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  1. Okay so I had it all worked out... then I went back and re read one of my favorite bloggers posts: You Manage What You Measure-Fitness Edition and stumbled accross this article from Inc: 12 Things People Regret Most Before They Die Largely I know what I need to do to get to where I want to be. I know I need to care more about what I eat, I need to gain strength (in injured areas and over all) and I need to start doing things because they matter to me, they're things I want to do and not care so much about what everyone else thinks! Also 2017 was a year of not feeling great, being tired a lot, and a lot of doctor appointments because of these things. Hoping this is the year we get things figured out (have a follow up with my doctor on the 26th, we'll see how that goes) So: You manage what you measure- Will probably be tracking more on google docs than on here day to day, but used Thriftygal's generic resolution chart and added my own. 2018 Goal Tracker Make a to do list: I have a note book, I am a some what a bullet journal person, Kind of do my own version of it, but it only works if I use it. Between work, life and school starting up again I know I need to get back in the habit. Got a smaller notebook so it would fit in more bags I have, not sure on the size, should know by the end of this month. Weekend to do lists- Can make on off Friday's for the weekends, Saturdays on working Fridays. Take Vitamins: Not hard, just need to Water: I've had this off and on in challenges since I started. Super easy check off when I track, I seem to hardly drink water when I don't track Food experiment: Less sugar- hopefully less headaches and feeling better? Normally I"m not a huge sugar person but this holiday season has been pretty bad, and so have the headaches Reading/Mediating: Do one of these every day, or both! Oddly in challenges past this has been one of the hardest things. First book of the year is going to be "Start" by Jon Acuff, then probably followed up by his book "Finish" and Michael Hyatts Your Best Year Ever (noticing a theme?) Cleaning: If I do one small thing every day it means less time on the weekends with hours and hours of cleaning = less work and cleaner house = less stress because of dirty house Movement: The goal is 25 sessions over 5 weeks. to count it needs to be at least 20 mins if it's yoga or otherwise 30 mins. see note below about movement Weigh in: Not super worried about the weight in some ways, but it is a way to track progress. I'll be tracking it on my fitness pal. but weighing in to make sure it's on a downward trend. This also might tie into tracking food at least a few times a week, but that is TBD. Side Hustle: Thinking about getting an Etsy store up and running, doing salt and sugar scrubs, might branch out to a few other things depending on the status of sewing. Did a bunch of scrubs for Christmas Sewing: This is somewhat dependent on me getting a machine up and running, but I would like to do some sewing once a week, it's relaxing and I have some projects I want to work on: see note below about sewing projects Movement notes: A lot of my working out isn't a set program at least for now, but would like to get in some of the following. I do start phsyical therapy for my back on 1/2 but have fallen out of pratice with my knee rehab stuff too. Physical Therapy- need to keep up with the home program Walking- Normally twice a week with my mom Gym time- Would like to go 1 x per week to work on TRX stuff and cardio home workout- P90x, P90x3, Nerd Fitness Yoga, bike trainer, basically there's options bike ride- would like to get 2 weekend rides in during the challenge Swim- Gym pool will be open, but looking like no club swim this month. I also want to get back into moving more at work instead of sitting for hours on end. I sit at a desk a lot, so I want to start getting up and moving more. Main things to do are push ups using the desk, balance work, dips on the chair. Ideally I'll be doing some sort of movement every hour, just working on reminders/tracking. 2018 movement goals: do an unassisted pull up swim 50 yards of butterfly without stopping Sewing stuff: Some of my "sewing time" at least until I figure out what is up with my machine, or learn how to use the other one, might be getting ready for some costuming projects. Ren Faire is coming up, and finally going to do my Rebel Legion and 501st stuff going. Most likely Jawa since I can use for both, and the female tusken raider looks complicated. But I have been going back through my pilot costume research and Jedi research as well. Some of it will come down to costs as well (I know there is quite a bit for the Pilots I would have to buy)
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