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Found 6 results

  1. ¸„.-•~¹°”ˆ˜¨ Health & Happiness Are Hard ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸ Wherein the Cracked_Belle Un-Dies 𝔽𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥 𝕒 𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘, 𝕐'𝕒𝕝𝕝 I am diagnosed with a lot crap that makes life hard — manic depression, C-PTSD, OSFED (eating disorder), OCD, anxiety, some chronic pain, and other crap. these aspects of me and my life are going to come up in my journey to getting back on track with my health and happiness. I'll try to be sensitive to triggers, include warnings such as this where needed, and use spoilers when necessary. but this is my "cover my butt" warning. thanks in advance for you understand. life is difficult; but I find obtaining Health and Happiness is even harder. as aforementioned, I have some mental and physical ailments that complicate the normal struggles of life even further. recently, my depression and my eating disorder have been soul-consuming. it's time to end that. I used to be a rather active member of Nerd Fitness in its early days. the life happened and I left for a while. well, I'm back; and hopefully for even longer this time. I'd like to get my life and health in order, lol. as follows are my current Goals for this upcoming Challenge. I, of course, reserve the right to adjust them as time progresses and I see what's going to work for me and what isn't. Get Down to 125 Pounds (ideally by 08/24/2020) Do a Daily Workout weightlifting on MTWRFA everyday: warm-ups and cool-downs MR: upper body — push-up, bicep curl, bent-over row TF: lower body — squat, strait-leg deadlift, calf raise AW: mix/misc — mountain climber, tensor curl, flexor curl, donkey kick cycling everyday AMWR: ~5 mi (2 circuits) URF: ~2.5 mi (1 circuit) Adhere to Caloric Schedule [TW — Eating Disorders] TO BE UPDATED to a point wherein I'm not slowly starving myself gets tweaked and Friday before depending on plans for the week Goal Average Kcal/Day: <700 Sat: 1,200 Sun: 1,200 Mon: 0 Tue: 1,200 Wed: 0 Thu: 1,200 Fri: 0 Log Monthly Body Measurements take body measurements at start of every month Log Daily Metrics continue to complete the daily Metrics spreadsheet, filling it in as completely as possible Make Next Week's Food Plan every Friday, make the caloric and cooking food plan for the following week (as starts on then ext day of Sat) Manage My Mental Health Do Daily AM Prep complete morning preparations for the day, every day Do Daily PM Review complete evening review of the day, every day Complete Mood Form Daily complete the mood tracking form at least once every day Track Meds track all medications and (certain) supplements consumed every day Become a Professional Writer [to be tweaked soon] Find a Career Counselor/Coach solidify a working relationship with a career counselor/career Resume Being Creative Write for One Hour per Week work on any writing project for a total of at least one hour a week Be Artsy for One Hour per Week do any artistic work for a total of at least one hour each week
  2. Good morning, So purely out of curiosity, how many people here are novel writers? I am currently working on a Fantasy fiction and as part of my epic challenges, I want to finish draft 1 of my book by the end of 2016.
  3. This round my challenge is going to be fewer so I stop beating myself up for what I don't get done and can be more adaptable to the needs of family as Christmas approaches. My main challenge for this round: Continue my yoga streak. Today is day 331. Since January 4, 2016, I have been doing yoga every day without missing a single day. While this is quite an accomplishment on its own, I managed to do it through ACL surgery and ankle troubles. Since April I have had no use to very limited use of my left leg. Yesterday, I almost tossed the streak out the window because I found out that there is a strong possibility that I may need foot surgery (PTTD and "rearrangement of my foot"). As I type, I'm on crutches and can't put any weight on my foot because I have a torn tendon in my ankle. What's the point in continuing my yoga streak if I'm bored with the few videos I have found and feel extremely discouraged about what the future holds? This evening, I had a EUREKA! moment thanks to a guy who continued his yoga practice with a broken femur. https://youtu.be/OBNPAEQ2Kak The video showed me how to adapt some of my favorite yoga sequences without putting weight on my leg. I did a test run this evening and couldn't keep from grinning. So my yoga streak continues. My goal is to get 365 days of not missing a single day of practice. Care to join me for the last stretch? My side challenges: Swim when I can. At this point, if I can get once a week I'll be happy. My mom is dying of an incurable form of ovarian cancer and I find pool time is hard to squeeze in because I'm at my parents' house a lot more frequently these days. Edit my novel. Since I can't walk without crutches I may as well take advantage of the sitting around time and continue to edit my novel. I'm about halfway done. If I can get at least 3 hours a week logged my goal is a success. I would be super happy if I could have it completed by December 31, but because of the other things happening in my life I don't need any more pressure. Keep up with other NF threads. I'm bummed I've fallen behind the past few rounds. Yes, I know I have good reasons, but I really enjoy the community. So this round, I'll give myself permission to be more social.
  4. Actually, she's been skulking around the game for awhile now, popping her head in and out, but now she's in it to win it! Main Quest Get down to 190 pounds to unlock Blistering Charm! Challenge Goals Limit self to one processed food item per grocery trip (sometimes a girl needs her toast, aight?) Hit the gym or pavement at least 3x a week Bring lunch to work at least 2x a week (save them dollar bills) Bonus goal: Write more! Write something (journal entry, short story, fanfiction, whatever) at least 4x a weekGrading System 1. Processed Food A: Limits processed purchase to one for entire weekB: Limits processed purchase to one per grocery trip for weekC: Processed purchases exceed 3 in one week, but no Oreos purchasedD: Processed purchases exceed 3 in one week, but Oreos are purchasedF: Well dang girl put that second pack of double-stuffed Oreos down and go buy a banana2. Exercise A: Achieves 4 workouts in a weekB: Achieves goal of 3 workouts in a weekC: Gets 2 workouts in for the weekD: Gets 1 workout in for the weekF: Is a lazy potato3. Lunch A: Brings lunch to work 3 times a weekB: Achieves goal of bringing lunch 2 timesC: Brings lunch 1 time during weekD: Makes lunch for week but leaves it at homeF: Look at your wallet. It is empty.4. Writing A: Writes 4 timesB: Writes 3 timesC: Writes 2 timesD: Writes 1 timeF: Forgets the English language Here's to the New Year, fellow rebels and nerds! Let's get after it.
  5. It's a New Year and a New Reality! We are the Renaissance Rebels and YOU are invited to join us in making 2014 a year of fitness, fun, creativity, and camaraderie! Do you have a creative quest among your challenge goals? Then join this ragtag, eccentric group of nerds and level up your health and fitness habits and your creativity. Sure, that's a lot of balls to juggle over the course of six weeks, but it's a lot easier and more fun when you've got buddies! This is the Renaissance Rebels third challenge. You can check out our previous challenge threads here and here. If it looks like fun, signup on the Cross Guild page and post a reply below to introduce yourself. We're happy to have you!
  6. this is a cross-guild Accountabilibuddies group for those who are making Writing one of their Goals for the current Challenge. and it's an open group. so koin up and tell us about your Goal!
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