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Found 4 results

  1. Before one undertakes an adventure they are best advised to prepare for it. Not too much preparation though. Otherwise, where is the adventure? This challenge is all about preparing for my adventures in life. (No Pure, reaaaaally) While my Epic Quest for Adventure details both fitness/health related quests and non-fitness/health related quests I'm going to try and keep my challenges specific to fitness and health, though I'll still mention other things in these threads as well, they just won't be the subject of them. This challenge I will be working towards my Archery, Hiking and Personal Growth Adventure Badges (see Epic Quest for less confusion). My tasks are: Attend archery training if it is held (must go to southern training if it is own and northern training isn't) Archery Badge Start Zombies, Run! again and keep at it Hiking Badge, but also assists with Personal Growth task of Complete Charity Walk Put wrist balancer together. It's a PVC pipe that I need to fill with water and seal so I can use it to improve my wrist strength Find out my 1 rep max for bench, row, squat, deadlift and OHP Personal Growth Badge Track calories Assists but doesn't contribute to Personal Growth Badge
  2. Hello lovely people! I spent a lot of time last year bouncing around in the warriors playground, i lifted semi-heavy things, i got stronger. Then it all fell apart. I injured my left shoulder at work in May of this year and turned into a couch potato. I have zero strength and zero flexibility but i've scrounged around and found a little will power. I am currently doing physical therapy for what my Dr thinks in rotator cuff tendinitis/bursitis/impingement. My main goal with this challenge is to be held accountable for getting off my ass and moving around. That being said, every day i will do some kind of stretching; whether that's yoga or just simple stretches before i go to bed. I will be setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to do these! Secondary challenges will involve doing my PT exercises every day! It's been 6 weeks since i started and while it is feeling slightly better the pain and reduced movement are still an issue. I will also continue to use the 'zombiesrun' game app to go for walks, bike rides and maybe run a little if and when the weather permits.
  3. Time for challenge #4! I'm back with the assassins because I need to focus more on workouts and not just running, and because I'm battling the boyfriend. We made a pact yesterday that by summer, we'd get rid of all belly-wobble. He's thin and strong and got a bit of a beer gut, I'm just wobbly and weak all over so this should be fun to see who's better faster stronger. I also want to mix some of my old goals in here - mostly the crockpot cooking (now that I've got a real crockpot!), cleaning and moving towards Mordor. So, here goes! Fitness Goals Goal 1: Keep moving. It's cold outside and I hate it. It's seriously holding me back from running, walking and all the other things you'd do outside. But no! Can't let that happen. I want to walk at least 10k a week. Which would make 60k during the whole challenge. This time I'm counting every step I take. For that, I'll need a step counter. But I don't want to buy one. Instead, I'll go with the 'The Walk' app - newest from the zombies run creators. That way I don't have to think of another gadget to carry with me, I won't need any silly things on my belt and I have my phone with me everyday anyways. Plus I've always wanted to be a secret agent. [+1 DEX, +1 STA] Goal 2: Time to use the body! I don't have a gym membership anymore, so all I've got to help me is my body. Which is more than enough because I can't even do a push-up! 3 times a week I'll do some form of bodyweight workout. This can be anything from 5 minute HIIT to hours of light bodyweight workout. This can also be fun activities like climbing gym that are definitely a workout but I can't do on a regular basis. [+3 STR, +1 CON] Goal 3: The almighty stretch. Especially with the boyfriend having such horrible back pains and my back pains returning, I need to focus more on stretching.Because it really helped me when I tried it and I need to get back into the habit of doing it in the evening in front of the TV. It's not much of a hassle, I can do it just fine instead of sitting on the couch and it does me good. I neglected that during boyfriend's hospital visit and now I need to get this going again. Same as bodyweight workout here - 3 times a week at least! [+2 DEX, +2 CON] Diet Goal Keep crockpotting! One crockpot-meal a week, this was great last challenge and need to keep it going and get used to my 'real' crockpot now! [+1 CON, +2 CHA] Life Goal Unfuck your habitat. Do the routine every evening. I did great with that whole cleaning thing until everything went wonky in my life. But I managed to keep everything the way it was basically - cabinets and fridge etc. Just need to get back to my bit of cleaning every night and things should be fine. So there we go! [+2 WIS]
  4. Okey Doke - So I'm in, and have sorted out my goals! Number 1 * Start and finish the Zombies, Run! 5k training program ------DEX 2 / STA 3 --------- I tried about 2 months ago, and made it 2 days in. This time it's gonna happen. A - Finish! B - up to week 5 C - up to week 4 D - up to week 3 F - week 2 or below Number 2 * Stay gluten free for 6 weeks, and take Iron and other vitamins daily ------CON 4------- Automatic fail if I eat gluten (I'm coeliac and should take better care of myself) A - miss Iron and vitamins less than 3 days B - miss less than 6 days C - miss less than 9 days D - miss less than 15 days F - miss more than 15 days Number 3 * Stretch/do yoga/do pilates for at least 10 minutes 3 times a week ------DEX 3 --------- A - at least three times every week B - 5 weeks C- 4 weeks D - 3 weeks F - 2 or less Number 4 (life stuff) * Spend 15 minutes a day dedicated to cleaning ------WIS 3 --------- A - miss cleaning than 3 days B - miss less than 6 days C - miss less than 9 days D - miss less than 15 days F - miss more than 15 days I think I've filled this out right. Someone please help if i'm wrong, or you can see any improvements Good luck y'all!
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