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  1. So this is my first challenge with the Scouts This post might be a bit under construction for today/tomorrow, as I thought the challenge only started next week... Ooops... Guess that happens when life gets hectic and stressful. My main focus for this challenge is my last bit of training for my 22km Two Oceans Trail Run on 3rd April, which includes a 1000 m altitude gain. If I haven't killed myself with the trail run I will be attempting the Two Oceans Half Marathon the day after it, but I will judge how I feel. In preparing for this on the 14th March I have entered a 22km trail run on Lions Head. Quest 1: One long run a week, possibly on a side of a mountain if time permits, and then 3 shorter runs during the week. On the weekends my daughter isn't with me, it will be two long runs on successive days. Quest 2: Sleep. I need to focus on getting to bed at a decent time, and get my 8 hours of Zzzzzs. Quest 3: Eat Paleo. Eating has been a bit of a problem for me the last 6 months. Life Quest: Not sure yet, I'm sure I will figure something out.
  2. This is my first time as a scout (normally I hang out in the druid area!) Quest: Run a 5k! Why? Well there are several reasons why. The first is that I was dumped in January, and my mental self is limping along. There's not much I can do to take care of myself other than keep busy. (Most of my critical needs both practical and social are ok, even if I'm super crazy stressed over everything right now) As such, I've been scouring meetup for stuff to do, and one of the things I ran across was a nifty 5k at the end of April. I'm not much of a runner, but I decided I want to do it anyway. So there ya go, that's a decision down. I have just enough time to actually try to train, so I thought I probably should. I definitely cannot run a mile now. I looked into c25k, which conceptually should work fine for me, but all the pages on it were like WEIGHT LOSS!!1!!111! That's fine for anyone for whom weight loss is a goal, but not only is it not something I'm after, it's something I find incredibly stressing. I was disappointed until I realized that I could use the 5k version of Zombies, Run! which will take me through the running stuff without making me constantly wade through weight loss talk. And I like their stuff (I did part of season 1 just walking, because the story was cool, so I'm sort of excited about this). PLEASE NOTE: I would like people to avoid discussing weight loss in this thread. I appreciate the courtesy. Similarly, I would like to avoid discussions of food an diet, with the exception for things like: what can I eat before a run that will help me keep my energy up without upsetting my stomach. Zombies 5k is 25 episodes, so I need to figure out how I want to space that out over this challenge + most of April. I also want to keep up lifting weights at the gym (usually I go twice a week) so I need to plan plan plan. Planning is hard, should be interesting. Most of my lifting goals will be maintenance or stronger focus on arms / back, most likely. General plan for running gear: same stuff I wear to the gym. Might not be perfect, but should suffice. I'm most worried about my shoes, but I think they're designed to be running shoes anyway. Regardless, I'm not feeling up for spending money on more shoes for something that might not work out. Mostly I just need to keep and eye on the condition of my shoes so I can replace them if I start nuking them. Due to certain stress (*cough* over the breakup), I also need to try to do better with sleeping and water intake. I've been sleeping poorly, and irregularly (though not as terribly as I would have expected) and have been dehydrated for a while now. Part of sleeping is making sure I wake up on time, and oddly, eat breakfast. I used to breakfast with steadfast regularity, and now it's hit and miss, meaning I spend a ton of extra money stopping for coffee and pastries in the morning to serve as "breakfast". For sleeping: I want to wake up between 6:30 and 7 every weekday. That means I really need to be in bed by 11 whenever possible. That means I should really be getting ready for bed at 10. Getting to bed includes teeth, internet (like updating this thread). That means I need to have showered earlier in the day (I usually shower in the evening, but timing varies). Showers won't be a problem on gym / running days because I always follow stuff like that with showers. Exceptions for bed time on work nights is Thursday evenings, because I have a conflict, and will likely reach my bed at 1 am (12 if I hurry and also skip internets). Breakfast shouldn't be a problem as long as I'm waking up on time. I'm not sure if I'm going to set a wake up time for weekends. Even the bedtime is iffy due to trying to maintain a basic social life (sadly my friends are night owls). Will play that one by ear for now, but in general want to be in bed by midnight-ish on weekends and up around 8, when possible. I don't know how I want to track water intake. I am shockingly bad at just counting bottles. I am, however, really good at knowing when I'm not drinking enough water, like right now. I'll ponder this over the weekend and hopefully come up with something I will find more effective (for me personally) than just number of bottles consumed. All in all, I have quite the planning to take care of this weekend, but I'm looking forward to the weirdness of my first 5k goal eva.
