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Found 18 results

  1. Okay, so this is more going to be a quasi challenge tbh. The number one goal is to keep going to the gym throughout the roughness I've got ahead. May 6th leave for Ohio and won't be back til May 12. On the 13th I have surgery to remove a 2.25cm fibroid adenoma from my left breast. That means I won't be able to do heavy benches for a while since I can't risk the bar smacking the stitches and popping them. It also means 10 days off from Brazilian JiuJitsu and Judo which I've fast fallen for. I can still do other things at the gym, including rowing, elliptical, leg press, maaaybe try some light squats and see how they go. I could even check out the Muay Thai class at the school depending on if I'm allowed to wear a sports bra or not. Food wise, I'm not really following a plan other than to make sure I eat enough and heavy on the protein. I have a nasty habit of forgetting to eat, then I'm exhausted and everything falls apart. Great times. Bring your gifs and your fun
  2. Alright so. I'm officially in the perma-broke category. Time to shut up and work around it. What this means is that my medial sesamoid bone is never healing back together, only option is a surgery which would have me zero weight-bearing for 3 weeks, and 3 months rehab. I don't wanna do that right now, and it's time to stop making excuses about it. Lots of blah blah, woe is me because frankly walking hurt a lot. That rut is hard to get out of, but I'm going to do it. wildross also issued me a long-term challenge that I'm not sure is doable, but we'll target it. State of Texas Single Lift bench record at 72kg/158lbs, which is 90kg/198lbs. That's not happening this challenge cycle but it is a long-term. Assuming Spezzy doesn't take it in which case I might have to drop to 63kg/138lbs. Here's the plan: -Eat Paleo, and actually eat using the RP Strength templates -Go to the gym 3 times per week, lift shit. put it back down. -Build my life routine again. i.e, sleep, read, clean. This morning I was 175.4# but I'll weigh again on the 4th as I had a drink and tacos with Chammy last night. Water weight sticks around, yo. Side note, basically will be a push/pull bro for a while. Hi
  3. Good grief, it's been a long time since I've been around these parts. Hi y'all! Finally relatively injury free - for me, I'm headed back to the gym again and figured I'd bring y'all along for the ride since I needed a log any ways. Some of the things that have changed in the last year, I've changed departments at work, got a dog and a social life *gasp* and really started to be myself. Moving forward I intend to make that a physical quality too so that I'm as awesome on the outside as I am on the inside. That being said, here are my goals: 1) Consistency Routines keep me sane, 3x a week at the gym is optimal. Standard SL5x5 to get back in the groove.2) Get creative Lately I've really felt like I have little outside of work and I don't like it. So at least twice a week I need to do something creative such as calligraphy, drawing or reading a "nonsense" book that gets me outside the rigid tech structure.3) Forward Progress the RedHat Certified Systems Admin test is coming up again at the end of this month, as is some out of state training. Studying needs to happen so I can actually pass this test. Also on here, read 2-3 brain stretching articles per week. Currently I'm working through some Great Courses on Linguistics and Philosophy but I feel out of touch with what's going on elsewhere. Four weeks now huh? Man, how things have changed.
  4. Alright kids, last challenge I was trying to be more consistent in working out, however I borked my foot and am currently clomping around in a walking cast. However, I bought a condo and will be working on settling into it over this challenge. It's particularly weird for me because I've had more than 15 addresses, 16 of which have happened since 2000. The walking boot final assessment is on 4/15/15 and the doctor mentioned transitioning me out of the boot which makes me think it won't just be free for me to go frolicking in the fields. Goals: Lift3x a week in whatever way I can manage. Honestly, I'm getting REALLY bored of benching.StudyThere are three certifications I need to take, 2 before summer in order to further my career.Also, I want to learn Python so I need to set aside time during the week to studyEatWhile not a major focus for me, I'm still trying to edge the scale down. Minimize Whole Paycheck lunches and cook more of my food. Hopefully I'll also bound through here a bit more and give some braindumps like I used to. Depending on my foot situation I will start adding in more HIIT workouts like rowing, or kettlebells, maybe even running. Instead of rushing ahead for once I'm going to listen to the doc and try to take it easy. It's not going to be easy for me.
