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Found 2 results

  1. I am taking a break from my traditional viking theme and taking a new aproach during my summerbreak. Battle of the inspirational characters (Name pending) During this challenge i will continue my normal training which consists of folowing my running plan, eating plan and strength plan. IThe running plan is simply going through with my 21K training app. The eating is clean eating, on week days no carbs, weekends something with carbs and friday is a cheat day Strength is simply going on with my strength training app. NOW FOR THE SPECIAL PART every week i will select an inspirational character/fictional person. Based on this person i will add one extra goal for that week. Also some of my buddies will be choosing an inspirational character/fictional person of their choice and announcing their weekly goal. We will be battling against each other for who sticks best to its goal that week. THe selection will be randomly done for each week. If you can't join me a certain week let me know in the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pahGbwKxrLTM3usQhjnSG5gZc-zr5_g8usw18LRCMrI/edit?usp=sharing KICK SOME ASS
  2. 2016 Year of the viking, Challenge 1 Preparing for the summer raids So now that i have your attention with that grand opening. For me 2016 willl be the year of the viking, what does this mean? Well it means i will run the strongman viking run on all 3 lengths, 7Kms, 13Km and 19Kms and earn my viking torque. http://strongviking.com/ To get this done i need to get in shape for the runs and thus the theme of this challenge will be preparing for the summer raids. Because the runs will be around summer. How does one prepare for the summer raids? There are 3 parts to preparing for the raids. Part 1 Strength. The strength part of this challenge will be fairly simple. It will be focussed at boddy weight training to increase my effective strength. I don't have to be superman strong but strong enough to lift myself over some obstacles. I set up a little training schedule for myself. it is based on 3 days a week boddyweight training and i have to stick to 2 times a week for half points and 3 times a week on average for full points. This is a steep Hill but i like to push myself Part 2 Endurance. The endurance part will be all about getting my ass ready to run the 7Km's. This challenge i will start with the zombies run c25K program to get myself ready to run 5kilometers at the end of 8 weeks, I figure that with a little extra training the 7km's should be a piece of cake. The gradation for this challenge is the same as the strength part. 2 out of 3 on avrage only means half of the points. Full points is 3 times a week average. Together with the strength part i have 6 days a week of training. Part 3 General well being. In order to keep myself happy there also is the general well being part. This holds up 2 goals wich are more personal and not really Strongmen related. 1 Lose weight. Starting this new year i will try something new regarding my diet. I will intermittent fast on a low carb diet. The fasting part will be the folowing, i can start eating as soon as lunch time has arrived. 12:00 and i can't eat after 20:00. This gives me an 8 hour eating window wich should help me regulate what i consume. Combine this with a low card diet except for friday (Because cheat day reasons) i should be able to lose some weight. Depending on the new rules i will ad scores. 2 Work on posture. Part of this is taken along in my training regime with Pilates excercises, the other part is very simple. Watch my back and force myself to sit straight and stand straight. Same goes here, as soon as the new system is released on the 4th i wll make scores for this.
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