Do eccentric exercise for my wrists 4-7 times per week and continue learning about tendon injuries and how to help them heal, hopefully to see some improvement by the end of the challenge. Goal #3: Do light exercise at least once per week on an off day, including either parkour practice or flexibility/mobility exercises for my notoriously tight hamstrings. I will also be working on some more general goals, such as: Getting back into cooking and making more veggie-based meals, especially from interesting recipes from unusual cuisines I don't often get to have. Continuing to learn new exercises for my workouts and find activities to help myself deal with boredom so I won't feel like I have to resort to snacking. Reboot the creative part of my brain which has basically gone into hibernation since my wrists went bad to avoid the awful experience of having a huge inspiration and being unable to pursue it or do anything with it. I'm still fairly limited in the amount of drawing/writing/typing I can do so I'm not sure exactly how I'll do this or how successful I can expect it to be, but I do have a little more freedom than I used to and I would really like to start feeling more like myself again. So, there you have it. The next chapter in my quest to become an action-hero ninja begins here and now! ⚔️
  2. It's me again! The people who have been following me last challenge know I didn't complete it. In fact I disappeared, going into full blown hiding. Which I am really good at! And although I am quite proud of that assassin skill, it is important not to hide from fellow assassins! So that's why I'm coming out of hiding again, and making sure I will stay out of hiding for the duration of this challenge! Uhhh... Nope still hiding... Wait I know how to unhide... I can do this! Close enough? I suppose so... So right, yeah, goals! Not too many this time, I wanted to do a bazillion things. Because I'm great at planning intricately busy things. And then the 'doing it' part comes along and I feel like meh.... So! Not too many goals this time. Just two. WOOOOO JUMP RIGHT INTO THE GOALS Goal 1: GMB Focused Flexibility (and any extra work I want to do ) DAILY Goal 2: Wrist Warmup + Frogger (at least 3 times a week) Video link for the wrist warmup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=235&v=mSZWSQSSEjE Page link for GMB frogger practice: http://gmb.io/frogger-handstand/ During the challenge I will still be doing Stronglifts, which I definitely still am in love with! So you might get updates of that. I will also keep doing hiking training, because I just need to. And and and I will also do some hooping! But the good thing is, I don't have to update on those, and I don't have to do them. But I can! Things are more fun when you don't have to do them right? HIGH FIVE! LETS DO THIS! Pssst and a little bit of motivation for everyone!
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