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Found 5 results

  1. New challenge to be found on a later post.... For Bouncer's Golden-Eye Dragon Curse Challenge. More info on old challenge below: Bouncer has a Spreadsheet challenge put aside.
  2. I have free time at work... so I'm using it write the new post. Work = Rec and Park Internship where I get to try out the "manager role/admin duties". I'm a Rec and Park undergrad finishing up my degree with this internship. Will be working until Fall, but getting my degree in August (yay!) Internship is going great, like seriously "perfect Internship I couldn't even dream of level". Especially during crazy pandemic still continuing. Downside, I'm no longer in a physical job. Upside I am taking advantage of a normal job routine, and live in a place where its quite a bit less stressful. So taking advantage of the situation as I'm getting this groggy after work, continuing weight loss... I just passed the 20 lb milestone, for 2021! This challenge is definitely going to be a grind on creating habits (may finally have to read the habits book...) Keeping at if even if my job blew out my brain a bit... Routines: This is a hate/love relationship right here... Morning and Bedtime routines. Hoping to find a good "routine" to check off of every morning and night. No screens after 8: Find I tend to go to bed faster or finish things up when I put the phone away at 8. YNAB: Doing something on the app once per a day gives me a point. A budgeting software I tried on and off for years. I was on the fence for this goal, but honestly this is a goal to get handled where I hope to master. I have some money habits I would like to get in check, especially as of the many unknowns after graduating this August. No Screens with meals: This was on top of my list from my Naturopath... I can do this, it is not as hard as it was 5 years ago (where my mind was my enemy). I just need a reward... Going to add eating and driving, since I realized eating a pack of nuts and lara bar before driving home might do me better than driving home. Bonus: Working out: I have Ring Fit, I have trails I need to walk on my own time... just making the time to do it will help. Meal Prep: I'm actually giving myself a point for every meal I prep in advance. Allowing myself frozen dinners, but getting this in would hit my goals better. Myfitnesspal: I don't hate it as much as I used to, find it less stressful then YNAB actually. Right now using it for "checking in" tool. ' Since I'm earning full time pay, my hope is to turn my goals into points... that I can cash out when I hit a goal. First goal: Oats Overnight... started eyeing them for breakfast or a bed time snack. Will see if I like them.... Also I actually need to watch this show.....
  3. It's that time of year here in MN! This time of year has been the hardest, with or without school. Last year, it whizzed by with little problem (except for my dad passing away, that was a whole other thing). I was able to get through it with my support and my own car. Just need to a little grinding with my goals and tracking. The Long Dark Game By the end of the challenge, the winds of Spring will be coming (even if snow does stick around through March). While also getting through Spring break. Now with my Dad's death anniversary (March 9th) coming up(dark memories surfacing) and me working on narrowing down on my goals i want to work in the next 38 Challenges here's what I came up with: Main: (Life) Meditate/Journal Daily (Hoping to get 30 this challenge) One Pomodoro of Schoolwork each day (on my own) (Hoping to do 30) YNAB Side : Nutrition - A daily Green Shake (the one thing that stabalizes my blood sugar and helps bring me a better idea with food). Fitness - Tracking walking through GoogleFit on phone (Walking to Mordor?) Reward If I update with weekly counts of each (better if I update daily), I'll get this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0779SKCXW/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_i_zodpEb6X1GH5P (A cheaper tracker). I've been wanting a fitbit since before NF, but I'm worried I'll get bored or break it. This one I found through a friend that is half price of the kids fitbit. FIgured it will be the trial one before I buy brand name. Since any tracker connecting to my phone will make it easier to track, since many times I have to let my phone charge when I get home. Again big on tracking and finding my way through the grind. This is my survival. I have this semester and Fall before I do my internship next year. School work is my daily job outside of my two jobs. Priortizing it for the next few months will help! My wolf fights is daily with school to get those points I need. Wish I had more brain space... but a cool way to kind of theme it. Also will be looking up my old challenges... maybe have a write up. Curious on how others are doing it. 4.5 years probably not going to find a whole lot.
  4. We are here! At our first 2016 challenge! I am excited to start off the year with the rebellion and see where the year takes us all. Since this is a leap year and leap years are full of awesomeness and an extra day, my spirit animal shall be the Unicorn. I will let it guide me through this year with all its glittery splendor. Let's get this pony unicorn on the road! Goal #1: Eat the Rainbow, Be the Rainbow For this goal, I would like to eat a vegetable rainbow per day. This includes frozen, canned and fresh vegetables. I will track with pictures what my daily intake of colorful veggies is. Grades- A: 22-28 Rainbows for entire challenge B: 17-21 Rainbows for entire challenge C: 11-16 Rainbows for entire challenge D: 10 or less Rainbows for entire challenge Goal #2: Turn this Fabulous Fatness into Fabulous Fitness For this goal, I would like to log in at least 30 minutes of activity per day. I plan on tracking this with RunKeeper. For this month, it might mostly be walking, but it will most definitely count! Grades- A: 22-28 30-minutes of Activities Logged B: 17-21 30-minutes of Activities Logged C: 11-16 30-minutes of Activities Logged D: 10 or less 30-minutes of Activities Logged Goal #3: Become a Sea Unicorn For this goal, I am focusing on my water intake during my weekends. I do great at work, I drink at least 10 cups of water, but during the weekends, I am lucky if I get 3. This contributes a lot to my overindulgence during the weekend and I would like to drink more instead of eat more. My goal is to get the recommended 8 cups of water per day during my weekends. Grades- A: 6 Days where goal was met B: 5 Days where goal was met C: 4 Days where goal was met D: 3 or less Days where goal was met Goal #4: Magical Money Management After much denial, I decided to try out You Need A Budget and try to adult in regards to my money. I just started and it's a bit overwhelming. I have signed up to do a couple of classes this week to learn a little bit more about the program in an attempt at being as successful as possible. This will be a Pass/Fail goal. I am very optimistic that it will be a PASS! I will update as much as possible. May this be a magical journey for all!
  5. Introduction: I posted an introduction in the newbie forums, and I think it's a really fun look into who I am and where I'm at--it even includes pictures from our game-themed wedding. The thread can be found HERE. In a nutshell, I'm 27, overweight, and unhappy about that fact. Struggles include a "bad back" and lazy gamer tendencies. Main Quest: Lose 65 pounds overall, to make it to goal weight of 180. Quest 1: Pack a Paleo lunch 5 days per week. We eat out a lot, and eat quite a few carbs, and spend quite a bit of money. This should help with all of the above. Measurement: A = Packed lunch, 30 days, B = Packed lunch, 25 days, C = Packed lunch, 20 days Reward: A = +3 WIS, +2 CON, B = +2WIS, +1 CON, C = +1WIS Quest 2: Complete Physical Therapy 5 days per week. This is a recommendation to rehabilitate my back, so there's really no compromise, here. Measurement: A = 30 days therapy, B = 25 days therapy, C = 20 days therapy Reward: A = +3 STR, B = +2 STR, C = +1 STR Quest 3: Go for a walk, 15+ minutes daily. I'm fairly sedentary, so this will help start building the habit. Measurement: A = walked 15+, 30 days, B = walked 15+, 25 days, C= walked 15+, 20 days Reward: A = +3 STA, B = +2 STA, C = +1 STA Life Quest: Get out of debt Goal 1: Track expenses in YNAB every day Measurement: A = 42 days, B = 36 days, C = 30 days Reward: A = +2 CHA, B = +1CHA, C = +0.5 CHA Motivation: I'm tired of being ashamed of my body, and more-so, I'm tired of being in pain daily. Losing weight will help with both of these.
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