  5. My last challenge collapsed pretty badly due to some mental-emotional wibbly wobbly stuffs This challenge, we've got that pretty well under control and it's time to go full steam ahead with the usual dose of reality shocks. The last few weeks I've spent a lot of time thinking about WHY I go lift, or WHY I want to be smaller than I am now. If our value is not held within the confines of our physical looks, what does it matter? Here's why it matters: Ability to do things like hiking, climbing, basically turn the world into my playgroundGreater resiliency to stressorsBecome as efficient as possible With those tidbits in mind it's time to move on. The actual goals here are going to look much like the last. Lift 3x a week2x HIITControl foodsing to a reasonable level (160P/60F/128C)The challenges posed within this challenge are that I'm working on buying a condo, there are still 2 certifications I need to take plus purchase another voucher for RHCSA. "I am waiting for Vizzini, you told me to go back to the beginning. So I have."
  6. Placeholder Do things consistently. For real. More to follow ------------------------------- Goals: Starting Strength for the duration of the challengeHIIT 2 times per weekMaintenance eating Current 1RMs Bench: 150 OHP: 95Deadlift: 190Front Squats: 125
  7. Rokie doke. Last challenge was crazy on multiple levels. This time, it's time to get back into it like a real person, or less like a crazy one? We'll see. Goals: Lift regularly and on a programI haven't really lifted consistently for the last month. Something something -travelling around like crazy- something something. I'm going to start a program and actually stick to it. I need the consistency and the focus. I also need to figure out said program. It's probably going to revolve around doing things I don't like. (Read: lunges, hammie work, abs) Calorie MaintenanceI don't have a dress to fit into, so I'm going to eat more towards maintenance and getting stronger. Home lifeMy apartment is a bit chaotic right now, take my word on that. I need to get it in line so it matches my head which is now much more organized than it was before. Things coming up this challenge to contend with: Work Training 11/14-11/17Travel to Florida 12/6-12/21Ruck with Wildross 12/20 for his 55th birthing dayAt some point up there I need to fit in two swing dancing classes too, cus I already paid for them. Relatively light for a Wuf-challenge. I can promise brain dumps, and I'm sure someone will provide gifs. Let's do this
  8. Fair warning: This challenge is going to be a bit crazy. If you don't know me and are just tuning into the Wufkar Show, I'm female, like to lift, learn and push myself. This time around we're trying to maintain sanity while the world spins a bit faster than usual. Schedule: 9/11-9/15: Chicago (Ruck on 9/11 EEP 2 daaaays)9/21 : Rock Climbing Class in Austin9/27-9/28: Drive to Ohio10/4: Be a supportive bridesmaid10/11: Be a supportive wedding attendee10/18-19: Drive back to Texas There's a few other things that will be coming up as I'm heading into training season at work: 9/17-9/1910/20-10/2411/11-11/14In light of all that craziness here are my goals: Lift 3x a week Eat mindfully Remember to Relax I've found a gym that will let me lift in Ohio while I'm there for a single month price and I still want to do HIIT workouts but they'll probably be more rowing and Bar Complex workouts (Think Bear, and Grace). I need to make sure I stay the size I am at least until 10/4 so I can fit into the dress for the wedding. After that I'm going to begin reverse dieting as best as I can in order to head into a cut for an April wedding in which I'll reprise my role as bridesmaid with a different bride. Wedding season!
  9. Hey Ya'll, I have two weddings to attend back to back weekends in Central OH so I'm going to be working from there for most of October. 10/2-10/4 & 10/11 are takenI work M-F 8-5We could do: COSI (Museum)Olentangy Indian CavernsWalk the Scioto MileGet trapped in a room with a zombieColumbus Commons has some goings onHike one of the MetroParks I will not have a place to put Nerds who come into town if you're from out of town. I'm also currently looking for a place to lift while I'm there, so if any one has any ideas, I'm all ears If you live in or near Columbus now, check these things out: Columbus Oktoberfest Sept. 26-28Short North Gallery Hop - First Saturday Evening monthly (Go park and walk. Musicians on the street)ALL the Columbus food! It's a test market people, go test!