  3. The Zombies are after you, better start running or you are done for. I'm about to get real with you guys... I have been lazy, full of excuses and giving up easily. I have been eating when I am not hungry and going for those bad snacks lately. Water? What is that... Juice all the way. It has made me feel like shit and I am tired of it. It has been affecting me in my horseback riding and my life... it needs to stop. These are my zombies and I am going to outrun them for this challenge. MAIN GOAL FOR THIS CHALLENGE: Lose 10lbs by April 5th Sub quests: > Minimum 15 minutes Zombies, Run (or cardio supplement) 2x/week 2x / Week = 2 Points 1x / Week = 1 Point 0x / Week = 0 Point > Minimum 2 Strength workout - Bodyweight, Resistance Bands, Swiss Ball, Kettlebell 2x / Week = 2 Points 1x / Week = 1 Points 0x / Week = 0 Point > Track that Grub (Food Journaling) 6-7 Days = 2 Points 3-5 Days = 1 Point 0-2 Days = 0 Point 6 Points = A.. You outran the zombies... this time 3-5 Points = B.. The zombies are still on your tail, pick those knees up! 0-2 Points = F.. You got eaten by Zombies... Try again LIFE QUEST: Get my head in the game...If I don't it could cost me my life. Be decisive...Be motivated...Be Confident. This part of the challenge is all about mental health and perspective. For this, I will be reading books, listening to music, speeches and basically just pumping myself up for life. If you guys are interested, these are the books I am reading currently. So I guess I could give a little blurb about myself I adore horses and I quarterboard a beautiful Belgian cross mare (non-horse people read: big female horse). I had quite a tumble off her back in October and that resulted in a torn ligament in one of my fingers which is just getting sorted out now with physio two times a week and I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon April 20th. Anyways, a lot of my goals tend to resolve around my riding and getting lighter, stronger and more stamina for that. Horses are a big part of my life, but the biggest love [aside from my boyfriend ] is my Boxer dog Rook He is just so crazy and full of life, he is definitely the best! Aside from those, I like programming, playing video games, reading and doing art. I tend to randomly post art I have done in my thread lol so don't mind that. Starting weight: 248lbs Height: 5'10'' Wish me luck <3 grawwrrrrrrrr
  4. ...and joins the Scouts Running's been on my list of things to do for, somewhat, ever. I get to a certain point in a beginners' programme, and just stop. It's never my number one goal, and other things take over. But not this time. On this challenge it's my number one. That's why I've joined the Scouts. Hello. It's also why I've signed up to a couple of races later in the year. So: 1. Run 5k without stopping - will involve finishing Zombies' Run 5k training, and starting to go to parkrun (STA - 5) 2. Yoga 3 times a week. My osteopath put me on to doyogawithme.com. They've got workouts of different lengths, focusing on different parts of the body. I'd hope to do something every day, but for a pass, it's 3 times a week. (DEX - 3)(CON - 2) 3. Meditation. It helps every other part of my life, so I must make time for it. 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. (WIS - 3)(CHA - 2) Lifewise: I'm going to sort out personal admin systems. That will partly be about morning routines, and partly working out how best to work. I'm an actor and writer, self-employed, and too often get waylaid. Systems to sort that are the way forward, so I'll be working on that this challenge. Trying some stuff out. It will also include finance: closing dormant bank accounts, shifting current account to a more ethical one, sorting out receipts for tax purposes, and putting a filing system together so that tax isn't a nightmare each year. (WIS - 2)(CON - 2) I found on the last challenge that I ended up concentrating on only one quest (doing a Whole30), which wasn't a bad thing. If the same happens this time, and I can only get one quest done, it's running. Bring it etc.
  5. Current Quest: (PART ONE) 1/5 - 1/23 - Come Back from the Dead MAIN QUEST: Back to Basics :: Don't Suck I've been AWOL for about 3 months... Sigh. I'm lucky that my reason for being AWOL is that I got VERY involved in the play I was doing, made a bunch of new friends, and subsequently did a lot of this: Time to recommit and get ready to rock! Ultimate Quest: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse NECESSARY SKILLS: I will be focusing on... STR: Fend off zombies with brawn STA: Outrun hordes for long distances DEX: Be agile and quick enough to cover rugged, varied terrain effortlessly CON: Have the supplies and means to bunker down and equip myself properly WIS: Be wicked smaht. Because zombies are dumb. CHA: Charm the pants off of handsome survivors. Steal their shit. CHALLENGE PT ONE GOALS (First 3 Weeks) At the midpoint of this challenge, I will assess, assign points, and create a new set of challenges! (5 points possible for each 1/2 challenge) 1: Money, Money, Money I am starting a new teaching job! Long-term subbing is exciting, but it means 21 days of petty pay before the big bucks kick in. I need to be frugal for the next month! - NO FAST FOOD, Not even coffee! - Pay all bills on time - Stick with the alternative 52-week challenge (deposit anywhere from $1-52 per week, each number can only be used once. This allows greater flexibility in case of car repairs or other unexpected expenses!) 2: Get Apocalypse Ready (+3 STA) - Make my new gym membership worth it! Go at least 2x a week - Do the first three weeks of Couch-to-5k! LET'S DO THIS!
  6. Holding to see if something witty comes to me this weekend... Edit: When in doubt, Internet cats. Overarching Goal Hasn't changed - still trying to get my body comp where I want it through tight-ish metrics + building strength to be able to do all the OCR-related things I want to do. I realize I *could* accomplish this goal faster by adhering to stricter weekend metrics and incorporating more intense workouts, but I'm lazy at heart - let's just stick to doing what I can do and to upping the baseline intensity level, rather than attacking a heavy-duty something all at once and fizzling out because no one's watching/my program has ended/I lose interest. Goal 1: Fitness Like always. Since I'm trying to claw my way out of a little motivation slump at the beginning of this challenge, I think I'll focus on building the toolkit of cool shit I want to be able to do. And I have a 5-miler to train-ish for on Thanksgiving. Cool Shit Toolkit Pistol Squats Real (not wall) handstands (knowing me, I'll be working on back walkovers right after) Yoga headstand Better/longer/more consistent crow + variations (like flying pigeon)Pull-up (unassisted)Chin-up (unassisted)Bow pose (better - knees up farther)Finally sitting on my damn toesFlat-heeled down dogMaybe someday finally getting into a full splitBetter, longer planksHigher quantity of push-upsMore realized dancer pose for more than a few seconds without falling Goal 2: Metrics Metrics make me happy and they work for me, so I'm sticking with them. As a refresher, my metrics are: 100 grams or under of carbs, 70 grams or over of protein, under 100 grams of fat and around 1500 calories. Water is the recommended by FitBit 64 ounces, and on the weekends I like my step count to be over FitBit’s recommended 10,000. I track food with My Fitness Pal and exercise, sleep and water with the FitBit Flex. Weight and BF are tracked with my FitBit Aria scale. FitBit. I also use a combo of FitBit + Runkeeper + Zombies, Run! To track my workouts, though I'm thinking of dropping Runkeeper and who knows what will happen when iOS8 and the new Apple Health comes out. I'm sure I'll be jumping at least some of these ships in favor of that, if it's as awesome as advertised. Goal 3: Other Shit This 'other shit' goal worked well for me last challenge. While I didn't get anything actually crossed off my list, I *did* make progress toward most of these goals. I need to continue on that track. Whittle more things out of the house - I'd like to clear enough off of a bookcase to get rid of it. Continue the leaving my house on weekdays (maybe even sometimes without my hubby) and being at least somewhat social. Work on the damn scarf I've been knitting for 2 years now. Finish before Spring? Continue streamlining my wardrobe/getting rid of shit I don't need/getting things that are too big for me altered so they're not wasting space/get the shoes I need cobbled cobbled.Drag the clothes I'm donating out of the closets they came out of out the door and to the donation place.
