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  1. Before one undertakes an adventure they are best advised to prepare for it. Not too much preparation though. Otherwise, where is the adventure? This challenge is all about preparing for my adventures in life. (No Pure, reaaaaally) While my Epic Quest for Adventure details both fitness/health related quests and non-fitness/health related quests I'm going to try and keep my challenges specific to fitness and health, though I'll still mention other things in these threads as well, they just won't be the subject of them. This challenge I will be working towards
  2. Finance- Complete. Fitness- Attempt an aerial class. Jan 2015. Joined an aikido class. Great Big Backyard- Dinosaur Monument Glenwood Caverns Royal Gorge 2 14ers Great Sand Dunes 7/6/15 Cheyenne Zoo 10/9/15 Mesa Verde Red Rocks Pikes Peak Garden of the Gods Great Big Country- Evermore, Utah ECCC / Seattle Bourbon Street, New Orleans Boston Hawaii Aleutians, Alaska California Adventure at Disneyland, California 12/5/16 Zion National Park, Utah Disney World, Orlando, Florida Diagon Alley &a
  3. Last challenge was accomplished though my tracking and reporting was lacking. Because of that I'm going to include "getting you that TPS report" in my goals this time around. I don't get back from our trip to Colombia until the 11th, and then I dive right into rehearsals for Pippin, directing the one-act showcase for the local theatre (that's easy, just three rehearsals and one performance), and work hitting the busiest time of year (start of the semester). I'm focused on getting pre-PA classes taken care of so I'll be taking one class (though that could be counseling
  4. Hey Assassins: I closed out my last challenge, and here I am to try again. And no, I'm not actually swimming. I don't mind the water, heck I'm a SCUBA diver so I kind of love it, but swimming for exercise is kinda godawful for my brain. Too repetitive. I'm a runner, through and through. Also maybe a biker, and probably could be more so as my joints age. But I digress. My last challenge was focused on combatting sugar and eating more veggies. I did OK on the sugar front, but failed miserably on the veggies. So here I go again, starting smaller with a hope that I
  5. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Rookie Takes Aim No seriously...... I can do it.... seriously. I can at least give it my best shot.... Quest: Lose 5lbs more (271.8lbs to 266.8lbs) (279.2lbs to 274.2lbs) Challenge amount lost: 7.4lbs Overall lost: 13.2lbs SubQuest 1: Count calories/ practice macro counting (total of 21 points) Keep tracking 1 point for not exceeding calorie limit 2 point for hitting within 5 of macro allowance SubQuest 2: Drink 2L Water (total of 7 points) 1 point for 2L water drank
  6. Become the Wolf Here we go again (Again again again). Last time I attempted this I tried my hand at Keto and although it worked really well in the beginning it wasn't for me. Near the end I was mentally exhausted, bitter, frustrated and found myself cheating and eating worse than I did while off the diet. Which of course brought on the feelings of guilt and failure. So here I am again, ready to push forward and become the wolf. Fierce, wild and determined. Let's see how far I get this time. The plan - Drink at least 2L of water daily - Meal plan ahead of
  7. So last challenge was all about getting back into participating in the forums. I didn't stop exercising, though some bad news about my cholesterol (it's high) and a little winter "puffiness" has got me keen to up my training and improve my eating habits. This time around it's all about getting ready for the massive "Boulder Bolder" 10K at the end of the month, as well as getting back into archery and keeping up my strength training. Plus, in the interest of a healthy diet, I'm going to focus on positive eating habits rather than limiting what I can and cannot eat. Except for add
  8. Last challenge saw a rather substantial advancement in rank and responsibility. While on pilgrimage to Rome, the Crown of Northshield confirmed me in my office of Seneschal of Nordleigh - a small canton south of the great Barony of Nordskogen, and beholden to the self-same Baron and Baroness. A small and poor frontier territory, with barely enough people to even grant it status as a canton, Nordleigh historically had supported the great colleges of that region, but those seats of higher learned have turned their backs on the people, preferring to stay safe within their own walls
  9. Inspired by @Elastigirl and her declaration of a prestige class, I think it’s time to make a change and switch not only classes but themes. This one holds the promise of costumes and actual weapons ….. I’m going to be a Forester, counting this as a prestige class based on the Rangers. A combination of trail hiking/running, ranged weapons, protecting the Forest, and dispensing the Crown’s justice (and mercy). Part SCA and part D&D/Pathfinder. After 30 years of hanging around the fringes of the Society for Creative Anachronism, I finally became a sustaining memb
