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  1. Hey! I'm Kerri. I joined the Academy today and wanted to start a new battle log for this purpose. Most of what is in my old log are outdated measurements and some remnants of black & white thinking. I'm excited to take this new step in my leveling up. I am currently 255 lbs. (Down 40lbs from my highest weight) I am eating three meals a day regularly, with only occasional snacks. I have binge-eating episodes less than once or twice a month? I no longer have tachycardic symptoms and my asthma is controlled without medication. My fasting sugars are out of prediabetic range,
  2. I have been reading on NF off and on for years. I even signed up for the forums a few years ago and then ghosted. But last week when the academy was 50% off I finally committed to starting the academy and went all in! I'm excited and I have already made it to level 3. Struggling with the gimmee loot challenge right now. But I'm also struggling with exercise. I am doing fine with cardio but every time I try to do the body weight work out all I can think is "I do not want to do this". But I know ideally I should combine resistance training and cardio to get the best results. Any id
  3. Emrys here! Today, I joined the Academy and I’m here to fulfill my food logging quest. I’ve been logging my meals with FitBit for the past 7 months so only sharing my logs with others will be new. Per the rules, I’ll be posting daily for 2 weeks; each day, I’ll post the previous day’s log. Feel free to offer healthier alternatives to any meals I have, or drop your email address so we can be FitBit buddies ^.^
  4. I have been on the level 3 gym workouts for a while and I thought things were going really well, so I decided to tackle the boss battle. Kneeling pushups? Psh… I did 20 real pushups. 30-pound goblet squats? C'mon, man, I did 20 at 45 pounds! Assisted chin-ups? OK, that's a little more challenging but I managed to hit 10. And then I got to the bar hang. I couldn't last more than 20 seconds and that was my downfall. At first, I thought it was because the bar I was on didn't have any cushioning and my gloves were kind of bunching up. So, I moved to a different bar where I could also s
  5. [Pre-Challenge: Complete Mindset Module of the Academy] “OMG Hi! Long time listener - first time caller” Yeeeah… not really. My last 4-week challenge was in April of 2016. A lil over 2 years ago. I’ve hit some snags.. A lot of snags. I’ll spare you all the TL;DR wall-o-text. Long story short, 2016 was a terrible year in a lot of ways… and I thought what I learned and endured through 2016 would lead me to a great 2017. It didn’t. I’m starting from square one now. Story time will happen throughout my journey, sorta like a narrator to put all the pieces togethe
  6. I am an amateur ballroom dancer and my fitness is getting in the way of me being a better dancer. I joined the academy on February 1st and am feeling good about my progress but am ready to open up to more accountability. My goals in this four weeks: Stick to the Level 5 Nerdfitness diet and move up to Level 6 by the end of the challenge. Complete a gym work out three times a week. (Nerdfitness Gym 3 currently) Complete a Yoga Session at least one time a week. Go to Ballroom practice at least two times a week. Out of bed by 6:45 am 5 out of 7 days a week.
  7. Hi there! Newbie here. So. Here is a LONG story shortened. 36 female Mother of 2 Work from Home Thyroid Cancer @ 20 Thyroid (and all the goes with it) suppressed for medical reasons (to avoid more cancer) so my metabolism sucks but I try not to use that as an excuse... I play the cancer card ALLLL the time though ;-) High weight 250 (probably a bit more but around there I stopped weighing myself) Last year cleaned up my eating a bit, moved a little more and lost about 40lbs Current weight 220 (it was 210 but I got a little depressed
  8. The last few challenges I've been getting back into the NF academy by going through the mindset challenges. I still have a couple left to do, but I'm ready now to move on to the nutrition and workouts again. I figure it's about time I finally get with the program and see what happens. I've been finding fairly good success with keeping things simple, but still haven't seen the results I would hope for. My schedule has also been difficult recently, with lots of call, but now that's over for a while which is good timing. So it's time to dedicate myself a bit more to the process. Diet
  9. Another challenge, another chance to conquer. Let's do this! I'm super stoked for this challenge! I'll be doing a five-week challenge this time around, but I will be evaluating me quests on a week by week basis and edit, change, swap, or remove any quests as necessary MAIN QUEST Land a new job and get fit doing it WEEK 0 QUESTS QUEST ONE: badland training (WEEK 0) alternate between strength training and running in the mornings and do x4 per week (I'll be using the superhero app from six to start for
  10. I'm back, and ready to start fresh in a new year! My last (almost) year on Nerd Fitness definitely had some ups and downs, some successes and failures, but the one thing that lasted all year was that I was actually, consciously thinking about my health, even if I wasn't doing much about it. I consider that a success, and something I've never been able to sustain for that long. This year it's time to turn some more of that thought into action. I'm going to restart in the Academy and actually do all of the mindset quests (I skipped a few last time). I am also going to mak
  11. Hey folks. I'm having a hell of a time coming up with Bat Cave changes, and the improvements in particular. I keep my derby gear in my car, I have what are probably good snacks at my desk. (I'm meeting with a dietician soon to go over that stuff and will remove any bad choices accordingly.) I make sure to pack a change of clothes and bring it with me to work if I need to go from work to the gym/practice. I get my weekday breakfast and lunch foods on the way to work once a week so there's no risk of forgetting them at home. After that, I'm not really sure where to go from here. Those are
  12. Phoenix is probably my favorite character, so Imma channel her this round. Strength 2 NFA workouts + warmup/cooldown per week. I am still level 1, but I am going to bump up the difficulty of a few of the exercises as I can for this challenge. At 2 weeks, I'm going to try to beat General DOMS again. Total 8pts Cardio/Toning 2 classes per week - preferably 1 Zumba and 1 Pound, however that will depend on babysitter availability. I love having an excuse to get out of the house and get moving doing someting *other* than go for a walk. Total 8pts
  13. After completing her studies, it was time for Neila to adventure out on her own, with just her partner for guidance and companionship. Miles away from the only home she has ever known, she has become lonely, and bored, without enough activity to occupy her days. She overeats to fill the time, but soon her meager wardrobe will no longer fit, and she cannot afford replacements. With her boredom and loneliness she has come to find that the only solution is to dedicate her free time to bettering herself. The world is a dangerous place, and she cannot rely solely on her partner fo
  14. Well, this will be a fun one. I’ve got my handy hunter’s checklist and added a few more items to it. After all there are a few items other than salt and a sawed-off shotgun needed. Exercise NFA represent! I’m still level 1 and I’m ok with that. Baby steps. Some of the exercises are easy, some I’m doing modified versions, and a few I can totally tell that I need to do more of - not because they’re hard to do, necessarily, but because it’s more that they work muscles that I have issues with due to my work of choice (damn you, computers and poor posture!).