  7. Current Quest: (PART ONE) 1/5 - 1/23 - Come Back from the Dead MAIN QUEST: Back to Basics :: Don't Suck I've been AWOL for about 3 months... Sigh. I'm lucky that my reason for being AWOL is that I got VERY involved in the play I was doing, made a bunch of new friends, and subsequently did a lot of this: Time to recommit and get ready to rock! Ultimate Quest: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse NECESSARY SKILLS: I will be focusing on... STR: Fend off zombies with brawn STA: Outrun hordes for long distances DEX: Be agile and quick enough to cover rugged, varied terrain effortlessly CON: Have the supplies and means to bunker down and equip myself properly WIS: Be wicked smaht. Because zombies are dumb. CHA: Charm the pants off of handsome survivors. Steal their shit. CHALLENGE PT ONE GOALS (First 3 Weeks) At the midpoint of this challenge, I will assess, assign points, and create a new set of challenges! (5 points possible for each 1/2 challenge) 1: Money, Money, Money I am starting a new teaching job! Long-term subbing is exciting, but it means 21 days of petty pay before the big bucks kick in. I need to be frugal for the next month! - NO FAST FOOD, Not even coffee! - Pay all bills on time - Stick with the alternative 52-week challenge (deposit anywhere from $1-52 per week, each number can only be used once. This allows greater flexibility in case of car repairs or other unexpected expenses!) 2: Get Apocalypse Ready (+3 STA) - Make my new gym membership worth it! Go at least 2x a week - Do the first three weeks of Couch-to-5k! LET'S DO THIS!
  8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Quest: Improve physical strength through sensible eating and body weight workouts. Side Missions: Improve quality of life through positive affirmations, gardening and house maintenance. Epic Quest: Survive the apocalypse! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- My sixth 6WC finally involved a plan, taken directly from my Epic Quest of Awesome to slowly and surely improve my life. That worked well, so I'll be continuing on from that. Why fix what ain't broken? Food: Maximum one take-out meal a week (6 / 6) Only if all effort is made to cook something from what’s in the cupboard at home. Food at work is allowed; within reason. Cakes and other sweets count as non-snack items. If I go out, best efforts should be made to eat well and not overindulge. 3 cheat snacks per week. (18 / 18) Allowed snacks (not cheats): 70% dark chocolate greek yoghurt popcorn with butter fruit, fresh or frozen nuts, raw or roasted only sweeteners allowed are honey or maple syrup. home baked treats - best efforts made to make paleo / GF / not total shit (under 120cals per serve) Skim milk in any coffee made by oneself. This quest is half me stopping my mindless food grabbing both at work and at home, and half getting clever with the supplies hiding in the back of my cupboard, and less reliance on fast food. Shelter: 6 gardening missions. (0 / 6) plant sunflowers plant chills plant basil indoor compost bin outdoor compost system evening snail chase Now that Spring has sprung, I really want to get out into the garden more, make my composting more efficient, and I don't want the snails eating my beautiful vegetables! One mission a week. 6 spring cleaning missions. (0 / 6) clean out fridge dust windowsills clean windows clean out wardrobe clean on top of the fridge clean the patio There are still dark corners of my house that need attending to, and this Spring I want to fling the curtains wide open and see the outside! Or at least, just not choke on the dust that erupts from the windowsills every time I move the curtains. Another "once a week" mission. Company: Meditate 5 minutes a day. (0 / 42) Enjoy your own company! There are still dark corners of my mind that need dusting as well. I need to spend less time distracting myself from life and spend a bit more time with myself instead. Just five minutes. Naps count, if I spend the first part of it clearing my mind and focussing on my breath. Survival: Bodyweight movements 3 days a week. (0 / 18) 5 sets of 4 randomly drawn cards. Push up progression (clubs) Pull up progression (diamonds) Squat progression (spades) Push ups / Handstand progression (hearts) Dive roll practice 2 yoga sessions p/week 2 rest days I think I've found my "thing" with body weights. I don't have to faff about with barbells or dumbbells or weight plates, I just get in there and do it. I want to be able to do cool things, like pistol squats and handstand push ups. I've just gotta work through the progressions until I get there. I'll be using Quilly's Bodyweight Solitaire idea to structure my workouts, to give them a hint of unpredictability and day to day difference. I'm not a "same thing every day" kinda girl. Also, dive rolls are a must-have in any zombie-escape arsenal so I need to start learning how to do those. I've already scoured the Assassins for info, they have heaps. Gotta love this place! I could be over there for this challenge, but I'm doing loads of other things as well and I like you Adventurer people! Yoga is lovely and I really enjoy the added flexibility and control it's giving me over my body. I don't have to do it to succeed in this challenge, but it definitely helps my body recover and strengthen in different ways. Purpose: One positive affirmation per day. (0 / 42) Happiness is a good purpose, right?