  10. The title of the thread is a reference to The Six Root Verses of the Six Bardos, specifically: At this time, when the bardo of dream appears to you, Abandon the heedlessness of the delusory sleep of a corpse. Enter into the nature of mindfulness and nonwandering. Recognizing dreams, practice transformation and luminosity. Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. Mind Beyond Death. I'm not planning on doing any dream yoga or lucid dreaming: friends, I'd just like to fricken sleep through the night. Br
  11. Hi! Just finished my first challenge, and I am now joining the Monks. I do kyudo, a.k.a. Zen archery. My first martial art was aikido, which I practiced both as a teenager (got injured and stopped for about seven years), and as an adult (got sick and stopped for about four years). I keep telling myself that I will go back to it one day, but I also accidentally developed a lot of injury-related hangups around aikido, so I'm gonna have to go ahead and work through those. I usually try to keep my endeavors well-rounded across the stat spectrum; I'm not a min-maxer by any means. M
  12. Mistr plays with the pieces - Challenge 30 The theme of this challenge is to try fitting pieces together in different ways and decide what I want to keep using. Unlike @sarakingdom, I do not know exactly who I want to be. I completed a major goal in April. Since then I have been trying things out and taking time off. Pieces to play with include: Aikido. How often do I want to practice? How often do I need to practice to keep making progress? Archery. This is a new thing that I want to include in my next level. Maybe not precisely a ne
  13. Ryuu Apprentices with the Arrow 5/22/17-6/30/17 (7 Weeks) 500/500 hp + Health potion: 1 I've had some some ups and downs over that past few challenges but mainly I have been moving forward. Slowly but forward. I think the four week challenges are a little short to really see and achieve some good progress since I normally slip up on the weeks in between them, so for this challenge I will be focusing on long term consistency. The end of the school year 6/9 and the Tough Mudder 6/10 will be bumps during this challenge as will my two week long summer jobs: Teacher Leader for the
  14. Hi! I am new, I am a nerd, and I need to lose a ton of weight and get into shape! I want to fit into more clothes and I want to be able to run around with my (so far yet-to-be-created) kids and match their energy levels. I am interested in routines or programs or skillsets that will put me in the fantasy bad ass mindset. For instance, I am super interested by shovelglove. People even post shovelglove scenarios on YouTube so that your routine is sort of like RPing! Also, the thought of me being a hammer wielding badass battle babe is really enticing. I'm also interested in doing arc
  15. The 12 Labors of Ryuu1011 Part 2 Challenge #8.5: Jan 2- Feb 4th, 2017 Towards the end of the last challenge I lost sight of my goals because of the holidays and although I kind of expected it, I'm not happy about it. Therefore I'll be making another attempt at the 12 Labors of Hercules for this challenge. I've edited my goals slightly because of some recent purchases and additions to my Bat Cave (i.e my fitness arsenal). Ultimate Challenge Goals (5 weeks of goals) 1. Exercise Every Weekday in Someway 2. Continue my Handstand Training 3. Record my Nutrit
  16. Last month: Left my CF gym and became a lone lifter again. Reset my squat to the bar and worked my way back to 175x3x5 with much better form via a modified version of Starting Strength. Had my yearly checkup and confirmed with my doctor that I have a torn rotator cuff. Also discussed the possibility of bipolar disorder. He gave me rehab exercises to do to hopefully avoid surgery on shoulder and a psychiatric referral that I'm still waiting to hear back from. Wanted to give myself a project. Working on my novel turned into spontaneously writing a short erotic fantasy
  17. The 12 Labors of Ryuu1011 Challenge #8: December 4- 31, 2016 Inspired by the greatest trials by the most legendary hero in ancient Greek myth this challenge will mirror the 12 Labors of Hercules. For this challenge I am going to try and accomplish all 12 labors of Hercules (which took him 12 years) in just the 12th month of the year, by using my four main goals for this challenge, and then to breaking them down into manageable Mini-Boss Battles. Unlike the original Labors I will be working on all 12 labors at the same time and my labors will still count ever if I get some help
  18. So last week for the second year in a row I got to spend an amazing 5 days (+2 extra in Atlanta) in the woods with THE MOST AMAZING NERDS ON THE PLANET! Camp was yet again one of the most mind blowing experiences of my life, and the things I learned and the people I met and reconnected with will stay with me always. There's a hashtag on social media we use #CNF365 to represent bringing all the goodness we got there into our every day lives. My goals this challenge, and until the end of the year, are to do this hashtag justice. October is also going to be in INSANE month for me.
