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  1. Terah

    Terah - 75 Hard

    How is it that every time I want to jump back on the forums the challenge has almost ended? I just decided to ignore that fact this time and post anyway. Since last time I got back to exercising and eating healthier (nothing extreme). Summer vacation is almost over so it's time to get a good plan and get back to business! I just stumbled across #75hard. And as much as it sounds crazy, it might just be crazy enough to work There are 5 rules: Follow a diet I'm going for the no-s diet Workout twice a day I had started with Cloe Ting's workouts, which I love. So I'll follow one of her programs for the first workout, and do yoga/stretching/mobility work on the rest days. And for the second workout I'll go for a walk [edit] EXCEPT when I'm home alone with the kids and the weather is bad. Drink a gallon of water each day (about 3 liters) I've actually been doing this for the last two months, and it's not that hard, but I do need to pay attention Read 10 pages of non-fiction a day. I have a few books I still need to finish and have ordered a few in the library. I really like this goal actually, I might actually learn stuff Take a progress photo every day This will be the hardest. I hate taking photo's of myself. I'll definitely not be sharing them 😛 I have made an awesome chart in my bullet journal (which I have been using a lot, see I didn't sit on my but the time I wasn't here )
  2. Hey Doodlies, and welcome to a new challenge! This challenge is only open to existing Doodlies, you know who you are! If you're not a Doodlie, I'm sorry this is not for you. This time we're playing hangman. But no ordinary hangman, it's Doodlie hangman! We're having two teams again: Pancakes and Waffles. Sign up here if you want to join. So how do we play? I've got a list of challenges here. Each challenge will earn your right to guess a letter. There is no taking turns. The faster you finish your challenge the sooner you get the right to a letter. If you think you know the word: too bad, you still have to guess each letter separately (you'll just be guessing them right). You work together on completing the challenges. For example: one of the challenges is meditate for an hour. You meditated 10 minutes and one of your team mates meditated 50 minutes. You now have completed this challenge and earned the right to a letter. You win when: You're in team pancake The other team will pick a word of x letters (the words of both teams have twice the amount of letters as there are teammates in the team that guesses the letters). The team that guessed the most words at the end of the challenge has won. If a new team member wants to join mid challenge, or if someone wants to leave the challenge, they may do so when there is a new word to guess. We'll start February 11th (Monday) Until then: - What do we need to change about the rules to make it more fair? - Do you know any more challenges we can add? - What challenges need to change to make them all as equal as possible? - Anything else you like to add? Links: - Challenges list - Sign in sheet
  3. Welcome all Doodlies*!! *I'm sorry - this is a closed group, open to all Doodlies. Once a Doodlie, always a Doodlie. You know who you are. There is much Doodlie lore, with a long and smutty history. We've always dreamed of our own island where we can escape the drudgeries of life and come together to be with our people. Alas, it has been found! Land ho, Doodlie Island exists! Unfortunately, the Breakfast Wars have been rekindled. The pancakes and waffles landed on opposite shores and must battle for the rights to the island. What will we do? Who will win? Ready to Play? Sign up here The Battle for Doodlie Island OK, I am hoping everyone is up for a competition this challenge. If not, the battle can be postponed to some other challenge. But if we are up for it.... here is the gist. There are also a few holes in my idea to fill in during week 0. Orange tiles are pancakes home base, green for waffles. This is a battle for all the tiles on the map. Every 10 minutes of exercise yields 1 unit Cardio units = defense on existing tiles Strength units = offense on other tiles yoga/stretching units = range attacks (range of 3 but extra units can be added for each additional tile) You can not take over another tile with a range attack. Each blue tile has a basic defense of 1,2, or 3 determined randomly The Doodlie Castle has a basic defense of +10 and is immune to range attacks. Each team works to accumulate points/units and then decide where to place them. The map tiles will change color as we battle it out. I don't know if this is a daily battle, weekly, or something in between. Do we take turns? Do we apply points all at once? Also, the map has a few gaps. Throw your ideas out for location names and we can fill in the rest of the map.