  9. Welcome to the Level 1 accountability group led by Teros. As much fun as this looks:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUdA2VVNY3w Flying solo during the Zombie Apocalypse is a really bad idea. You need people supporting you when the chips are down. I, along with the other Adventurer Ambassadors are making accountability groups for future level 1 Adventurers. How accountability groups work is really simple. First you make sure you follow this thread, as well as the threads of people that join the group. Check up on each other to create a support system. To know how to follow people, click here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/50975-how-to-pm-and-follow/ It's a little tutorial I made that's just a couple of pictures. Super easy. Post on here a link to your thread. I'll edit this post and put it here; that way everyone else that joins to group can easily follow you. Each week may have a couple of questions to help you make the most out of being here on NerdFitness. This place is the mantra: You get out what you put in. The more you are on here and supporting and encouraging others- the more you get in return which means the better chance of success in your goals. Don't feel overwhelmed to catch up with people all the time though- just stopping by people's threads once a week makes a big difference. I know that if I didn't have any encouragement when I first got here, I might not have stayed. Luckily, a few people believed in me and now I have this hanging up on my wall: This is a collage of all the encouraging things people have said to me over the past year. Whenever I look at this, I feel better. I know I'll win this war in weight loss and becoming a better person. All of you can too- you just have to stick with it. Any questions? Feel free to ask! This week's mini is all about being prepared. Take a few minutes this week and really look close at your goals. Are they S.M.A.R.T.? Specific - "I want to lose weight" Well...how much? Measurable - "I'm getting to the gym more" More by? Attainable - "I'm going to lose 30 pounds" Normal weight loss is 1-2 pounds. Sucks, but the healthy way is that roughly. Realistic - "By the end of the challenge, I want to bench press an extra 80 pounds" Seriously? What are the odds you'll getinjured before that happens? Trackable - "I'm going to eat better" What is better? Compared to when? By how much? Do you qualify rice instead of potatoes as better? Sweet potatoes better? Spinach as better? How can you compare things if you don't have a baseline? So post your goals here and make sure they meet S.M.A.R.T. criteria. You don't want to leave the apocalypse up to chance... The Survivors.... Teros: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/53612-teros-xi-the-time/#entry1201779 AlwaysReading: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/54035-alwaysreading-is-ready-to-start-moving/ Warg: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/53606-warg-steps-up/ YandaPanda: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/53590-yandapanda-wants-to-be-a-druid/#entry1201612 Lord Burpee: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/53649-unplugging-from-the-matrix-lord-burpee-the-merciless/#entry1202169 Caramel: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/53870-caramels-quest-for-strength-so-the-world-might-be-mended/#entry1205216 D3li9t: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/54273-d3li9hts-15th-challenge-walking-that-lonely-but-awesome-path/ Mera: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/54630-mera-emerges-from-the-sea/
  10. Hello everyone! I completely ducked out of the last challenge, but I'm totally pumped to start a new one. I think with everything going on in my life, there's just no way I could have given it the attention and dedication it deserved. I don't know how Hazard did a challenge while moving. It's impossible. </whine> Anyway! I'm excited for this new challenge. Here's a little overview of everything that just happened in my life: I left my job, moved halfway across the country and started a 4 month unpaid internship in Missouri. I'm living in my uncle's basement and I feel like my life has taken a complete 180 from where I was this time last month. In light of this, I'm going to go pretty easy on this challenge (while still keeping it a -challenge-) to make sure I'm able to stick with it. Even if the changes are small, if it's still a lifestyle -change-, it will have been worth the effort and time. With that said, here's what I'd like to work on in the next six weeks: I hear rumors of an amazing new park with a giant obstacle course less than a mile from where I'm living. MUST EXPLORE. 1x week: Biking and/or obstacle course I really want to be able to do parkour, but despite all that desire in my heart, I am actually going to have to train at some point in order for that to happen. MUST TRAIN. 1x week: Zombies, Run! 1x week: Strength training I have always wanted to be super flexible. Unfortunately for me, that involves stretching which I never seem to have time for (read: make time for). MUST REACH. 1x day: Stretch for at least a few minutes And that's about it. Oh, wait! My lifequest! Life Quest: Cook the majority of my meals ahead of time. I have very limited free time right now, so this will be so helpful in managing my time and encouraging me to eat the healthy food that's already available in my fridge. Also, no dishes left in my room overnight because they attract critters. Like wolf spiders. MUST DEFEAT SPIDER HORDE. Like I said, I have very limited free time. I won't be able to comment much on everyone else's posts so I apologize in advance for being a little disconnected from the group. I wish you all the very best of luck! <3 Aoife