  19. I no longer have the possibility of randomly having to move at the drop of a hat. YAY! So I want to start establishing some routine. There are a lot of things I want to start doing again, but I need to remember that I need to build slowly. I won't be getting internet at home. There's no DSL or home phone line (so no dial up) service available. Satellite is stupid expensive considering I can't do the things I actually want internet for. A friend is bringing a cell booster next week. We're going to see if that helps with cell phone service at my house. If it does, I will probably use one o
  20. When I quit my job at the end of last challenge, I kinda threw myself into a frenzy of keeping busy. I took on a bunch of projects so that I wouldn't be sitting around without people contact or achievements to earn, and I was determined not to sit at my computer all day. Hence my absence from Nerd Fitness ..... Mr. Wizard and I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, and I threw myself into getting ready for our first event. It was something I had always dreamed of doing .... now seemed like a good time to join up. I made outfits and wooden camp chairs (yes, I'll post pics
  21. I'm back for a quick challenge! I'm inspired this month to really up my game in a few areas of my life, and I've found Nerd Fitness to be a great source of support and accountability. So, here goes. The Avengers are a team; one where every member really needs to work together to be effective. So I'm going to tap into the various aspects of my fitness life to build a team that will support me in reaching my goals over the coming months. Here's the goals: 1. Figure out if I can run with a sports hernia. That is, figure out if I can manage the pain associated with it, and sti
  22. Last challenge went really well for the first three weeks, and then some stuff at work really got under my skin. Some bouts of emotional eating combined with the long 4th of July weekend bumped up my weight by about a pound. I really need to take measurements because my clothes continue to get looser as I bike and run and walk. Mid-summer, like mid-winter, just doesn’t have a lot of events to look forward to enjoying. There are a lot of things happening near the end of August, but these upcoming weeks have the potential to really drag in the proverbial “dog days of summer”. A
  23. Looks like I'm a day late and a dollar short for this challenge! The end of the last one was a right fizzle. What with being sick and spending so much time on the ski slopes I pretty much forgot to close it out. Not to say that I didn't have a great time--one of my best days of skiing of all time was had on the Saturday of the last weekend of the challenge! But, the season is pretty much done and I've definitely improved quite a bit, and put in a lot of time doing deep lunges down the mountain. Unfortunately, I've also practically given up on trying to keep my diet under control.
  24. It's another challenge! Right after the last challenge! I haven't even had time to tally my final scores for the last challenge and here we are again? This whole "no break" thing is going to be the end of me... Three goals. That's it. Last time I had like, five or six, and that was too many. It went well, but it was hard to track and some things fell by the wayside. 1. Get outside and ride! Three times per week at least. I've always been a runner, and the older I get the more convinced I am that I'm not really a long distance runner. Only because I'm always to some degree or anot
  25. I'm back! I spent the first week of this challenge in Arizona, helping my mom pack up her house to move. I moved some 200+ boxes. I also managed to work out one time, which was a real drag because the weather was so amazing down there and I would have loved to go for a long desert run or two--but there just wasn't time. In any case, I've been too busy at work and home with a sick kid this weekend to get on NF and come up with any goals. So, like any good thief, I'm going to steal YOURS! From starsapart: Stretch (+3 Dex) 6 days a week of hamstring stretches, at least 5 minutes per
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