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Found 8 results

  1. Ok, seriously. If you haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War and you don't like spoilers ....... move along ....
  2. My last challenge was kind of a disaster, but as it was said in Batman Begins, "Why do we fall?" I think this challenge is going to be more focused on getting into a groove. I also think that I wasn't really being active on this forum and utilizing the community for support. The idea of an alternative meal prep was also pretty bad because I underestimated my laziness. So anyway, here are my new goals: Fitness Goals 1. Improve Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu has been described as being a marathon, not a sprint. Taking this into account, I've decided to set my goal to a minimum of two classes a week. I feel that two is good for easing back into things after almost a month of being out of the gym. Three would give me growth. Anything more would be extra credit. So, I plan to improve Jiu-Jitsu by increasing my attendance. A - >3 Classes/Week B - 3 Classes/Week C - 2 Classes/Week 2. Run a 10 minute mile. I have never really been into running. Throughout school I was considered fast despite the fact that I never finished a mile in under 30 minutes. I did slack and end up walking for the most part, but I want to add running into my non-existent fitness regimen. So, I plan to use the Zombies Run! App and go for runs at the same frequency of attending Jiu-Jitsu classes with the addition that I'll run a mile at the end of the week to check my progress. Grading will be based on my timed runs. A - > 10 Min. Mile B - 10 Min. Mile C - 10:01 - 11 Minute Mile Nutrition 1. Meal Prep The last challenge, I planned to prep all my food and cook my food the day I eat it. I have the time, but I'm also lazy. So, I'm going back to meal prepping the more traditional way and cook everything on Sunday for the week. I'll cook meals taking into account that I'm probably going to eat out once during the week and once on the weekend. While I won't put any restrictions on what I'm going to eat when I go out, I won't call them cheat meals as I'd still like to try to get a health-ish option. Life Goal 1. Get a job. I was able to pass the tests to get my A+ Certification. So, I'm going to try to get a job in everything I qualify for. Accounting as well as IT. So I plan to put in two applications each day. Hopefully something sticks because I would like to feel less like a free loader when my wife has to go to work and I'm unemployed.
  3. This is basically a redux of February, tweaked slightly! 1) Bodyweight and C25K rotation I started a weekly routine last week (though I skipped yesterday for reasons relating to the annual spring dog poop clean up and have a double session today... Sometimes being an adult interferes). Monday, Thursday, Saturday - C25k. Zombies, Run! version Sunday, Wednesday, Friday - BW Routine (taking from startbodyweight.com) as set up on google docs BW consists of - Squat progressions, Pull up progressions, Handstand pushup progressions, Leg raise progressions, Dip/Pushup Progressions (alternate session for these, thank the deities, fuck you dips!), horizontal pull progressions, and plank progressions. I'm also currently starting each session with deadlifts, but as I add more weight I won't continue doing them every session. 2) Adulting Redux Still need to sort clothes Still need to sort books Vacuum once a week Water House plants once a week Need to start outside yardwork, but I'll have to think on how I want to tackle all of this (and weather can still interfere!) 3) Pet care! Tis time for the spring shedding bonanza! Brush the dogs and the cats once a week (do the dogs outside if nice enough). Walk both the dogs 2 times a week. Dedicate 15 minutes a night to playing with cats, either with laser pointer or lure. Cuddle with all nightly (not like this doesn't happen anyway )
  4. Raise the gates! Covering fire and… go! Welcome to Abel Township, though I suppose your arrival here has been in under less than ideal circumstances, but what’s ideal anymore anyway? The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and to make matters more complicated, someone shot the chopper you were riding when you were coming to Abel out of the sky with a rocket launcher. Abel is now your home, and to earn your keep, you take on the mantle of Runner 5 to do what runners need to do to help survive this waking nightmare. Over the next six weeks, we’re going to help you become the best Runner 5 you can possibly be. Every Monday I’ll post a (optional!) challenge, but we can also use this as a forum to babble about the characters and plot and other features of the Zombies, Run! apps, too. This accountabilibuddy group is open to users of both the main Zombies, Run! app and the Zombies, Run! 5K app. A couple of ground rules: Support each other and be respectful! Weekly challenges are optional. Please be sure that you are able to complete your own goals before taking on any of these! Put all spoilers under a spoiler cut! ([ spoiler ]spoilers here[ /spoiler ], minus the space inside the brackets) And make sure to mark