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Found 2 results

  1. Heya, nerds My name is Katrin, I go by Morag on various internet platforms. I am 36 years old now, single mum now (since june this year) of two beautiful boys (9 and soon to be 16). I am located in the real north of Germany. I work with demented elderly (since Sept this year), I started lifting barbells (dito), but the later makes my hip/something twinge painfully, so I need form adjustments at the very least. It hurts so much that I haven't been to the gym in weeks. I am 1,7m tall with just under 100kg for weight, which is ridiculously too heavy. Both my kids have their birthdays in December, a life choice I am still kind of unhappy about, and kind of not. You know? I just cast on a hat for myself in black fluffy yarn, something I had sworn to myself NEVEREVEREVER do again, but sadly Hufflepuff is black and yellow, and so is my gorgeous xtra-warm-xtra-long skarf, so there. I am taking an evening class of beginner Korean, which is fun and challenging and one of the few things keeping me sane. My therapist of several months brought up the BTW Therapy Is Almost Over convo, which is kind of scary and kind of exciting. I struggle with nutrition most of all. Consistently making decent enough choices (or these days it's more of an At All) and finding and sticking to humane portion sizes. I feel like my food choices are limiting where I am and where I'm headed in a VERY dramatic way. But calorie restriction is a stressor I have avoided for a while now, and consciously too. Separation has been a bitch even though it was kind of a mutual thing. This christmas season I am nesting. I will buy a tree one of these days, for the first time in possibly 10 years, we already have some decorations up. We will not celebrate xmas at my in-laws house for the first time in years and years. I made a memory board with maps and fotos and things. And I will keep adding to that. Most of all I have to keep keeping my stress levels in check. I am the whack'a'mole queen for a reason. And it would be hell'a nice if my physique reflected how much better I am all over, so I am thinking about what to do regarding food. Because I liked myself at under 90kg... I looked and felt amazing... I remember it being hard work, getting there: HIIT once a week, focused training to fix my abysmal posture (not sure how much of that bad stuff has come back, since my hip is acting up a lot lately), counting calories, weighing EVERYTHING that went on my plate, 500-1000kcal deficit (starting out with too much, and learning about healthy deficits lateron). Eating a limited number of veggies, still not being a fan of the things I ate too much of back then... So yeah, I want to restrict my eating, get that all sorted out, but on the other hand I do not want to fuck up my mental health with going down that rabbit hole of super-über-perfection. I also feel though, that I am paralyzing myself by over-analyzing here... so that's awesome! A coworker is sick, so instead of 4 days off next week I work every day but one. But then I have Wednesday through Chrismas off, which is nice. Plus all the extra hours bring extra money too, so that's potentially nice (unless they tell me I should take extra days off, that's not cool) plusplus it's short notice extra hours, so I get a bit more money per hour too, it's not a lot, but some months it's those small things... I bought myself a couple of japanese eggplants (I think. They are long and slender, but I didn't ask, so they may be from somewhere else), which I've never seen outside of my Korean cookbook before. So I am looking forward to soy marinated eggplant 가지 나무 (?) Gaji Namu without substituting the main ingredient. Maybe. Plus today is my 9yo son's bday party, which he is super excited about. We'll see how it goes. Plus knitting black yarn... what was I thinking?! Enough of my ramblings. Thanks go to @Terra, for messaging me privately and pushing me to make a challenge. Sorry, my friend, for being so late. I'm here now.
  2. Wild Colonial Grrl who is becoming Batgirl is still Rehabilitating as Oracle whilst finding and setting up a new Batcave! Here's the back story... Been living in my parent's house for nearly 3 years caring for my Grandmother whilst they live out a dream and travel around Australia in a Winnebago. Now they are back and I am preparing to move out. 113 days ago I was practicing TKD sparring and blocked a black belt's kick on a funny angle and got three injuries for the price of one: broken radius, wrist capsule sprain and ongoing thumb joint arthritic flare up from a misaligned joint that I wouldn't have known was a problem for 10-20 years otherwise. I put on a bit of weight again during this and struggled with my emotional well being. I want to be Batgirl by the time I am 40. Today I have 317 days remaining of Project 365... It doesn't feel like I'm getting far yet. Ongoing stuff I live with is chronic but well controlled asthma, severe arthritis under the L kneecap (wearing the bones away slowly from a dislocation many years ago) and a tendency towards anxiety and depression that I am getting better at catching early to medicate appropriately. I don't like change, I don't like that currently I am sharing my living space with my parents although we are doing ok so far, moving is stressful, end of the work year is stressful, having a bung wrist is stressful and I need to manage these things without eating all the chocolate and white flour carbs as well as finding a healthy medium through xmas parties and start of summer BBQs. Soon I will try the Donkey Kong method of planning for these things - Barrel (prob): Jump/Smash (strategies) - stay tuned! Epic goal: fit by 40 (be the batgirl) Challenge goal: Get moved and give myself a better Batcave for the future... Or something like that and keep healthy/sane(ish) along the way. Exercise: I used to do TKD and PT sessions twice a week and yoga: 2 cardio, 2 strength, 1 stretch. I am slowly getting some of those back and walking most days for at least 30mins.Through disruptions of moving and approaching xmas I will - walk at least 5 days per week. Do 1 cardio TKD or park run per week, and 4+ strength and stretching sessions over the 6 weeks. Rehab: Do as told! New instructions will be given on Monday and a new splint... Will fill in current details then.Week 1-4 wear new brace, do stretching and and strengthening exercises. Then see therapist again for next step... Well being: Awareness... Diet may come into this - have I made myself feel unwell, if so how?*do positive things that help my sense of well being* note what feels better and worse... I know that's a bit vague... Umm... Will note daily physical and emotional state and what has helped or hindered. The move:Started this Thursday of last week... Found and have applied for 3 new places. Will see how they go, then move to next step... Will set weekly tasks based on stage of process. Week 1:Find suitable homes Visit houses Get application forms Fill out application forms Apply and breath (repeat 1 -5 as required)Already doing step 5 for the first time, so may have a new set soon... Really, I"m doing this anyhow. It is not a challenge. Getting rid of stuff as I move is a challenge. I need to declutter in this move... I was thinking week 1 - 1 item per day, week 2 - 2 per day and so on. This gives me 147 items i needs to remove from my life by the end of challenge. I am going to round this up to 150 items in total and get at it! It's kind of a weird challenge... and may need some refining later... but it's something to keep me in the game with the aim to Level Up my life by the end of it.
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