  4. Who is up for some "friendly" competition? Like any accountability group we'll support each other and cheer each other on. But we also like to play. Just to shake things up. If you want to join go to this spreadsheet, and put your name on it. If you are an existing doodlie, put your name in the "doodlie" column. If you are not a doodlie (yet), pick any doodlie and put your name in the "newbe" column. Easy right? We start the game on May 28th And what games will we play this time, you ask? Good question, if I might say so. We're going to do a scavenger hunt. I will make a list of items you can collect. Like [drink 1 liter of water] or [sleep for 8 hours] or [eat 5 servings of freggies] The team that has collected the most items at the end of the challenge (June 26th) has won eternal bragging rights over the other team! As for the couples: if you are a newbe, you can ask your doodlie anything. If you are a doodlie, you'll give your newbe advise, kicks up the behind, and haze him/her in any way you see fit. Important links: - Sign up sheet - Scavenger hunt list (still under moderation)
  5. Hey Doodlies, You know who you are. Are you not, or have you never been a doodlie, or do you not know what a doodlie is, I'm sorry, this thread is not for you. We have been on many adventures together. We have battled great evil and each other. We've been covered in batter, hit by smut and rolled around in shenanigans. But we've let our brother- and sisterhood slide. We've been neglecting the awesomeness we had together. I know, a lot of you are pressed for time. You've been hit by life, or are just working really hard on your personal goals. That's why I wanted to do a light challenge. I will give you a theme and an assignment every week, and you can respond when you've got the time. Nothing big. It can be posting a meme, an inspirational text or sharing pics of your pets/kids/plants. I'll post the first theme on Monday. Are you in?
  6. We are The Doodlies - aka Accountabiddlydoodlies - aka Miscellaneous Beings Intent on Losing Weight* *This is a Closed Group and only open to current and former Doodlies - you know who you are. Please PM for interest. We Doodlies have experienced a lot of change over the years, yes plural, that we have been together. In the absence of a clear PVP challenge this time around, and the fact that I encountered the Great Yak on my recent travels, I was struck by a bolt of inspiration... It's time to return to our roots. I dug around and found the original accountabiddlydoodlies thread for your reading pleasure. We Doodlies haven't been as active recently so let's start with our original credo: I intend to lose some weight in a healthy, sensible way this challenge. Do you also intend to lose some weight in a healthy, sensible way this challenge? Then let us kick each other's rear ends for the next six weeks so that we stay on track! I think we can forego the introductions so instead of the original questions let's start out with some new ones: 1.) What is your main goal this challenge? We started off joining this group as beings intent on losing weight. Some of our goals have changed. Where are you now? 2.) What do you most want accountability for and what type of accountability would benefit you the most? How can we do to help you achieve your goals? 3.) Are you interested in a PVP this challenge and if so, what type? This, as always, is optional in addition to our regular merry band of supporters. Want to sit this challenge out or do you have a great idea for some competition? Or should we do something completely different?
  7. Welcome my fellow Nerds, to this historic event! In the past Doodlies have battled against each other, but now, for the first time we will measure our skills against non-doodlies. If you want to join, you're in for the entire challenge. You can pick an easy challenge for a week when you have a busy schedule, or when you're not feeling well. But you must participate all 4 weeks. Sign up here. So, what are we going to do? If you have any questions you can ask here We start Tuesday. Week 1: 25 April - 30 April Week 2: 1 May - 7 May Week 3: 8 May - 14 May Week 4: 15 May - 19 May
  8. Welcome back doodlies! And what shell we do this time? A battle between the waffles and the pancakes? Or something with the whole group? Let us know your ideas. Even the bad ones, because they can inspire someone else
  9. Welcome back Doodlies! This thread is for doodlies only. If you're not a doodlie, or don't know what a doodlie is, this is not for you. Sorry. So, what are we going to do this challenge? I'm drawing a blank here, but I'm sure that a lot of you have great ideas. Even if your ideas aren't great, just post them here. Maybe it will give someone else the inspiration to make it great Sign in sheet Score sheet