  11. Next Challenge: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/53947-tea-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other/ Tea's Zombie Preparedness Strat They are coming! The zombie outbreak has started! According to the CDC We have approximately 6 weeks before the virus spreads to where we are. Here is my strategy to avoid ending up a zombie buffet. Main Quest Fat Loss! I will be following Fighter Diet's 6 Week FDXtreme program Nutrition- Following FDXtreme guidelines Weights- 3 days a week Cardio- 40 min 5 days a week. Starting with walking working my way up to running and using my Zombies Run! App. Goals- If I hit these goals I will survive and level up, If I do not I will most likely be eaten and become a zombie! 1. Lose 10 lbs of fat 2. Get into my size 16 pants 3. Be able to run to the headland near my house Increased Fitness Starting Stats: Squats, bodyweight ass to grass- AMRAP in 1 min - 26 Push-ups- ARAP in 1 min - from knees 25 Assisted Pull ups ARAP in 1 min- 14 Plank- 1 min 20 sec Weight- 231.8 :nightmare: Bodyfat% 40.6 :nightmare: Lean Mass- 137 lbs Fat Mass- 94lbs Finishing Stats: Squats bodyweight ass to grass- AMRAP in 1 min Push-ups- ARAP in 1 min Assisted Pull ups ARAP in 1 min Plank Weight: Bodyfat%- Will I survive?? Grading System: Weight Training- 33.33% per day. Goal for the week: 100% Cardio- 20% per session. Goal for the week: 100% Nutrition- 14.28% per day. Goal for the week: 100% Week 1: Weight Training-100% , Cardio- 100%, Nutrition- 100% Week 2: Weight Training- 100% , Cardio- 40% , Nutrition- 100% Week 3: Weight Training- 100% , Cardio- 100% , Nutrition-100% Week: 4 Weight Training- 33.3% , Cardio- 20%, Nutrition- 100% Week: 5 Weight Training- , Cardio- , Nutrition- Week: 6 Weight Training- , Cardio- , Nutrition-
  12. Epic Quest: To feel better in my own skin. To be able to do more and move more easily. To be happier and more confident with my body regardless of where I am in my journey. Last challenge I made things too complicated. This challenge I am going back to my normal “keep it simple†style because it works for me. I've scheduled several fun and motivating events to help keep me on track and goal oriented in the coming months. August: Underpants run – 1 mile (MAYBE – I need to con someone into running with me still) September: Zombie Mud Run – 5k. October: Color me rad – 5k February: Cupid's Undie Run – 1ish. (Friend lined up already!) I am extra excited about the Zombie Mud Run. Obstacles, mud, and zombies. What could possibly go wrong? It is shortly after this challenge ends so my challenge is mostly geared toward getting me ready. Goal 1: Zombie Survival Training (strength: 2, dexterity: 2) I will workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday of each week. Each day has a workout plan but if things don't go according to plan I can adjust as needed. The goal is to do as much of it as I can. The workouts include body weight strength and sprinting or running. Body weight – push ups and body weight rows are prioritized. If I can only do two things, these are it. Sprinting – I'm not sure if I can so I'll just get as close as I can to it. Where I've never done it before I have no clue what is a reasonable expectation. My goal is to move this towards a quick and effective HIIT session. Running – more than likely a run/walk combination as I build up. Monday: push ups, squats, seated dips, body weight rows (let me ins). Sprints. Wednesday: push ups, planks, body weight row. Run. Saturday: push ups, squats, dips, lunges, body weight rows. Run. Goal 2 – Put Better Stuff In (strength: 2, constitution: 1) Primal Breakfast 5 x a weekPack my lunch: anything is better than the fast food I have been eatingEat half: this is for snacks I want and tend to binge on. I will take half of however much I think I want and eat it. I will then do something else for at least 10 minutes, and if I still want the rest after that I can have it. I have to get up and get it myself, no making my husband do so. (Inspired by intermittent sampling from this post) No Soda, no sugary alcohol. Sugary alcohol includes cocktails with sugar or sugary mixtures, beergaritas, mikes hard lemonade type drinks. Beer, wine, and bourbon are all still fair game. A special occasion exception applies to sugary alcohol. These exceptions are date nights or a special night with friends. My partner in crime coming over for our usual hang outs does NOT count as an exception. Goal 3: Make weekends count (dexterity: 2, charisma: 1) I will do one health related bonus activity during the weekend. I've included some ideas to get me started but I'm not limited to these. The idea is to have fun. Play on a playground or at the park (climb up and/or over something) - Geared toward helping with zombie runGo on a bike rideTake my son on a walk with me (stroller or wear him)Make a primal meal specifically for packing for lunchesTry the mini-questMobility work - geared towards helping with Zombie Run Life Quest: Supporting Actions (wisdom: 2) I need to build life habits that support my fitness goals. Set up coffee the night beforePack my lunch the night before work.Go to bed – no starting a new episode of TV after 10pm. Side Quest: Knock out nagging tasks (wisdom: 2, charisma: 1) Simple things that weigh heavy on my mind, get em done! Previous insurance appealNew insurance set upPut together Zachary's bookshelfFinish the project, send the packagePay off and cancel gym membershipWash and strip diapers Starting Stats Strength: 4.25 Dexterity: 4.5 Stamina: 10.25 Constitution: 13.25 Wisdom: 11.5 Charisma: 11.5 Starting Measurements Waist: 38 Belly: 41.75 Hips: 41.25 Bust: 42.5 (this means nothing, it is never accurate, or it fluctuates) Weight: 160
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for an accountabilibuddy... someone to email or text with, someone to talk fitness with, and someone to cheer me on as I cheer them on! My fitness interests include yoga, hiking, dance, strength-training, and pretending that I'm running from zombies. I am working up to bodyweight strength-training, but I'm pretty limited with that at the moment. My other interests include be competitive, killing things in video games, playing music / singing, acting and making art. Bonus points if you live in New England!
