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Found 2 results

  1. Hello evrybody, My long term goal is to loose 4 kg and fit back into a size 38 (French, which is UK 10 and US 8). My goals for this 6-week challenge are : Go back to doing 3 NF workouts a week Go for 3 30-minute walks a week Go back to eating vegetables with every meal My life side quest is to get my house more organized and clean, within these six weeks I want to tackle the study and the bedroom (on top of what I have gotten organized and am keeping clean for the moment). Or to get a more positive attitude in general !! I am a Recruit I am on NF since February this year. I am a 54 year old Belgian woman who is trying to get in the best shape she can to be ready for old age. By this I mean that I want to stay fit and lean and flexible and active as long as I can. I want to enjoy my life when I get older and don’t want to give up activities I enjoy because of avoidable health problems (a lot has been taken from me already due to breast cancer about 13 years ago). I love hiking, cycling, dancing, singing, swimming and so many other things and my deepest wish is that I can keep doing all those things till I leave this world !! I know I will not be able to if I don’t fix my condition right now. So ….. My mother was quite heavy and had problems with her heart rhythm and her knees and my eldest sister is also a heavy woman with problems with her feet, psoriasis and high blood pressure though she isn’t 65 yet !! These two images are frightening to me and I don’t want to go down that road !! But I have had a desk job in IT for 8 years or so (before that I was also working in IT but not glued to my desk like I am now). Moreover, sitting on the couch and watching TV is what I normally do in the evenings and it is very hard to get up and do something else. I only get active over the weekends and during my holidays. Watching my diet is easier. I eat a lot of vegetables as is and since I’ve started NF I hardly eat any carbs at all. But I have a weakness for wine and pretty regularly I get these ‘wrong’ evenings during which I stuff myself with almost everything I can find. My history with exercise is a love-hate relationship. Once I get started I love it and I have been a member of several fitness clubs in my life. I tend to go all out but I always give up after a while. Sometimes it’s a long while, but nevertheless. So, this time I want to hang in there until it is all a habit. Unfortunately the form of exercise I really love, which is dancing, is very hard for me to do, because I don’t have a dancing partner !! I was on the right track with NF until we went on holiday and went for long hiking trips so there was no time left for NF workouts. Unfortunately, since we got back, being tired and having no time have been the excuses to not pick it up again. That’s the main reason why I want to join this six week challenge, because this time I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP !!! I hope that some of you will take an interest and keep me accountable for what is happening with me, NF wise !! As a report for the first week I have nothing to report. I have to find the courage to get up and do something !!!
  2. I have a yo-yo relationship with fitness. It's either full bore, Insanity/P90X addict, or couch potato. The first generally leads to burnout or injury, which leads to the second, which tends to linger until my pants are too tight, which then sends me back to to the first. Rinse and repeat. My ultimate (for now) goal is to build consistency of habit without the extremes; a sane, geek-based approach that keeps me motivated. For me, that means visualizing myself as a kick ass assassin/swashbuckler/ranger who climbs the walls of the castle in the dark of night, subdues the guard and opens the gates to awesomeness. I'm not sure what actual exercise routine that translates into yet. Mission 1: Exercise 5x wk. It does not have to be Insanity or p90X, or an hour long slog-fest. A walk-run, hike, or yoga counts, too! (This may be obvious to some of you, but I have some sort of block about it.) Mission 2: Reduce wheat, sugar, and dairy in my diet. Add more fruit/veggies at every meal. Less meat for meat's sake. No boxed freezer meals. Mission 3: No slamming myself for mistakes/ skipped days. Get back on the horse and keep going. Mission 4: Try a new kind of exercise class; parkour or rock climbing or barre or hot yoga or... at least 2x during the challenge. 1x a week would be bonus points. Life Goal: Schedule, study for, take, and pass the next exam in my licensure series.
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