  10. Welcome back in this beautiful new year! We are doing an old fashioned Pancakes vs. Waffles challenge. Please sign in here: Sign in sheet We do not accept any new recruits this challenge, sorry! If you have been with the doodlies in the past, you're welcome to join again The challenges until now: Strength: DareDice Mental health: Affirmations/Gratitude statements Cardio: ?? Food/Water: ?? Scoresheet
  11. Who doesn't want to be a Girlmore Girl? But wish as I might, I can't just become a Gilmore Girl. I just don't have the training. For the last challenge of 2016 I am just looking for some handrails to get me to the end of this caper in relatively one piece. I have more healing to do before I am ready to kick some 2017 ass and December usually tries to kick my ass. So my goal here is to set a minimum standard in hopes of keeping my head above water and minimize the damage from the holidays. Don't Eat Like a Gilmore (Don't eat like a dickhead: The Gilmore Edition) No SMART goals here. Just do the best I can with what's available. Most days this should follow my variable daily calorie goal but for those holiday party and travel days it's basically just be sensible. Pick higher protein, less processed food choices. Go ahead and have some treats but keep them to a minimum. I will also keep logging on MFP. I am shooting for a 365 day streak on MFP and I'm not about to give up on it now. The Great Cookie Solution Baking Christmas cookies is a huge part of my family's traditions. In recent years we have made efforts to bake less cookies but even if each person picks 1 type of cookie that is their favorite, we end up with 8 kids of cookies. I don't yet know what the Great Cookie Solution will be but while I am with family over Christmas I need to initiate some protocols to keep the cookie eating in check. Don't Workout Like a Gilmore I'll continue my daily activity goal. Anything counts but I'd prefer to get to the gym for some lifting twice a week but this isn't mandatory. Rucking, yoga, walking, heavy house work, walking the mall Christmas shopping...whatever. Just do something. I've also seen some Gilmore girls workouts where you do different exercises depending on what's going on during an episode. Don't Drink Like a Gilmore I may not be a coffee drinker but I like my caffeine. When I am on holidays or when I am stressed I tend to drink more diet soda than anything else. Drink some water already! I don't know what I mean the goal to be but I'd like to be aware of it and choose water over diet soda a couple times a day. Tie up Those Loose Ends I made a lot of progress on my 2016 roadmap. There are some things that didn't accomplished but for some I've realized it wasn't the right time, others will get migrated to the 2017 Roadmap but there a few I'd like to finish up this challenge Finish the last short story in that book Declutter Declutter Declutter! Post a summary of 2016 accomplishments Complete and Post 2017 Roadmap By the end of this challenge I need to have the 2017 Roadmap completed and posted. Also, in an effort to prepare for 2017 goals I want to use this challenge to track a few key habits Sleep - just count number of hours of sleep Spending - I want to find an app that will help track my spending and my budget.
  12. We are to NF what the X-men are to the Mutants: Teachers, inspiring figures and the first of many! Welcome back doodlies! You know the drill Sign in sheet Score sheet We are hiring! We need one waffle to make team Waffle complete We're full. Check back with us next challenge But, before you sign up, read our mission statement: We also have a D&D pvp (accessible for anyone) We are going to do an old school pvp. Our challenge this time: How set works (by JMK):
  13. This pvp is part of the Doodlie accountability group You can only participate if you're a Doodlie! A short recap of how we play You start by copying the character sheet and fill it in (see rule book for details on this). You've got 4 primary abilities. You can level these up infinitive by doing stuff in real life like doing cardio, strength training, meditate or learn stuff. Besides that you've got extra ability's you can choose to your liking, to shape your character. By choosing a specific race or class you gain bonuses for certain abilities, but you're not limited to them. The DM (doodlie master) tells a story. You tell the DM how you wish to react to the circumstances the DM described. He or she will determine, by rolling a dice and comparing the result with the ability that's applicable in that situation, if you're successful or not. For example: You wish to talk to a cute guy in a bar. Since you're a beautiful elf, the DM decides this shouldn't be too hard for you, so she uses a D4 (a dice with 4 sides). (Or the DM decides that this is very hard since you're an ugly ogre and she uses a D100 (a dice with 100 sides)). She looks at your psyche level, say you're level 3. With the D4 you'll succeed by a roll of 2, 3 or 4. (With the D100 by 98, 99 or 100.) The DM rolls the D4 and you get a 3. The cute guy is willing to talk to you. Say you roll a 4, since that is the highest role the cute guy comes to you and tells you everything you wan to know. Or you get a 1, and the cute guy slaps you in the face and leaves. I'll be your DM in week 1 and 2. Ryuu will be your DM in week 3 and 4. Links to the story's: Week 1and 2 - Introduction - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Final battle - Conclusion Links Rule book Character Sheet