  14. Challenge 2 - Mommawolfie Gets Scoutly Main Quest: To get to a level of fitness where I feel worthy of joining the Scouts for Challenge 3 To do this I will: Mini Quest 1: Run 5km without stopping (STA) - C25K a minimum of 3 times per week Mini Quest 2: Build a minimum level of core body strength (DEX and STR) - Complete BBWW 3 times per week, progressively increasing the number of circuits: :- Week 1 and 2 - one circuit 3 times per week :- Week 3 and 4 - two circuits 3 times per week :- Week 5 and 6 - three circuits 3 times per week Mini Quest 3: Eventually ride bike to work once a week (DEX and STA) - Build up to riding a minimum of 12km a minimum of one day per week (6km each way) :- Week 1 and 2 - Ride 6km 1 x per week :- Week 3 and 4 - Ride 9km 1 x per week :- Week 5 and 6 - Ride 12km 1 x per week Life Quest: Paying off/down my credit card (Ultimate end game to eliminate debt and buy a house) (WIS and CHA) - Increase credit card payment, pay $1000 minimum off over the 6 weeks - Credit card can ONLY be used if I have to move house (real possibility due to rental uncertainty atm) or veterinary emergency - Take it out of my purse and freeze it in a lump of ice so I have to really think about it before I use it (and post photographic evidence that I HAVE frozen it)
  15. Welcome back, Rebels! As before, this group has unlimited membership and is open to all guilds. I'd especially like to encourage L1 Rebels who are interested to join up with us and make some friends. This group focuses on improving running endurance or pace using a C25K program or any other kind of app like Zombies, Run! - I've also heard tale of apps that match your pace with music! Please make sure to let us know how you're doing with your app (staying on schedule? Setting new Personal Records?) so we can be here to encourage and support one another. And don't be skimpy on the high-fives when someone else hits a milestone! Alright, rebels. Let's get to running!
  16. Lola stopped, glancing around at her new surroundings. No, this was not like the place she'd left. The Adventurers were a strong community, sure, but they were no match for the agile group she saw before her. "Did I make the right choice?" Lola murmured under her breath. "Odd man out isn't the half of it." At 6'3", Lola was statuesque, sure, and her mind was quick and strong. Her hair was a shock of red, clashing against the sea-colored eyes that narrowed in careful thought. But her curves were enveloped in softness, cushioning the appearance of an otherwise rather hard woman. At 27, Lola was wry and not easily impressed, having seen the cruelty and instability of a world crawling with the undead. But it was the living that truly frightened her. It was men... The ones she didn't call "friend". Even in the Time Before, men hadn't exactly flocked to Lola's intimidating height and wit. So as the Amazon scanned the crew before her, she had little thought given to the idea of romance. But, what if she tried? Even just a touch? Current Quest: 6/10 - 7/20 - Becoming the Zombie Slayer MAIN QUEST: The New Girl: Begin My Journey of Weight Loss and Lose 20 Pounds Ultimate Quest: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse NECESSARY SKILLS STR: Fend off zombies with brawn STA: Outrun hordes for long distances DEX: Be agile and quick enough to cover rugged, varied terrain effortlessly CON: Have the supplies and means to bunker down and equip myself properly WIS: Be wicked smaht. Because zombies are dumb. CHA: Charm the pants off of handsome survivors. Steal their shit. Challenge Points Goal: 300 points 1: Be Strong: Body Weight + Free Weight Strength (+3 STR) Goal: 100 points ~ 5 minutes = 1 pt ------ 91-100:+3 ...65-90: 2+ ... 50-64: 1 + ... 20-49: +.5 ... >19: 0 2: Be Flexible: Stretch for at least 5 minutes every morning (+2 STA) Goal: 50 points ~ 5 minutes = 1 pt ------ 40-50:+2 ... 35-39 +1.5 ... 25-34: +1 ... 15-24: +.5 ... >14: 0 3. Be Fearless: Beginner's Parkour Practice (+3 DEX) Quadrupedal Gallop, Planks, Pushups, Jumps, Shoulder Rolls, Balance, Squats Goal: 100 points ~ 5 minutes = 1 pt ------ 91-100:+3 ...65-90: 2+ ... 50-64: 1 + ... 20-49: +.5 ... >19: 0 Life Quest: Be Vulnerable: Go on 5 Dates in the next 6 weeks (+2 CHA) Goal: 50 points ~ 1 Date = 10 points 5: +2 4: +1.5 3: +1 1-2: +.5 .
