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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, it's Grumble! Your best friend, your OP, and your... not so messy guy. In previous challenges, I have been focused on result oriented goals. And it's kinda worked. But has more often than not been coming up short. At least in my head. Which is where the best things happen. In your head. Obviously. This challenge is going to be a bit different for me then. I'm going to be doing more...introspection? Talking? I dunno. This working on intangible shit is new to me. It's going to be an evolving challenge as I figure out what I'm doing/need to do. During every interlude of The Adventure Zone's Balance arc, they conistently do three things. Conduct their character leveling; go to Fantasy Costco and make trade with Garfield, the Deals Warlock; and get yelled at talk to Lucretia, the Director. I will be Loosely interpreting these over the next 4 weeks, at least. Leveling Up In my continued quest to get this eating shit on point, I will be stealing a page from some rangers and reading Inutitive Eating. I'll also be starting the workbook if it fits in order, or I'll save that for next challenge. We'll see. Additionally, I deal with cravings, and will be experimenting with a couple of different things to see about staunching those cravings *Gives sugar the side eye* Dealing with Garfield Year of Clean continues, now with extra wheels and deals! We're beginning to hit a point where the cleaning is not just "It's a mess and nothing is where its supposed to be. Let's get rid of it." and is evolving to "When was the last time you/I/We used that? But it's sentimental/it's an heirloom/it's a whirling dervish." SO in that vein I will be working with Mrs G in not only getting rid of stuff, but also keeping something that have meaning to us as a couple or individual. Not everything, not even a good portion of it. We made huge headway this last month, but I caught my wife ignoring a couple of boxes I have been bugging her about since we moved in... almost 4 years ago now. This is why this will take all year. Because we are human and are imperfect. Explaining Myself to the Director Turns out I am not always right in the head. I know, this may come as a shock to many of you, but its true! One of the things that I will be working on this challenge is talking about things that make my brain go fuzzy. I didn't take @CourtnieMarie or @farflight up on their offer to chat last challenge, but if that's still open it may change. This one's gonna be hard. I like living in my head.
  2. There's been a murder on the tracks! My weight loss has been cut down in a brutal attack of parties and sugar cravings. So the obvious answer is to stop eating... Right? Ok. Ok. bad idea. Maybe I could talk to the steward for some assistance? Shit no. That bowtie just screams evil. Alright, I guess I have to do this myself. Fine. Using Spell Slots I have a finite number of calories I should be consuming in a day. 2312 to be exact. (I did like 8 TDEE calculators and that was the mean of all of them) I'm pretty good at tracking, but not so good at tracking on time. I end up doing a lot of it at the end of the day. And while I have a pretty solid grasp on what most things will cost me, I still get sidetracked and miss some stuff or don't add everything in, especially with recipes, and my calorie totals end up being a lie. So my goal for this is to track my calories as they happen instead of grouped together and suddenly I'm 1500 calories over. I am including parties. So everything I eat will be tracked and once I am at cap I'm done whether I want to eat or not. Scuttle Buddy: @Taddea Zhaan has kindly offered to bug me and let me bug her to remind to track as appropriate, so I will be noting every time I get bugged after I have missed tracking as expected. Getting Rid of Old Silverware Continuing my Year of Clean, Mrs G and I have come to the conclusion that we don't schedule well. I'm kind of an impulsive cleaner, and I don't deal well with scheduling cleaning. She is the same way, but she can clean longer while I just clean bigger. What's been happening so far has been working, at least for me, and I am going to continue that path until something breaks. Bringing the Murderer to Justice Things I am not good at. Following through. In an interesting note, doing a full year of these challenges has really helped me with that particular aspect of my life. But it's still got a ways to go. I do it with work, school, home projects, even video games and tv shows. These next 4 weeks I will be writing down things I need to do in my commonplace book and leaving reminders in my calendar to follow up on them.
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