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Found 3 results

  1. I am doing the exact same challenge as last time. ok, so maybe I don't want to be THIS big... but I DO want to be strong enough to do this easily. Short story: There is NOTHING like doing a few Kino MacGregor videos when you are 259lbs to make you realize just how weak and out of shape you are. (except I lost 10 lbs last challenge, so now it's 250...but still) Over the last 10 years, I have addressed and dealt with a lifetime of trauma and abuse, and changed dramatically, but also gained 100 lbs. The last 2 years have been about coming to grips with the fat me and loving myself despite what my body looks like...and just recently I turned a HUGE corner with that, and it's time to move on to the next phase of becoming who I want to be (and she isn't a princess...weird!) and that person is not 260 lbs and someone who plays video games all day long to cope with life. She is an active, fun, happy person who can do anything she wants with her body and loves her life. So it's time to get un-weak and un-out of shape and un-fat. So it's time to get strong, because getting strong will build muscle, increase my metabolism and help me lose fat and be able to do the things I want to do, but I am also going to be addressing cardio and flexibility, because you don't get to be a super yogi who can run whenever she wants, without doing those things. I am planning to keep the same 4 year-long goals I started last challenge, but the exercise portion will be a mix of yoga, cardio and strength and I am going to cold turkey sugar and dairy, seriously! I realized I am not capable of small steps with stuff like that and it happening, and it's not about my emotional health, so it's not going to screw up my head. I didn't quit drinking or smoking or drugs a little at a time, I said "no more" and walked away and never looked back. This has to be the same. TL;DR-- Goal Summary 1. Consistent Wake Up/Bedtime 2. Consistent Exercise Routine 3. Consistent Cooking Dinner 4. Read 2 Yoga Centric books this challenge 5. Cold Turkey Sugar & Dairy
  2. Dear new-comers to yoga, Hello! I am a soon-to-be certified yoga instructor; my official license comes at the end of the month. My styles is based on cultivating complete body+mind awareness and increased strength, flexibility, stamina, and focus. Many of my routines alternate and often combine elements of deep muscular restorative, yin yoga and strengthening, flow-based asana. If you have any questions about yoga, whether you are just starting out or even stuck in a yogic rut, come on over and give me a message! I want to help out as many people as I can; you DON'T have to be flexible to be able to practice yoga. If you can breathe, you can do yoga, as my mentor says. So please, don't be shy, ask away! Do you want to know how yoga can enhance your routine? Make you a better lifter, a better runner, a better person? Or are you just dying to know how to hold that backbend? Again, drop me a message, and I'll be more than welcome to lend you a hand! All the best, Sam (It is also a privilege to be able to join the ranks of the Nerd Fitness Army; my intro can be found here:Don't Slay This Dragon…)
  3. Hi. Sorry if there's a thread on this already, i tried to search... I am new to NF and wll be doing my first challenge soon: my main goal for the year will be to do the CPAT test and overall in life is a move towards sustainability. I dont do yoga now, but have always appreciated it and have done a few classes in the past. I'd like to start. I dont meditate although I am a farmer and like to hike, both at which I tend to fall into what I can only descibe as a meditative state, which i love. I am trying to come up with classes/group activities which I would like to do to get me out and working-out, this is a bit of a challenge b/c I live in a village where my options are limited. For yoga I have an option of a class which is one hour per week ($8/class) which is run by a friend who is very nice and presumably it is a nice social time. My other option is to goto my neighbour and ask her to be my yogini (is that the word?) - She is...intense. And would be a teacher more n line with classic hindi (language and all). She's 84 (I think) and lives/breathes yoga. She takes students on for free, in any discipline (I have a friend who does chanting with her who thinks its great) - I'd be doing posures. Here's the thing - I'm fairly terrified of having a yoga teaher being so close. The dissapointment if you dont succeed, the emotional closeness, the 1-1 aspect being so, I dont know, personal. Does anyone have this with a teacher? Do they like it? Do you get a lot out of the group/social classes? thanks for any help!
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