  17. Hi, all! I'm still deciding how I'm going to go about this challenge, but I wanted to go ahead and get this thing started. I'm usually a few days late to the game, so this is new territory for me! My last challenge was pretty rough to say the least and really, if I'm being honest, my last two challenges have been less than stellar (in terms of my performance). I can't say how this one will go (it ends on the last day of my final JVC retreat), but I'm very much looking forward to adventure. Right now, I'm totally open to suggestions as far as goals go. So far I'm thinking: A few challenges back, I had a goal that I wouldn't eat any starchy food that wasn't part of a community meal. That was an awesome rule and I should've held on to it. Now I kind of want it back, but may need the motivation of an NF challenge to actually make the transition again.Some sort of strength training goal (finish reading Starting Strength, get feedback on form, start lifting)Make serious progress on personal website/portfolio
  18. Main Quest: COLOR RUN in Sept with my team (Might try to do one in August if I can get a buddy) Side Quests: Complete Zombie Run's 5k program (starting this week)Complete 6 weeks (hopefully go for full 10) of Bodyweight Training App's program at beginner levelGo on a hike/walk adventure weeklyMOTIVATION: I want to have the stamina and the energy to live my life not just survive it. I've always been self conscious because even though I have been of average size my face has always been chubby. I really want to tone up and gain some muscle to bump up my confidence and hopefully it will help me stop being so shy. I have a certain cosplay that I have purposefully not finished because I'm scared to wear it but THIS IS THE YEAR. The end of the month I will wear the damn thing, I know I can get myself there! This is the dress, Life Quest: Complete my online course with at least 90%
  19. Good day everyone! My name is turbo when in The Matrix, but since we are in the real world, you can call me Jon if you like. I'm on a path to find the one. Not necessarily the one as in a person, but the one way I can live my life to the fullest. I'm currently 5'10" about 235lbs. My friends and family are nice of course and say I don't look it but, I feel it. I work at a desk all day coding, and by the time I get home, I'm not very motivated. This will change. I enjoy gaming, zombies, writing, and coding. I do the occasional Zombie Run or Mud Run for fun. My ultimate goal is to hit just below 200, run a half marathon without stopping, and never look back. Wish me luck everyone, it'll be one hell of a mission!
  20. As my sixth challenge, I'm looking to recenter and bring clarity back to my lift. I joined Nerd Fitness back in August on 2013 with a mission in mind, and I have lost the path toward that goals. The wilderness I'm wandering in isn't where I want to be, and while not all journeys are fraught with danger, this one is. I need to take some time to look inward and focus on the things that bring me happiness, strength, honor, wisdom and peace. Main Quest: Drop to 8% BF, eliminate stomach fat. Squat 1.5x Bodyweight, Deadlift 2x bodyweight. OHP, Bench and Row 1x bodyweight. This continues to be my overarching body goal. I'm getting pretty close, but this challenge I am adding an addition to it. I'm focusing more on mental and spiritual health this challenge, rather than just fitness. In order to hit this goal I am driving forward with several sub goals, which will be worked into this challenge. Steadily increase my Squat, Deadlift and Pull Ups in weight and number.Do Salmon Ladder Pull-Ups. Because... seriously.I also want to, eventually, get my mile-run speed down to 7 minutes solid. I'm starting this challenge two days late because PAX East was last weekend and I got the dreaded con crud, so I'm a bit under the weather. That means no gym, but a focus on eating right and resting. So let's get on with it. Quest 1: Rest [Con] This one is simple - get enough sleep. I haven't been sleeping much lately and I need to get back into a solid rhythm/pattern of rest. This means focusing on my morning and evening routines, getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night and waking up before the sun every morning. Morning - Wake up before the sun, drink a glass of water, stretch and do pull ups, push ups and lunges - 3 sets of 3. Drink first cup of coffee. Check email, Facebook, Twitter, webcomics and blogs within first hour of waking up. Shower, make breakfast, drink second cup of coffee. Finish up routine Internet things within second hour of waking up. Start working. Evening - Eat dinner before sunset. Turn off screens at least 30 minutes before sleep, light candles and lamps and read till at least 7 hours before sunrise - go to bed. That's it - easy enough, right? Quest 2: Meditate [Wis] My goal this challenge is to meditate for at least 5-15 minutes every day. This can be at any time during the day - meditation on a schedule doesn't work for me. Furthermore, this needs to be zazen meditation, not any other kind. Focused on breathing and mindfulness. Quest 3: Eat Right [Con] Get my eating on track, drink less and go primal. This is more or less habit for me, but lately I've been drinking more and caring about my food less. So, as part of this challenge I need to get back into tracking my food on MyFitnessPal, as this helps keep me accountable. Negative points for more than 3 drinks a week and for any non-primal foods I imbibe. Must track every meal on MyFitnessPal every day. Life Quest: Explore my ancestral heritage [Cha] I've been exploring Asatru - the religion of the vikings - recently, and I want to learn more and delve deeper into the community in my area. I'm attending a May Day Blot on April 26, and participation here, as well as weekly devotionals and research are the quest here. This is as basic as honoring the gods and my ancestors once a week, and doing some reading on Asatru, the Eddas and other materials. Fitness Quest: Workout [str] Keeping steady with my fitness goals as well - My final quest is to continue working out. I did a deload in my Stronglifts program and I'm going to start from there, working on progressive loading back up to my primary strength goals. So the prerequisites for this quest are lifting, moving and doing yoga three times a week. Onward!
