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  1. Texwardo had a hankerin' for beef, beans, beer...anything tasty. Sitting at his desk all day, and snacking every time he walked past the chuck wagon, he put on a lot of weight. In the 25 years between age 30 and 55, Tex went on countless diets, losing 10-20 pounds each time. He always lost focus, quickly putting back on even more than he had lost. When Tex passed the 300 pound mark at one checkup, he said, "Enough is enough!" Tex finally got serious about losing weight. He bought a wifi enabled scale and started logging every mouthfull of food or drink with an app on his phone. Between February 2012 and April 2013, Tex lost 145 pounds. Tex started running in November 2012. Using a couch-to-5k program, he reached the point where he could run 5k without stopping. His first race was on January 1, 2013. Since then, Tex started using the Galloway run-walk-run method and increased his stamina. Between January and May, Tex ran an 8k, 10k, 14k, and two half marathons. Tex feels great at his new weight. However, his body has not caught up with his weight loss. His skin is saggy, and he has little upper-body strength. Tex wants to change that over the next year, building muscle while maintaining his current weight. He also wants to continue improving his running speed. Tex also wants to publish a book in 2014 on his primary area of interest, the people and machines that launched the missions to the Moon in the 1960s and 1970s. Current attributes: Strength 1 | Dexterity 1 | Stamina 4 | Constitution 2 | Wisdom 4 | Charisma 3 Long-term goals: (1) Run a half marathon in 2 hours 10 minutes (2) Maintain weight at or below 160 pounds (3) Be able to do 90 crunches (4) Be able to do 75 pushups (5) Write a book on Kennedy Space Center facilities during the Apollo era, to be published in 2014 Goals for the current Challenge: (1) Run a minimum of 20 miles per week: +2 CON, +1 DEX (2) Start doing "The Morning Workout" (attached) 4 times per week - initially at 1 time through the routine each day, working up to 2 times per day by the end of the challenge: +3 STR, +2 CHA (3) Maintain weight at or below 160 pounds: +1 CON, +1 CHA (4) Complete the outline of my book and send it to three people to review: +5 WIS
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