  10. Wufkar

    Warrior Wufkar

    This is my first Warriors challenge despite lifting the heavies for a while. Diet Finish Whole30 with LoBroStay Gluten FreeContinue to play with macros til I find what works for meIncrease my metabolism slowly by adding calories on a weekly basisExercise Continue 3x a weekFlirt with 5/3/1 program to see how it works for meadd in Oly liftsLife Allot time to relax, read a book and or learn. My brain needs to be exercised as well. This may well show up in this thread a fair piece as I might word vomit all over this thread Current Numbers / Goals OHP 95# / 110# BackSquat 170# / 200# Deadlift 190# / 205 Bench 120# / 135# Clean 85# / 100# Snatch 55# / 65# <-- Needs Form Focus Front Squat 125# / 150# With any luck, this should be a stay at home challenge. I don't have any events or trips during this 6 weeks. The next trip is 9/11/14 to chicago for rucking. Googley Docs: Measurements Program-ish (Adjustments allowed) Lift Tracker
  11. Hello, First videos Bench Back Squats Front Squats Any input would be greatly appreciated
  12. /me waves Hey all. I'm skipping out of the Ranger forum for a bit due to life circumstances, namely a distinct lack of heavy stuff to move. Goals 1) Clean up the diet. No, Really. Higher fat, lower carb paleo really works for me. I have more energy and seem to lean up pretty well. So that's what we're shooting for. 1700kcal/day too soon for macros at this point in specificity. I am concerned that I ate at a deficit long enough to cause some issues but after an unintentional bulk, I think I may be okay enough to work on this more carefully. 2) Do workouts at least 5 times per week if not more. ( I'd really like to do 3 days, 2 times per day. Right now I have Convict Conditioning on the brain. 3) Ankle Rehab I recently -read saturday - sprained my ankle rather badly. I have 4 weeks before I'm supposed to do a GoRuck in SF with Catspaw, emcee, & smftexas. I will definitely BE in San Francisco, but if I can't run the parking garage stairs by then, I'm going to seriously re-consider. Ice Twice per dayDO NOT TAKE THE BRACE OFF (except for showers and sleepage)Vitamins to support tendon repair Being I'm more of a lifter with some running.. Please please PLEASE feel free to send me some bodyweight workouts. I have issues with getting bored on bodyweight circuits Here's what I have available to me: Rings5 Story Parking GarageFloor SpaceI walk roughly 2 miles/day to work and back which will continue throughout this challenge but won't be tracked per se. Lastly, HAI ASSASSINS!!!
  13. Goals: Eat Cleanly at a deficit Lift Heavy Rucking Train Several things are going to occur during this challenge though Nerdster - 4/195k - 4/26GRL - 5/10 At work we're spooling up all the construction for pending circuits and the completion dates will hit actually starting next week. It's going to be a lot of work, and a lot of long hours. As such I'm keeping this pretty straight forward and simple this go round. Strong Lifts5x5 3x/week. Eat clean macros150g P / <50gC / 100g F ~1500kcalRuck twice a weekLife wise, much more general: stay on top of everything and don't get bogged down in the office BS that's been going around. That's it.