  21. If you were hoping for this .. then you came to the WRONG place. In this challenge, we're gong for this: In this challenge, I'm going to be the Flash's new sidekick. There's not a lot of crime fighting or problem solving involved here, but it's still good stuff! Like no matter how fast the Flash goes, he can't speed up how long it takes to place an order through at the drive-thru, get your food and pay for it. It's my job to run there and do all the waiting stuff, stand at the curb with my arm out holding a bag of fries and a cheeseburger and then Flash can come by and grab it without needing to slow down ever. Same thing goes with picking up his dry cleaning, opening up automatic doors to buildings and turning on his laptop so he doesn't have to wait for it boot up. Some might not call this being a sidekick. Maybe a butler or personal assistant or man-slave. But I get to wear cool running clothes and snazzy shoes the entire time. I mean, that's a costume, right? MAIN GOAL: After a winter of bulking and with the snow melting, it's time to run, run, run! I have a 25K Spartan Beast in late July and I need to get everything in good great running order (pun intended) before that race. Here's the plan: Fitness Goal A- Run. Just ... run. The plan is 3 running workouts per week. Specific goals for some of these runs are listed in other goals. a Zombies, Run! sessiontempo interval runlong runPLUS 1-2 lifting sessions per week. (minimum 1 lifting workout in weeks 1-3 and expand it to 2 sessions in weeks 4-6)I'll need to experiment with lifting and running on the same or different days. REWARD: (+1 STR, +1 STA, +2 DEX) A: All sessions done. B: 1-3 sessions missed C: 4-6 sessions missed D: 7-9 sessions missed F: 10+ sessions missed Fitness Goal B- Going the distance. My long runs will start with a nice easy 10K trail run this weekend. (pre challenge) Every week, I'll add 3K to this amount until my LSD runs are at 25K after 5 weeks. Next challenge, I'll do the same thing, but move from my fairly flat trail runs to a hilly terrain instead. REWARD: (+3 STA) A: 25K long run completed B: 22K long run C: 19 K long run F: Did I even leave the house? Fitness Goal C- 23:00 5K. 1 week after this challenge, I have a 6K mud run. (Ottawa Mud Hero) Given where I'm at now, this is where I should be after 6 weeks training and I can work next challenge on improving it more. The plan: weeks 1-3 - 4x1.25K intervals at 4:36 pace (early in the week)weeks 4-6 - 3x1.75K intervals at 4:36 pace (early in the week)week 6- run the 5K (end of the week, possibly in place of long run)REWARD: (+2 DEX, +1 STA) A: 23:00 or less 5K B: 23:15 or less C: 23:30 or less F: Slower than 23:30 Lifequest Goal- The Speed Force family. There's more than one Flash. In fact, there's a whole family of them and they all work together. My goal is to make sure my family follows in my footsteps. (almost literally) The goal is to take the family, either partially or all of them, for at least one run or bike every week. The kids are getting into 5Ks and cross country, so they are ready to run. Not mention how much easier that will make it on me once the Zombie Apocalypse hits. REWARD: (+3 CHA) A: Active family achieved B: Missed 1 week C: Missed 2 weeks F: Missed 3 or more weeks. Fitness Side Quest - Twice as fast. During this next challenge, I'm going to learn how to do double unders. They are the bane of many cross fitters and someday I am sure I will be hitting a box once I get some other fitness goals under control. I'll get a proper speed rope, find some tutorials and go for it. The goal will be 30 seconds of continuous double unders with good form and not doing 5 foot knee tucks. (my current method) REWARD: (+2 DEX) A: 30 seconds double unders C: 15 seconds double unders F: Less than 15 seconds, or help untangle this rope from my legs
  22. Challenge #3 Ultimate Quest: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Necessary skills: - STR: Fend off zombies with melee or hand-to-hand - STA: Outrun hordes for long distances - DEX: Be agile and quick enough to cover rugged, varied terrain effortlessly (parkour style) - CON: Have the supplies and wherewithall to bunker down and equip myself properly - WIS: Be wicked smaht. Because zombies are dumb. - CHA: Charm the pants off of handsome survivors. Steal their shit. Current Quest: 4/14 - 5/25 Main Quest: Complete a 5k in under 60 minutes (Color Me Rad 5k Run 4/27) Side Quests: Prepping for the 5k 1: Walk an average 30000 steps per week (+4 STA) A: 30k+ B: 27-29k C: 22k-26k D: 19k-21k F: 18k or under 2. Walk a minimum of 5 exercise miles per week (Steps don't count) (+4 CHA) A: 5+ B: 4+ C: 3+ D: 2+ Life Quest: Stick to my Mon/Tues, Thurs/Fri Paleo Food Plan (+2 WIS) A - Strictly Followed, no slips B- 1-2 Slips C - 3-4 Slips F - Off the Wagon Sunday will be my official check-in day, when I will grade myself for the week! I tried to streamline this plan a bit. Fewer things to track, and its scaled back a little more. I think I got overwhelmed with too many goals in the last challenge. I'm excited to participate in the Color Run in April!
  23. To the zombie enthusiasts out here... U.S. States Most And Least Likely To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse AK Represent
  24. So, I'm going to do a Tough Mudder.... I really need to train for this! It seemed like a good idea at the time, signing up when I was a bit fitter than I am at the moment, I got injured, I put on weight....this story has probably been told a thousand times, Well, I still have this entry, the date is approaching and I need to train... I'm going to need to learn some parkour, I'm sure as heck going to need to get stronger, I need to be able to run...not least to escape the zombies THEREFORE! Main quest challenges: Decrease body fat percentage to 30% or below. Because it's really difficult to climb walls, hang on monkey bars or climb whilst carrying extra. I am at around 35% now, using body measurements so I feel this is quite a challenge but hey, if it was easy it wouldn't be a worthy main challenge. Maybe. WHO KNOWS!! It's worth giving it a go anyway. It probably won't happen this challenge but I need to be making more progress towards it. To do this my three goals are: Gym at least thrice a week. Workout will either be the dumbbell division workout from the Nerdfitness strength training handbook, or another high intensity workout, and I will continue this workout for the whole challenge. I will aim to increase weight lifted with each workout. In addition to the above. I will do some other form of exercise at least once a week. This could be Zombies, run! Could be hiking / kayaking or boxing...just some form of exercise. To eat well.. By this I mean aiming for 1900 healthy calories a day. Life Quest: To get my literature review done. I have a deadline on the 28th March. Managing not to leave it to the last minute would be a very good thing. I need to do about 5000 words in total. And perhaps the most important question of all: What's my motivation? Well, I feel that my weight is not effecting my health but I don't like what I see when I look in the mirror!
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