up to what mission you’re posting spoilers about. That way people still in season 1 won’t get spoiled for what happens in season 2 or 3, etc. The only assumption that's safe to make is that we all went through the very first mission Jolly Alpha Five Niner since it's in both the main app and the 5K app.If interested, please sign up with a link to your challenge thread so we can support you, note which app (main or 5K) you're using and your progress thus far, and if you want a link to your Zombies, Run! user page. Don't forget to also sign-up on the spreadsheet here! We're under Cross-Guild since I know more than just Scouts and Rangers and Level 1's use the app! Members 18ck (main app) Challenge | ZombieLink Amdhiel (5K app) Challenge | ZombieLink Artemis12 (5K app) Challenge | ZombieLink BarefootDawsy (main app) Challenge | ZombieLink blkhole24601 (main app) Challenge | ZombieLink Crowgirl Challenge | ZombieLink Dizz (main app) Challenge | ZombieLink Gutshot (main app) Challenge | ZombieLink Jaz Xiao Long (5K app) Challenge | ZombieLink madambones (5K app) Challenge | ZombieLink Raidne (5K/main app) Challenge | ZombieLink Rooks (main app) Daily Log | ZombieLink Mini-Challenges Week 1: We're a Family at Abel Week 2: Dr. Myers' Recommendation Week 3: Your Very Own W.G. Week 4: Seriously, Don't Eat Zombies Week 5: TBD Week 6: TBD
  5. a>run "kailer's_email" Main Quest: Lose 40 pounds by my 26th birthday in 5 months (Current Progess: -26 lbs) Goal 1 – Homestar Runner 3 runs per week Finish ZR5K, then move on to Zombies, Run! 18 points possible, full at 16, half at 14 2 STA, 2 STR Goal 2 – Bubs Concession Stand Whole42 42 points possible, full at 40, half at 30 2 WIS, 2 CON EDIT: I will allow myself 3 diet sodas per week. We all know I've been struggling with diet recently and I think I still need this little cheat. If I find I'm not losing weight (or having other adverse reactions) I will reconsider. I will tackle the diet soda issue in a later challenge. Goal 3 – Trogdor The Burninator Burninate fat by staying active 2 times a week by burninating the countryside, the peasants, the peoples, and their thatch-roof cottages! Oooor.. any other non-running recreation. Feel free to E-mail me below with suggestions, but I reserve the right to DELETE THEM. 12 points possible, full at 10, half at 8 3 DEX Life Goals: The Poopsmith Clean up the house!! In addition to the Dino Chores, one point will be awarded for each night on which there are no dishes in the sink. 1 pt. per night – 42 points possible Teen Girl Squad – Cheerleader Hey guys, let’s go get ready to LOOK SO GOOD! Seriously, seriously, seriously, stop putting make up on at work. One point for every day it goes on before leaving the house 1 pt. per work day – 30 points possible 72 total points in Life Goals, full at 65, half at 55 4 CHA The Cheat The Cheat sneaks under the radar and throws bonus point raves. These bonus points can be applied anywhere to help boost poor scores. - 1 point per week on which grocery shopping comes in under $75 - 1 point per week on which I get a perfect Dino Chores score We start officially on 6/9/14! I will be updating until then (I am going to use the next 5 days as practice days ) I will update this post on Monday with starting stats.
  6. Welcome back, Rebels! As before, this group has unlimited membership and is open to all guilds. I'd especially like to encourage L1 Rebels who are interested to join up with us and make some friends. This group focuses on improving running endurance or pace using a C25K program or any other kind of app like Zombies, Run! - I've also heard tale of apps that match your pace with music! Please make sure to let us know how you're doing with your app (staying on schedule? Setting new Personal Records?) so we can be here to encourage and support one another. And don't be skimpy on the high-fives when someone else hits a milestone! Alright, rebels. Let's get to running!
  7. Hey everyone! I noticed that this challenge LOTS of people are using C25K and Zombies, Run! to meet their goals. I just started Zombies, Run! myself Here is a place to get together for advice, support, and congrats! Hopefully we can all keep one another on schedule, as well. This thread is open to all guilds, and I especially want to welcome the Level One Rebels to this thread. Getting involved with an Accountabilibuddies Group is a great way to smash your first Challenge! So, tell us where you are in your journey! Have you set an Personal Records (PRs) during your journey with your chosen app? Find any specifically difficult segments? I have to run for now... no really... RUN!
  8. Quest: Build up Abel Township while training for 1/2 marathon and building overall healthy habits.TrackTrack caloric intake 3 days a week for the first 3 weeks. Then track caloric intake & hit goal calories 3 days a week for the last 3 weeks.CookPrepare a healthy, fast, cheap, vegetarian recipe in bulk 1x a week. Post the food porn and review here.TrainFollow training plan weight training/swimming 1x week, biking 1x week, running 2x week.CareGo out of my way to do something nice for others at least 1x a week.
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