  15. Doing my second Whole30 because I’ve been eating like a major asshole this year and that needs to stop. I also want to help my head live a migraine free life. I’ve not had a steady workout in a while so I want to start doing that again as well. This challenge will be based on points and if I pass I’m going to treat myself to new workout pants and socks or a new pair of running shoes. Which I’ll be able to afford since the whole30 limits eating out. Points Points - 30+12+4+280 = 326 Max Points w/Bonus - 30+8+12+16+4+8+280= 358 Points to pass= 250
  16. After last challenge where I tried to respawn in a more unstructured manner and didn't quite get it, I realized that I need some more structure to help guide me. For this reason I am going to more fully take advantage of the NF Academy, with a Star Trek overlay, because it's the 50th anniversary! As I join Starfleet Academy I'll explore all the major divisions, with a mentor from each to help me learn the ropes: Command - Kirk A Starship captain has to be physically fit in order to take on whatever challenges come his way. I will be working on the
  17. Hi my name is warhorseman, for a while I've been thinking about joining the academy as soon as I've given it enough thought, and have enough money to afford it. When I first started looking at the price, it was $99, personally I didn't think it was that bad of a price, I was more wondering if I could commit to it or not; now that I'm more sure about joining, I saw that the price jumped up to $149, sending doubts into my plan, so now I'm contemplating if the program is really worth the price. A little help please?
  18. Breaking from my DragonAge Challenges to refocus and find a little of what I’ve lost. I used to have a nice foundation and starting point but those have scurried away from me. I also want to find some way to incorporate some of the NF Academy quests into a challenge. I’m sure I can add in some of the mindful stuff in. I contemplated joining the druids this go around but I love the assassins. Going back to basics with quests revolving around the 5 senses. Using some of the information from www.chopra.com/. Plan is to focus on the 5 senses and use them to he
  19. Hi folks, I'm another lapsed NF participant jumping back into the fray! Last time I struggled to stay on top of things, but now I'm feeling confident with a good set of achievable goals and a decent battle plan for overcoming expected obstacles. Diet: No more than one proper cuppa (that is, extra strong with milk and three sugars) per day. The ultimate goal here is to reduce my overall love/need for sugar by learning to enjoy less sugary drinks until my go-to cuppa seems just unpleasantly sweet. Track meals every day. Something I've struggled with in the past due to for
  20. Steve and friends: I am loving the academy and do not have a problem with leveling up via the honor system but it would also be fun to link to my garmin heart rate monitor and upload workouts as another way to level up. Just a thought on how to take the academy to the next level. Glenn
  21. Introduction My name is Darci-- you may know me from the NF Academy forums as darcibeta (my character name is Darquar Turbostarr). I joined the NF Academy in November 2014. Despite having been a member for almost 1.5 years now, I've had little success thus far. My biggest issues have been follow-through and consistency. However, this is about to change. Why will it be different this time? Because I gave birth to my second beautiful boy in May 2016, and throughout my pregnancy I was unhappy with my body and with the way I cared for it. I spent quite a bit of time during my pregnancy
  22. Last time on the Rebellion I'm back! My last couple challenges were a struggle to get through. I was tired, depressed, and fighting to find a way to come home. My spouse and I were living 3000 miles from home, and desperately trying to figure out work/jobs to make it happen. A miracle dropped out of the sky in March and I moved back home in April. We did it guys! My spouse and I are living in a gorgeous city in Northern Ontario close to our families (3 hours drive) and both have great jobs. I can't begin to express how lucky I feel or how grateful I
  23. Off Week Goals: Lost in the Woods Inara: You’re lost in the woods. We all are. Even the captain. The only difference is, he likes it that way. Mal: The only difference is, the woods are the only place I can see a clear path. What’s your business here? - Firefly, Eposide "Serenity" I'm back. Again. And where I am right now is the dead center of the woods. I just finished my EMT-Basic certification class (still waiting to register nationally), and got back from the anime convention I was going to. Since I was focusing on surviving 15 hour days during
  24. this is also a repost of my respawn, but I plan on posting the updates daily here too. So I'm starting a respawn, but trying something entirely new, so as not to go insane (you know, insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, right?) So I'm starting this respawn by 1 actually posting my plans, for some accountability, 2 following the academy plan after 3 starting wih an elimination diet to really find out what will work for me, what has been sabotaging me, and also to push myself to be more creative, and resourceful in my cooking and
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