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  1. Once upon a time, there was a zombie named pbandbrains who was very tired of her brainless existence. She wanted to become more than a zombie. In fact, she wanted to become human again. She had tried before and failed, but this time was different. So, she took the first step towards reclaiming her humanity. Main Quest Keep a routine; healthy eating and regular exercise. Goals Humans are mobile, zombies stumble around. Complete one hour of walking/running every day. A: 7x/week B: 5x/week C: 3x/week D: 1x/week F: 0x/week Humans are strong, zombies' arms fall off. Complete 30 minutes of str
  2. Anybody else going to the Roanoke Zombie 5K in October? It's going to be my first 5K.
  3. So, I'm going to do a Tough Mudder.... It seemed like a good idea at the time, signing up when I was a bit fitter than I am at the moment, I got injured, I put on weight....this story has probably been told a thousand times, Well, I still have this entry - I am going to do it but I do need to train... I'm going to need to learn some parkour, I'm sure as heck going to need to get stronger, I need to be able to run...not least to escape the zombies THEREFORE! Main quest challenges: Decrease bodyfat percentage to 30% or below. Because it's really difficult to climb walls, hang on monkey bars o
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUNiazZ5fj4 As the cold winds blow and winter's chill fills the air, strength, endurance and courage are needed to survive the harsh conditions of the north. Only through diligent training can one ensure survival through to another summer... This challenge we're doing something a little different. For one, I'm starting a new workout routine - Stronglifts 5x5 - as well as looking to focus more on life changes rather than fitness ones. Simplification is key here. Simplification and minimalism. Main Quest: Drop to 6% BF, 32" waist. I was working towards reachi
  5. Hi there! My name is Wren. I’m 25 and married with pets. I live in the desert of the Southwestern US, and am in school full-time working toward a BS in Elementary Education. I'm training with the rangers this challenge because it seemed to fit best with my goals. I’ve been on NF since the end of August this year, and completed about half of my goals in the last challenge. Hence, level 1.5 instead of 2! However, in that time I did manage to lose and keep off about 5lbs and 5% body fat. So that’s something. Anyway, I’m back again with some new goals and new ideas for my crazy busy
  6. So... I hate running. I despise it. It makes my man boobs hurt, BUT I have found a way to make it all fun and worth while. ZOMBIES! I use to do a human vs zombies game with a bunch of friends... and strangers...and i was in really good shape and i was healthy, but after i moved and became homeless for a year or two i let myself go... it didnt help that i dated a girl who decorated cakes... but knowing that zombies motivate me i downloaded Zombies,Run! I love it. the story is great and it gets me moving and motivated. if any of you dont have it i reccomend it. I have never been excited to run b
  7. Urban Ranger Quests Challenges☐ Spartan Sprint - Sat. February 8th, 2014. ☐ Phoenix Go Ruck Light - March 22nd, 2014.☐ Tough Mudder - Sat. April 5th, 2014. ☐ Boston Go Ruck - Fri. May 23, 2014.☐ SF Go Ruck - Fri. July 4th, 2014. ☐ Camp Nerd Fitness - Thu. September 18th - Sun. September 21st, 2014. ☐ Hike Grand Canyon - Fall, 2014. ☐ Run For Your Lives - TBD. ☐ Warrior Dash - TBD. Skills & Practice ☐ Take Urban Survival Course.☐ Take Wilderness Survival Course. ☐ Obtain Concealed Carry Gun License.Obtain​​☐ Purchase Honda Element. ☐ Purchase a gun. ☐ Purch
  8. Ultimate Goal: Compete in a natural bodybuilding competition in 2015. Main Goal: Chest Development So as the title alludes to the main goal in this challenge is to make improvements on my chest. Over the last year I have made vast improvements on all my lifts except for my chest movements. If I am going to be a bodybuilder and be successful, I need to make improvements in that area. Goal 1: Complete 5000 pushups. This goal is not as much for chest development as is to prepare me for my next PRT in the spring. This will equal out to about 120 pushups per day. It may be m
  9. Survival of the nerdiest! You know, a Zombie apocalypse might never happen... but if it does, we will be definitely ready! And what better way to prepare for the outbreak than training with fellow nerds cheering? That is why I formed this group, and I would love for you guys to join in the battle against zombies. It really doesn't matter what your fitness goal for this challenge is, as long as you're ready to have an awesome support team! As we've learned from movies, sometimes being the fittest is of no good use if you are not a good team player, so... NERDS OF THE WORLD, ASSEMBLE!