  14. This.. is me. I'm a 25 yr old female who likes to fix anything and everything while lifting anything ... and everything. I have been on a year long journey to get my body back in shape. My definition of in shape is the ability to physically do whatever I decide to do. Last challenge it really changed from "I need to be more healthy" to "Let's see how much we can do" and I intend to keep that going. Originally, I was going to do this challenge with the Warriors but after SammyShark convinced me to train for a 5k, and StarPuck inspired me to do skating lessons.. I'm sticking with the Rangers. See the schedule below as a visual indication of why. Fair warning, I'm pretty crazy in how I do things and this thread will definitely veer off course on multiple occasions. There will be an abundance of GIFs for every moment possible and weekly blog links. I do try and save my brain dumps for my blog as I kind of feel that for the most part, this is my exercise log. My blog is where my cohesive and less free-written thoughts reside in electrons. There is a strong possibility of food pictures as well, I do not however promise the pictures themselves will be good. Consider yourself warned. Right: On with it then! If you watched my last challenge you may remember I decided I need to live spectacularly. This is my main quest though it may be abstract and it is not gradable. Main Quest: Live Spectacularly Individual Goals: · Run 1.5miles non-stop · Deadlift 150# ß might be adjusted based upon Personal Trainer · 1 ​​Freestanding Handstand · Eat to my macros as prescribed by Alex (Personal Trainer) Carbs: 183g 150g Protein: 137g 113g Fat: 60g 50g Life Side Quests: · Learn Remedial Spanish – 3x/week · Maintain a cleaner home atmosphere – 15Min/day · Write my Childhood Storybook – 1Hour /week Fitness Side Quest: · Train for a GoRuck Light (Coincides with 5k) · Stretch daily / Meditate · Freestanding Handstand · One HIIT session per week The goal with eats is to eat as Paleo as possible. I do have a dairy issue and have been mostly gluten free long enough to be sensitive to it. I do not claim to even remotely have celiacs disease but I do notice a difference. Without further adieu, here is my schedule of weekly events: As you can see.. I've added a few more things to it. Oh! Hockey is on Wednesday nights starting tomorrow (2/19) On Monday I'll upload my vitals for comparison, each day I will upload a brief food log post and a workout log. Vitals 2/24/2014 Weight: 146.8# BodyFat: 25.9% Lean Mass 108.65# Fat Mass: 38.15# Edited for vitals and new macro stats.
  15. Wufkar

    Wufkar Reloaded

    Ehem.. I need this as a reminder to fill this out in about.. an hour feel free to blow up my inbox to remind me. Presently work would frown upon me using work time to fill this out *runs away*
  16. Challenge numero tres! First off, I'm gonna make goals that are much more likely to be kept. I haven't done such a good job the last couple challenges of picking SMART goals. The last two times I fittered out to the end due to life circumstances. This is also going to be a two part challenge for me as my vacation starts on 8/16/2013 and I'll be going on a road trip. Main Quest Goal: Stick to the plan! This may seem like a no-brainer, but I tend to get distracted and stop working out, til before I know it I haven't gone in a week. *cough* like this week *cough* Grading Scale: A: 6/6 Workouts / week B = 5/6 Workouts / week C = 4/6 Workouts / week F= 3 or less workouts per week Also in this is that I want to mix up strength and HIIT, so MWF will be Strength days and TThSa will be HIIT days. I'm not allowed to swap them for each other unless completely unavoidable. I intend to work out 6 days per week Weeks 1-3, 5 & 6. Week 4 will have a LOT of walking. Goal 2: Slow the fork down As we are always saying "you can't outrun your fork" I'm gonna slow that fork down! 100% Paleo for the first 3 weeks. 80% on Vacation (Week 4) - 100% weeks 5 & 6. I allow myself small little cheats way too often and I'm finally down to within 10 lbs of my "goal weight". I need to toughen it up if I want to get cut! The biggest challenge for me is going to be making sure I eat at least 1500 calories per day with this plan. Even when I wasn't Paleo I would have a hard time eating more than 1200 calories a day. I was often listless. I've been about 80% Paleo since January. I'm still working on losing body fat and getting leaner, so I'm not as worried about building muskles right now. I do know that when I don't track my calories, I don't eat enough, when I don't eat enough I can't get myself out of bed to go to the gym. So eat up! Weekly Grading Scale: A: 7/7 Days Paleo B = 6/7 Days Paleo C = 5/7 Days Paleo D = 4/7 Days Paleo F= 3 days or less Paleo Goal 3: Listen to the music I've owned a guitar for quite some time, in fact the first one I had I over tuned so much I broke the neck. This goal is more about sitting down and taking time for me. It's called: Teach myself guitar. Weekly Grading Scale: A: 3x Per week B = 2x per week C = 1x per week F= What's that weird thing called? Biggest challenges this go round? 1, that pesky but much needed vacation hitting on Week 4. 2. I may well be moving to Austin TX for a job here as well. I have the interview on Monday. *deep breath* alright, let's go!
