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  1. Ho there, Runner Fives! Or would that be Runners Five? Either way, all Abel Township runners (or walkers, or bikers, or however you take your Zombies, Run!) are welcome. Sign ups can be found here, on the Cross Guild tab. Stay safe out there!
  2. I'm very new to the NF community and while I'm not sure the 6-week challenge format will work for me I'm hoping it will at least help me make some friends here. My theme for the challenge is The Blank Canvas. I've always been very bad at goal-setting because I'm easily paralysed by indecision and the enormity of committing to any one path, and that reminds me of the terror of a blank canvas or blank page. So this is me dipping a tentative toe in the goal-setting waters. Main Missions To run 5K shod without stopping or slowing to a walk by the end of January. To run 1K non-stop barefoot by th
  3. And the number of dwarves is seven. So far during challenge, I’ve come up against - kicked the ass of - and danced victoriously over the corpses of - (more than) seven dwarves of crappitude (but this is challenge cycle 7 and I’m running with this seven dwarves thing, dammit). Let’s revisit, shall we? Challenge 1: Recovered from the dreaded ‘using the holidays as an excuse to do jack shit and eat like crap’ time of year. Got back to eating right and working out twice a week. Dwarf 1: Lazy Challenge 2: Lost enough weight to just about fit back into my skinny pants, pushed mys
  4. Hello! This is my second challenge, but I only got to do four weeks of the last challenge because I started late. So, I'm here to try again from the beginning. Some of my goals and motivations are the same as those from the last challenge, but I also changed some. Main Quest My main quest is to continue to improve my overall health and fitness, and to reduce stress by exercising and meditating. Missions 1. Run 3x per week with the Zombies Run app. Grading: A - No missed days B - 1-2 missed days in a week C - 3-4 missed days in 2 weeks D - 5-6 missed days in 2 week
  5. For those that don't know (ie: follow me on Facebook), I was in a car accident on April 9. I went from 3x's/wk dumbbell workouts to not allowed to move due to a severely sprained ankle and posterial tissue damage on my right leg. In other words, I was on crutches and/or a wheel chair for 3 weeks. I took the POST exam for the Torrance, CA Police Department on May 15 and found out that day that the PAT would be June 22 for those that passed both written and oral. On May 15, I had yet to be cleared to even start back into a slow run training. Long story short, I've been released to slowly st
  6. Hey all, This is my first NF challenge, so apologies if I'm not doing this correctly. Anyways, here are my goals: Run 10k Race without stopping (STA +5) Anyone else here use the Zombies, Run! app? Makes long runs so much more fun! I've been building up my running steadily over the last two years, but am finally making steps to longer races. 10k here I come! I'm grading this one on a pass/fail basis as I either successfully run the 10k I registered for on 7/4 or I don't. Strength train 2 x week (STR +3) I've got the cardio down, but would love to build up my strength as well. My goal is t
  7. The rain fell heavily against the stone as Fear made his way up the mountain pass to where his dojo was located... The journey had been long and full of pain... It had taken it's toll on Fear, emotionally and physically... Rounding the bend, he found nothing but ruins. A fire had burned the entire place to the ground. Based on the state of things, it had been this way for some time... Fear fell to his knees, feeling that terrible loss, screaming out in rage! Why! Why had so many things, people, places that were dear to him been taken away in such a short time! "What have I done wrong!"
  8. The Scout Forum will be rocked for the next 6 weeks by a series of titanic struggles taking place in the skies overhead: Fitness #1: (pu)S(h)uperman Vs Flex Luthor: I'll be continuing with strength work from the last challenge, applying lessons from last time to my regular workouts to achieve better progress. I'll also be bringing in some flexibility work: At least 3 sessions per week, following other workouts, of stretches for scullers, mainly aimed at things I'm not so great at: neck rotation, and hamstrings, plus back mobility work to keep that bendy. Points available will be +6 divided be
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