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Found 2 results

  1. Mistr

    Mistr makes time

    Mistr Makes Time Challenge 32 I've been thinking about the things I'm struggling with. They all come down to me being unhappy about how what I want to do matches up with what I actually do. I used to think this was a time management problem. Now I think that is the wrong approach. I'm not spending much time goofing off. This is not about being more efficient. It is about thinking about time and choices from a whole different angle. Part I - Why do I want to do this? I enjoy it It will help me reach my goals It will make my life better It will make my family's life better Someone is pressuring me to do it I am making a bet that this will pay off down the line Part II - Is now the right time for this? yes - this is urgent and needs to get done yes - this is something that fits well in the time between other things yes - this task has risen to the top of my list no - I need to check with other people first no - someone else has taken responsibility for this no - this is not important enough to spend time doing now, if ever Hopefully answering these two questions will help me choose the things to do that will make me a happier camper and make my life better. I want to reduce my stress level by taking off some of the pressure to do ALL THE THINGS. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to do more things than I have time to do. At this point in my life, most of the pressure is coming from me - not other people. No one gets on my case at home if I let my cleaning tasks slide. Certainly no one complains if I don't do creative projects. My family is likely to push me to do aikido because I am a nicer person when I practice. They don't ask for much. I feel responsible all on my own. I'm not sure yet how I will track this. I'm still going to make lists so that it is easier for me to remember stuff on my wish list and see progress. I like the way @chemgeek and @Xena have been tracking tasks. TBD
  2. Heidi

    Heidi: Focus

    #Focus Sleep In the wake of the Relationship Strife, sleep has been elusive and fitful. I persist in the routine, though, and that helps. There are a lot of physical ailments coming about, and all together the symptoms seem to be pointing to a resurgence of chronic fatigue. I'm not happy about this, I can assure you. Legal The Big Honking Court Date is October 4 -- review of custody, visitation, support and divorce matters, all thrown in together. It would be lovely to have a resolution that is supportive of Vivian and her interests.I will be doing as much praying about this as I will paperwork. Daily Sauna or hot bath Daily Writing a few pages each day, hopefully finding something that can get worked on well enough to turn in for the submission due on October 1. Weekly Therapy because a week without it would be tragic. Daily Craft Reading Even if it is only a page or three, this will help hold my writing and my headspace, making what I write that much better along the way. #Acceptance leads to #patience. #Patience leads to #balance. #Balance leads to #harmony. #Harmony leads to #peace.
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