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Found 3 results

  1. OK. This will be my 6th challenge. I’ve worked on a lot of habits during past challenges, working on some more than once. The goal is to create habits so that each challenge I can build from habits already created. Instead, I am finding as soon as I focus on a new habit, I lose sight of the previous habits and lose ground. However, each time around working on a habit does usually promote some improvement in the habit after the challenge. Baby steps. The problem with this challenge is that there are too many things that I want to focus on. With that many things I can’t actually focus on any of them. A choice will have to be made but I also don’t want to sacrifice any progress already gained. Here is the list of my current goals: · Running/5K training · Strength Training – Kosama group classes, then Neila Rey? · Sleep – getting up early, hitting snooze less · Hydration – increase water, decrease diet soda · Diet – Limit dumbassery but keep it sustainable · Mobility – Work on ankle mobility and general stretching So I’ve decided to structure this challenge a little differently and try something out. If it works, then I’ll maintain this challenge structure in future challenges to keep in check on previously built habits. My main quest hasn’t changed. I ultimately am still aiming for weight loss though my focus is on function and making sustainable healthy choices. My motivation continues to be to free myself from myself and to set an example for my daughter but it is evolving. Rather than trying to get away from what I was, I feel like I am starting to be drawn towards what I will become.
  2. Welcome back Team #ZAP! Ready for round 2? I know some folks are graduating to specific guilds for this go, but you're still welcome here. Hope to see some new folks, too. Team sign up can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnL943o3CTUvdFd4NWpFcnZnMzJFWjVDRVczVUpaakE#gid=4 Let's make the most of the next six weeks! -DL Note: There are a bunch of changes to the challenge structure this round. Be sure to check out the revised rules. #ZAP Team Challenges: DefiantlyLiterateUriShadowstormTefindenoDrCalcartMusicalgal123LizPirateRowanwolftraabitBullisharcheryassassin (no post yet)MrgsoKrebsicleWriterGurlNusuthLoanna
  3. The Story So Far... I have spent the last two years here at Nerd Fitness (as of 6/30/2013) and it's my internet home. In the first 6 months of my stay, I lost 50 pounds, but unfortunately this last year of my life has been the hardest ever: divorce, depression, and some gained weight. I'm now on my way back down to 10% body fat, killing zombies, riding my bicycle to work twice a day (9 miles each), taking Krav Maga classes, and becoming a true zombie-killing urban ranger. Stats Age: 26 Weight: 210 BF: 23% Height: 5' 11" Current Goals Ease back into paleo.Krav MagaBikingPaying off debt.Zombie Apocalypse Epic Quest List Updated 7/5/13
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