  10. So, I'm going to do a Tough Mudder.... It seemed like a good idea at the time, signing up when I was a bit fitter than I am at the moment, I got injured, I put on weight....this story has probably been told a thousand times, Well, I still have this entry - I am going to do it but I do need to train... I'm going to need to learn some parkour, I'm sure as heck going to need to get stronger, I need to be able to run...not least to escape the zombies THEREFORE! Main quest challenges: Decrease bodyfat percentage to 30% or below. Because it's really difficult to climb walls, hang on monkey ba
  11. About four weeks ago I bought the Zombies, Run! 5K app I had been walking 2-3 miles three days a week and I felt good about it, but I could never motivate myself to run because I was so out of shape. Zombies has been really awesome and has made running fun while pushing me to keep training. I recently reached week three of training (I was out of commission last week due to a cold) and am happy to report that I can run for 60 seconds straight without keeling over dead. However, during week one, as I was still doing the 15-second sprints and trying to get the hang of everything, I noticed that
  12. I am starting late but I didn't want to put it off any longer. My main quest for this challenge is to be able to run a mile without stopping to walk. My smaller missions are: 1.To run from zombies three times a week 2. To always use the stairs to escape the zombies. 3. To not let a noisy car attract the zombies and weigh me down when I could walk. My Life quest is to get A's in my college classes this semester.
  13. Hi all! I understand there's already an ongoing thread for people that are already using Zombies, Run! or 5k, but I just wondered if there was anyone else out there who was starting up Zombies 5k? I've started it before, TWICE, but always gave up due to my horrendously low will power...even though I enjoyed it... weird. Anyone else thinking of starting it up for the new challenge? It would be nice to have some Zombuddies (hurrr) to go through it with?
  14. In Which Devyn Gets De-Zombified (now in Comic Sans!) Last time we left our heroic hero, she was heroically fighting a zombie, heroically... And she died. HOWEVER!!!!! Some of you may wonder why I suddenly stopped posting during the last challenge. Yes, it's because I died. It's hard to post things online when your carcass is rotting. Now, I always thought being a zombie would be lots of fun, but it's not. It's boring. Zombies are stupid and slow and smelly and I miss being a kender. For weeks, I stumbled around the countryside looking
  15. Only 46 days left before Halloween! Daryl Dixon is my favorite Walking Dead character, so I planned to dress up as the female version of him. Only problem is that I’m not zombie-butt-kickin’ awesome yet. Wait, this challenge ends a few days before Halloween? Excellent… Main Quest Look kick-a$$ in my Daryl Dixon costume: Forget you, Scale! For this challenge, I’m going to worry less about a number and more about how I feel. And if I end up looking super fine in the process, so be it. Goals Complete one hour of cardio every day: Walking, playing Xbox Kinect, doing anything where Iâ€
  16. Chapter Two: A Tribute to Survival! They say I am just a few weeks away from taking on full-time Runner duties, but I feel like I still have so far to go. Finish this D: It's never finishing is it??? Challenge Theme Song: Movitvation: Mission Goal #1: Zombie Preparedness Training (+ 5 STA) Tribute: Grizzy, Runner5, Scurry, and all the other Rebel Runner 5’s I met last challenge out to save Abel Township I'm not quite able to run a full supply mission on my own yet, so I must continue my endurance training with Sam and the doctor. Complete week eight of Zombies, Run! 5k
  17. Main quest Be and feel mentally and physically healthy. Last challenge I had only two goals to make sure I didn't chew off anymore than I could take. This challenge I'll go back to three goals, slowly Run like a zombie If there's one thing that zombies are good at it's persistence. They just keep going and going and going. A bit like that bunny but with added blood and gore, which can only be a good thing. Basically this goal is the same as before. Run a minimum of two times a week, but aim for 3. Stick to the training schedule towards the 10k and try to get better over the course