  14. I couldn't have said it better Welcome back to a brand new Doodlie challenge! Here is our sign up sheet (If you're not on the list and you want to be contact @deftona) Here is our pvp thread (Just for the story! Questions, suggestions about the pvp can be asked here) Now all we need is a challenge (I'll update this post with the challenge once we've thought of something) Let me hear your ideas on what we're going to do this challenge
  15. Welcome back doodlies It's summer time! This challenge we are going old school. We've got 4 different challenges for you. Every week will be a new challenge. If you are not able to compete one or more weeks, say so before that week starts. If you want to be a doodlie, because doodlies are cool, ask @deftona and she'll put you on the waiting list. Our spreadsheets for this challenge: Sign in sheet Score sheet The challenges: Please note: these challenge are not final yet. If you have any suggestions, let us know! Week one (18-24 July) Strength challenge Do the dailydare on darebee You get 1 point for every time you completed the dare of that day. You can do it as many times as you want. For example: today has 2 minutes jumping jacks. So 2 minutes jumping jacks earns you 1 point. 6 Minutes will earn you 3 points etc. You can only do the dare on the day it is posted on darebee If any movement is not possible because of injury. Report back here or in the yak's head and we'll decide on a replacement move. Week two (25-31 July) Adulting Challenge You are going to count the number of minutes you spent adulting this week. This is productive work which can include things like cleaning, washing up, laundry, KM'ing, meal prep, meal planning, batch cooking, grocery shopping (the trip to and from the supermarket doesn't count, just the actual time in the store), budgeting, scheduling time, organizing, taxes, gardening, fixing stuff around the house etc. Week three (1-7 August) Food Challenge Create a food log. Record what you eat every day and post this in your thread. You can do a print screen from MFP or any app you use, or write it down in a notebook and post a pic of it, or just type it. It's not about counting kcal, but about awareness what you're putting into your body. We will not uphold secrecy this week, as you post your log on your thread each day. You get one point for every day you completed your food log. And you get 3 bonus points for completing a food log every day. Week 4 (8-12 August) Cardio Challenge Count the number of minutes you do cardio training. This includes: running biking dancing swimming elliptical rucking If the cardio you're doing is not on this list, post it in the doodlie thread and we'll decide if it should be added to this list or not. Okay doodlies, good luck and have fun!
  16. The doodlies are back for a brand new challenge! If you want to be a doodlie, I understand, we are awesome. Contact @deftona and she can put you on the waiting list. We've got two divisions: the griddle, where you are now and the nuthouse. Both waiting lists are under Def's control, so PM here for more info. This round we are going to play battle ships. Links to the important documents: Template scoresheet and rules (on the second tab) Sign in sheet (for former and current doodlies) Don't forget to put the link to your challenge on the sign in sheet so we can find you. Important: If you wish to take a week off from this pvp, say so BEFORE that week starts! I'll adjust the amount of points you'll need to make a hit. Otherwise the amount of points you'll need for a hit will remain the same as stated in the sheet. <EleventyThousandAndThanSomething
  17. Welcome to the Doodlies - Cuddle Edition! Sign in sheet Do you want to be a doodlie, but you aren't on the sign in sheet? Look for our nuthouse division, they are still hiring. This challenge there will be no losers, only winners. Off course it's completely optional to participate in the pvp, as always. This is what we are going to do: . So every point you earn, you'll earn for all the doodlies. The reward is up to you. Let us know: what will be your reward when we get the bronze prize, the silver and the gold prize?
  18. Welcome back my sweet doodlies <4 We're ready for a new challenge and we are going to be awesome yet again! Do you want to be a doodlie? I understand, we are awesome. If you are on this list, you are free to join us here in the griddle: This list isn't for the nuthouse doodlies! They have their own thread and their own rules. You can find the nuthouse here.
  19. Welcome back my sweet pancakes, waffles and french toasts! We are going to rock this challenge For those who wish to join us, I want to redirect you to our Head Quarters.
