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Found 2 results

  1. Hello and welcome to my battle log, est. 2016! I've been doing challenges for over a year straight and I decided to experiment with an alternative style that gets away from the feeling of being perpetually "on" and one step away from the pointy end of the spear that is the 4WC format while not losing the structure that said 4WC format provides. Kinda strike a balance, like? This will be an ongoing experiment, with some room to adjust. This will be accomplished by a month-to-month formal re-evaluation of goals, without grading per say, and the freedom to change things up at any point with no regrets. All in one place! No need to wonder when my new thread will be up, just stay tuned for the next day's post! Below I will update links to each month's first post so you can see change over time. To round off 2016's activity, I'm posting links to prior challenge activity for the sake of completeness. ...And we're off! Index 2016 Challenges: January, February, March, April 2016: May, June, July, August, Intra-Month Madness, September, October, November, December 2017: January, February, March, April, May, Intra-Month Madness v.2, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2018: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2019: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December Lessons Compendium *~* 5/6/2016 *~* Magnesium deficient is something you don't want to be--supplement You might also be deficient in other vitamins and minerals--supplement with a multivitamin Magnesium is a diuretic Squat foot position should be maintained at hip width, no farther: a wide stance is Trouble for your inner legs *~* 5/21/2016 *~* Ukemi must be executed with one's head tucked There is in fact such thing as too much ukemi, especially when biased to one side of the body TM Fact: If you get to a place on Intensity Day where you struggle to PR, add volume to volume day *~* 8/1/2016 *~* Daily neck stretches keep even small tension headaches away Too much of the wrong kind of foot rolling can lead to TIGHTER feet *~* 8/27/2016 *~* Stress is real and it will harm training momentum. Knee sleeves are good tools in the gym for preventing quad tension. *~* 11/7/2016 *~* 1/wk DL Intensity Day is too intense. 2/month is good. *~* 1/29/2017 *~* When stressed, a massive deload is not necessary. Just hold fast to the same weights and...wait it out. Too much magnesium = diarrhea *~* 7/10/2017 *~* A reminder: sleeping on one's back reduces the risk of headaches and muscle knots. *~* 12/09/2017 *~* Do not stop taking Slo-Mag. Just. Don't. *~* 1/19/2018 *~* Drinking a minimum of 44oz of water helps regulate headaches, even migraines to some extent. *~* 7/18/2018 *~* Hormonal birth control does cause migraines. So does looking down at phone with bad posture all day. *~* 7/30/2018 *~* Dairy and yogurt disagree with my stomach. Vegetables + fermented food are keys to BM balance. *~* 10/1/2018 *~* Fruit disagrees with my stomach. Bananas are fruit. Lacrosse ball rolling helps manage bad posture headaches.
  2. Mistr

    Mistr reinforces better patterns

    Reinforcing better patterns Last challenge I made some progress on setting up better patterns at work and at home. My goal for this time is to keep up the momentum on those things. Work habits: Get emails done right away No social media Project work first thing in the morning No caffeine No snacks between breakfast and lunch Go exercise right away at lunch time. No "just this one thing" first. Leave on time - I can read the internet at home if I really want to. Home habits: Take time after work to do something fun before doing chores. Do knitting or spinning for 15 minutes before playing games or reading social media. Pack breakfasts and lunches in the evening or on weekends. Lay out clothes earlier in the evening. Do finances first among weekend chores In particular, I want to build on the momentum from last weekend on dealing with finances. Each weekend I want to make progress. I can do them early if I want to take time in the evenings. April 20-21 update spreadsheet of regular and one-off expenses for the last four months April 27-28 submit HSA reimbursements May 4-5 Balance checkbooks, get business tax info from Dumbledore May 11-12 Discuss priorities with Dumbledore, change allocations appropriately Task list: Spring/winter clothing swap. Get the boxes back into the attic the same weekend this time. sand and oil bokken and jo Get the dry cleaning done Mend two sweaters Clean the toaster oven (or get someone else to do it - it is disgusting) Gardening - one or two 30 minute sessions a week. Keep this from getting overwhelming Questions to ponder: How do I want to spend my time between friends, aikido and projects. There is also a financial component to this question. Aikido seminars cost money. Dumbledore is supportive, but that does not mean we have funds for everything I want to do. This weekend we are visiting friends several hours away for a party. We are getting a hotel room because they don't have crash space and we don't want to drive home in the wee hours. The following weekend a friend from the dojo will be taking his nidan test at a seminar 3 hours away. I could crash at the dojo for free, but the seminar costs money. Being gone two weekends in a row makes it hard to keep up with food and laundry. I'm also considering spending some time at a zen retreat at the beginning of May. That would be more time and money. Time is not such a big concern because I have plenty of vacation time. In fact, I could plan on taking some time for doing projects at home. Having too many demands on my time makes me want to say no to all of them. Hmmmmm.