  18. Hello. I'm SkullHands, and I am a shape-shifter. A noob shape-shifter... A level zero. So far I've been able to change my appearance... but only for a short time before I shift back to my level zero form again. Main Quest Find my Ultimate Form! I want to be comfortable in my skin. This means that I will have lost weight, increased my fitness and be a happier and more confident person. I'm not going to transition from my current gelatinous, blob-like form to my Ultimate Form in one morph. I have tried and failed enough to know this. But what I will do is make small manageable changes in
  19. Greetings! Newb here, though I've been hanging around the site a few months now. I tried to do a challenge a few months ago and found it all too overwhelming and quit before the end of the second week, so I like the new simplifications and hope it helps me make it through the six weeks! Main Quest: Survive the looming zombie apocalypse My main quest is to be healthy enough and in good enough shape to deal with anything, including a zombie apocalypse. My fitness level is abominable, I have crappy eating habits and I haven’t worked out consistently in years. This affects how I feel, both
  20. For the record - I am fat, and trying to lose weight. This is my battle log. The Title of my battle log, is a line from the movie Zombieland:
  21. Main Quest Train and prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. Hydrate - If I have Coffee or energy drinks I must drink water also in a 1/4oz ratio of energy/water. Minimum water intake of 101oz. Other hydration should come from food. Ration - Track food consumption and caloric deficit. I have been mood eating, which I should not be doing. Optimally I want to switch over to Primal, however this is not a goal since everything is unstable for me right now and sometimes I have to eat what I can get. Defend - Make time not excuses for circuits. I have not been doing them because I'm not waking up be
  22. The Challenge Concludes! The sounds of helicopters, sniper rifles, and the gate's cranking mechanism have become everyday background noises. Another six weeks have passed since the Zombie outbreak breached the Swiss boarders. My family and I have survived, but not without our share of hardships and grieving. Still..in the past six weeks, many great transformations have taken place. Greatest of all, perhaps, is my new role as Runner 5. Abel Township has officially taken us in, and in return for safe boarding I train with Doc three times a week and go on supply runs. Sam and the docto
  23. It's been a while since my last challenge, which thankfully was for awesome, life-leveling-up reasons (I bought my first house! Holy crap, I own a house), but I've also been, shall we say, not entirely consistent in my pursuit of my other major life goals, like training for the impending zombie apocalypse. So, this challenge is for me all about getting back into the swing of things in preparation for my next big adventure, which is... Main Quest: Run a Half-Marathon Outrunning the undead hordes requires some serious endurance, since they may be shambling, but they can shamble for a loooooo
  24. So, I'm using the Zombies 5k app trying to work up to achieving my main quest goal of being able to complete the Marines Physical Fitness test with maximal scoring. I've been working on continuously being able to run and the other day during all of my free form run portions of my training session (Week 3 Workout 2) I ran for the entire time . I was happy so wooooot!
  25. Tayrey was there when the world changed. The trouble was, she didn't know what to do about it. A spacer like Tayrey, usually she'd be up and gone before the first signs of trouble, into the black expanse of sky. You try getting a spacecraft to fly true now. Hell, even the hovercars have had all their fuel cells torn out. Tayrey's stuck. She's stuck, and for a while it wasn't even all that bad. Holed up in a cushy library, she did, looked out from her high windows at all the terrors and read up what she could on how to take them down. She's resilient, is Tayrey, though she doesn't know it. Her
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