  17. Well the last challenge I did was in March and I'll be honest it didn't end so well. I ended up with an inflammed rotator cuff by week 3 and on lifting restrictions for 2 months after that Taking that into consideration, this challenge is going to be more about rehabbing my shoulder and making sure it doesn't happen again. I usually like to power lift but for this the closest I'll get will be looking forlornly towards the weight bench while doing shoulder exercises. sigh Anywho Vitals : Age: 25 Height: 5'4 (Short enough to work harder but not short enough to have an extra cuteness factor) Weight: 152lbs Body Fat: 29% Goals: 1. Increase shoulder strength by 15lbs measured against a lateral side raise - Current: 10lbs, Goal: 25lbs - Plan: 5x5 sets of shoulder exercises. 2. Increase run distance to running 1 mile non-stop. - Currently I can run 1/4 of a mile non stop and I was pretty stoked about that when that happened. - Plan: Utilize Couch to 5k to increase the distance 3. Increase Back Squat Weight by 25lbs - Current: 85 Goal: 120lbs - Plan: 5x5 Sets at 70% 4. Life Goal! Well, the last time was to learn conversational Spanish and I didn't even touch it. I kinda want to try it again but not sure how it's going to work out. Eeeh what the shell, I'll do it again cus I still want to learn Spanish. Difficulties/Obstacles: 1. I'm currently working on buying a house and if that comes through I'm going to have a TON of work rehabbing the house, which while that will certainly be exercise may take away from my ability to do actual workouts. 2. The neighborhood I live in is nooot exaaactly the best for late night walks. So I'll have to make sure I do it earlier and go North instead of south. 3. When I push too hard on running, I get chest pains of a nasty variety. However I've noticed that if I work up to it a little slower than I would like it's not as bad. Overall Hope: Lose an additional 10lbs. This isn't a goal! just a hope. I've had good results in the past eating Paleo and I'll have to get back to that. It was a LOT more food than I expected to be eating that's for sure!
  18. Wufkar

    WufKar Madness

    Hello all, I'm a bit late to the party, but hopefully I'm good for the fun parts! First About me: 5'4, 165, Female 25 years old. (Not comfortable with photos yet, but I promise to post one if the result at the end is drastic) Current stats: I'm getting back into working out, So I expect to be able to ramp up pretty fast. Deadlift: 100lbs x5 Squats: 70x5 Bench Press: 50lbs x5 0 Pullups Situps : 20 (This may get edited tomorrow. I"m headed to the Gym and I'll find out my accurate numbers. Hopefully it's not lower ) Edited: Actually Goal .5, At the gym tomorrow get my numbers for the following exercises: Deadlift: 125lbs x 5 Squats 80lbs x 5 Bench Press: 95 lbs x5 Burpees Jump-rope Tentative Goals Exercise wise: 50 Burpees 1 set Jumprope for 10 continuous minutes Deadlift: 150 lbs x5 Bench Press: 100lbs x5 Squat: 120lbs x5 1 Pullup Goal 1 (Increase these) [update information regarding Increase] Goal 2 a) Set a "bed time" for myself and keep to it Monday through Friday. - 10:30pm. Wake up 3 Hrs before work Monday - Friday Goal 3 Keep my laundry organized and put away (Silly I know, but I live alone in 600sqft with 3 laundry loads worth of clothes. They don't typically make it out of the basket) Goal 4 Learn conversational spanish. Not fluently, but touristy. I don't think 5 weeks left is enough for fluent without immersion. Alright so here's the plan: I have 6 Crossfit classes available to me until 3/22. and 2 weeks of Boxing tutelage starting on the 11th. Whew this is alot. Go to 2 Crossfit Classes per week3 Classes - Boxing per week (for 2 weeks)Weightlifting 3 Days per week after the boxing classes. uhm.. I might be crazy. just a little. But it'll be Fuuuuuun. Wufkar
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