  20. Welcome to the Doodlie Head Quarters We are the Nerd Fitness special forces. To be a doodlie is to succeed! We offer support and friendship. We are your drill sergeant, your shoulder to cry on, your cheer leaders. We love smut, we love perkele party's, we are awesome If you want to know more about us, and learn our language, read the doodlie newsletters. We have our own pvp. This challenge it will be a scavenger hunt. We have two universes: the griddle and the nuthouse. We separated because we grew too big. And we just want to follow everyone and support everyone, and that can't be done when we have to many doodlies. You can sign up here. If you are new to the doodlies, Team Peanutbutter is the place for you. This thread is ment for all doodlies. We post doodlie announcements here, new newsletters and we discuss the current pvp. We are often found in the Yak's Head. This is a line chatroom. If you want in, pleace add me as a friend in line and send me a message, I'll add you to the right line groups. My username is terah_nf Scoresheets: Griddle Nuthouse Update your scores every week, so we can see who's winning Rules for the pvp: Update your scores in the scoresheet before Tuesday, otherwise your score will be "0".Unless specifically mentioned: all items can be collected during the whole challenge, and don't have to be consecutive. So for example drinking just coffee/water/tea for 7 days can be 1 day in week 1, 3 days in week 2 and 3 days in week 4.An other example: you walk 2,5 km on Monday and 2,5 on Friday. Now you can cross off the "walk 5 km's"Everything you do counts for one of the items. So if you walked 10 km's, you can just cross off the 10 km's, not also the 5 km's. If you bike 15 km's it only counts for the biking challenge, not also for the cardio one. But if you, for example, are reading a book during your biking session you hit the biking goal AND the reading goal. Every challenge can be completed 4 times maximum per team. Each time you complete one of the challenges you'll get one point.And most importantly: HAVE FUN
  21. Terah

    Terah - Let it go

    Challenge 9 Ready to ace this challenge! Food Stick to the No S diet. Get at least 4 500 Kcal days. strength Strength training twice a week. Konmari Konmari all the things! (for 30 min a week) Learning Spent 4 hours on the history course in the kahn academy and learning Spanish on dualingo.
  22. Welcome to the battle of the breakfast doodlies! This pvp is for doodlies only. Sign up sheet next challenge PVP rules We won't do the scavenger hunt next challenge, but keep the pvp format as is. That means: 1 challenge every week where we compete for the honor of the doodlies. The 4 challenges are: - Strength challenge by Doc January 4 - 10 - Strike a pose (yoga) by Riverleaf January 11 - 17 - Ingredient challenge by Rab January 18 - 24 - Appreciate the self challenge by Def January 25 - 29 Challenge description Score sheets: - The Griddle Universe - The Nuthouse Universe
  23. We are the Doodlies of The Nuthouse Universe Sign up sheet next challenge Happy new year my lovely Nuthouse Doodlies! 2016 Will be our year. At the end of this year we will be stronger, healthier and sexier (for as far as that is possible). We are the bestest, greatest and craziest accountability group here at Nerd Fitness! You can find the score sheet here. Go ahead and follow each others threads. Leave a comment letting them know they have your support this challenge. You are encouraged to follow only the Nuthouse doodlies. Off course you are free to follow other doodlies, but that can be overwhelming pretty fast. Def and Scott are just here to guide you, but they are pancakes at hart and will return to just being pancakes once they have thought you how to be a true doodlie. Follow them if you please, but you don't have to. Don't forget to post the link to your thread in the sign up sheet, so everyone can follow you. Cheer each other on when they have something to celebrate, create a perkele party when someone is struggling and needs to respawn by posting random dance gifs in there thread. Ask for help if you need it. Your mom and dad (Def and Scott) are here to guide you through this challenge. And off course you are always free to send me a PM if you have questions. The pvp thread will do for now as our Head Quarters. Next challenge I will create a separate challenge thread in stead of a pvp thread to function as our Head Quarters. We are the doodlies, let me hear you roar!
  24. We are the Doodlies of The Griddle Universe Sign up sheet next challenge Happy new year my lovely doodlies of the Griddle! 2016 Will be our year. At the end of this year we will be stronger, healthier and sexier (for as far as that is possible). We are the bestest, greatest and craziest accountability group here at Nerd Fitness! You can find the scoresheet here. The pvp thread will do for now as our Head Quarters. Next challenge I will create a separate challenge thread in stead of a pvp thread to function as our Head Quarters. Put the link to your challenge thread in the scoresheet, so we are able to find you. We are the doodlies, let me hear you roar!
  25. Sorry - This PVP is for Doodlie Accountibility Group only A three week break is upon us and Doodlies never forsake Doodlies. Let us come together and support each other through this time by Facing Off and destroying one another. *cough* *cough*. I mean, let us support each other in a friendly competition... The Face Off will work like this - 1. Sign up here 2. Each Sunday I will randomly pair up those participating for the week. I will also randomly draw one of our previous Doodlie challenges. 3. Each player will design 2 personal goals of their own to be measured in percentage. 4. Keep track of your scores on the sign up sheet. 5. The winner for each Face off is determined by combining the three scores for an overall percentage. We'll keep track of wins and losses. 6. Each Sunday I will redraw for a new Face-Off. You will battle a different person each week.
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