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  1. Hello Friends! If you're new to my threads, feel free to check out my battle log for some backstory. It turns out being an infectious disease doctor in a global pandemic comes with a fair amount of stress and over-work. I'm trying to regroup and dig deeper into self care and healing. Goals: 1) Breathwork - I found a teacher named Eryn, who leads frequent courses on breathwork. I've been using this three part active breath to really help calm my nervous system and convince my body that it's safe. It's allowed me to do some deep processing of wounds that I received in childhood. - Sign up for any classes that Eryn offers. - Use recordings from Patreon to practice at least weekly. 2) Health Team Homework - My health team currently includes Taylor (my therapist), Rebecca (my IE-certified dietician), and Amy (my health coach). I work with them at least weekly and they frequently assign me homework to work on between sessions. - Report on my calls with my health team. - Work on my homework between calls. There's a lot of stuff going on in other areas of my life as well, which I'm happy to talk about if people are interested. This is a good start however!
  2. My last several challenges have been less than stellar, things are not going the way I would like at home and stress eating is a thing...I need workout endorphins to be a thing instead. I know this, but often times take the easy way out. Not only is my other half not encouraging when it comes to eating and helping out anymore. Now I get guilt trips when I go to the gym, or if I do 5k's if they're on a day she happens to have off work It's not like she has a regular schedule I could go by when signing up for them. I'm really trying not to let the lack of support I have at home derail me any longer. For those that are new to my thread, I'm semi-addicted to 5ks, used to be 95% Paleo but have fallen off lately. I work as an accountant for a minor league baseball team. Season is crazy but I love my job! Off season is slow and can even be boring at times Last challenge I hired a personal trainer, he is aware of my limitations (I have RA, nerve damage in my neck from a car accident) and is working with me to lose weight and get into shape. I also booked a cruise for my next birthday (my 50th in October 2019) so I have a reward, now lets work on the goals! So yes, back to the goals I have by 50! I want to be able to run (yes run) a 5k, I want to complete a 10k, and I want to start looking to do a 1/2 Marathon. I want to lose about 45 lbs, or fit in the size I could wear when I weighed that just 7 short years ago. I want to be well on my way of having our debt paid off, by this time next year I want to only have the house, cars, and the big CC left, and the CC should be over 1/2 way there, oh, and the student loans...I'll work on those after I get the rest done. So, in order to meet these goals this is what I'm going to do: - Watch what I eat, the restrictive way of eating doesn't work for me since I am not the only one eating it. (I was doing plant paradox previously) Challenge goal, don't eat like an ass - Start working out again. I want this to be habit and second nature. Get to the gym! If I make excuses and don't go then do a bodyweight, kettlebell workout, or get on the treadmill at home. Challenge goal, get to the gym at least three times a week minimum, aim for five workouts a week total - Pay off 'one more' thing...I 'snowball' our debt to try to get it eliminated. I had this done for the most part then we bought the house, and everything we needed for it, etc...happened and it got a bit out of control, just need to continue working it till it's gone. This is almost done on the ones that can be paid off in a challenge and getting to the point it's going to take more than one challenge to pay them off completely. Challenge goal, finish paying off the last one I can pay off in one challenge and start on the next one. Don't go overboard at Xmas and make it worse! Bonus challenge goal(s), checking in here, I get busy and forget at times but I'm aiming for three days a week to not get off track. Domestic Rangering, since I have no help on this front either start using the Clean My House app I have again to keep me on track. I am in a house this year so that makes some things stressful, but I used my annual bonus to pay off some of the smaller things and used it to get things like decorations, etc...will use the rest to purchase gifts for the holiday so it doesn't derail the budget. The raise I got will help offset the increase in insurance and give a little bit more to put towards stuff in the upcoming year. I want to get back into candle making as well, I have a few friends with shops and that do craft fairs that we could split cost and help bring in more income.
  3. MAIN CHALLENGE As for the past few challenges, I've been saying "Look awesome in a Kilt for my wedding day" I'm going to say that's still the goal but I want to be more specific. I hope to hit around 180 lbs by the wedding date of 09/20/2014. It's been the same for the past few challenges, but this means a weight loss of 28 lbs in under two months, while some people have had that kind of loss I'm doubtful that it'll be legitimately possible, but I'm still going to try! (Healthily) MOTIVATION The motivation is the hope to see the looks and reactions of everyone when the see me in the best shape of my life standing up at the infamous altar. Not to mention the increase capability, improved emotional state, and other benefits from the healthier life. SUB-QUESTS Quest 1 - Calories Count: Eat at most between 1500-1600 Calories per day [CON:2 | WIS:2] I'm in a good place with the food I eat, trying to focus on keeping within a specific calorie range to focus on fat loss. A: Did Not Exceed 1600 Calories per day all Six Weeks B: Did Not Exceed 1600 Calories per day for Four Weeks C: Exceed 1600 Calories per day 2 days per week for Four Weeks D: Exceed 1600 Calories per day 3 days per week for Four Weeks D: Exceed 1600 Calories per day >3 days per week Quest 2 - Selective Sugars: Cut Down/Out Added Sugars [CON:2 | WIS: 2] The idea here is to focus on cutting out added sugars. Only natural sugars found in things like fruits, vegetables, and possibly honey when making food at home. Exceptions will be made for Cured Meats (such as Bacon). A: No Cheats For All Six Weeks B: 1 Cheat A Week For Four Weeks C: 2 Cheats a Week for Four Weeks D: 3 Cheats a Week for Four Weeks F: >3 Cheats a Week Quest 3 - Muscle Misc: Perform a Mix of Strength/Cardio Exercises at least 3x a week [STR: 2|STA:2] Continuing my attempts to get my exercise habit, want to make sure I add in walking in addition to the strength exercises A+: Exercise 3x a week for all 6 weeks B: Exercise 2x a week for 5 weeks C. Exercise 2x a week for 4 weeks D. Exercise 2x a week for 3 weeks F. Exercise 2x a week for >3 weeks SIDE QUEST Side Quest 1 - Work Wreckage: Spend at least 1 hour per workday on backlog [WIS: 1] I've allowed myself to gain a massive backlog of some of my duties at work, I intend to fully catch up and keep up during this challenge. Side Quest 2 - Frugal Finances: Track Income, Bills, and Spending every day [WIS: 2] Back to the budget this time, I had an awesome job last time, and with the impending wedding and recent move it's time to get back on top of this one again. MEASUREMENTS Height: 68" Weight: 208.5 Waist: 42" Hips: 40.25" Chest: 40.75" Neck: 15" Thigh(Left): 21" Thigh(Right): 22" Bicep(Left): 13" Bicep(Right): 13.25" Body Fat %: 32% Some of these numbers are a bit of a departure from the end of the last challenge. The waist measurement I didn't take as tightly as previously. I think I was taking the measurement too tightly and so I let it loosen up a little bit to give a more true picture of what's going on. I may have gained a little bit regardless, but not as much as this might suggest compared to the last one. MINI-QUESTS Mini-Quest 1 - Completed +1 STR Mini-Quest 2 - Completed +1 STA Mini-Quest 3 - Completed +1 CON Mini-Quest 4 - Completed +1 CHA Mini-Quest 5 - Missed Mini-Quest 6 - In Progress +1 DEX
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