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Found 6 results

  1. Plague ravages the land. Banished from the trails, he plans and trains for his next adventure. Strength, Stamina and Discipline are gathered and shared with Jax the white wolf for when, once again, the door opens and the road beckons. Quest 1: Plan a camping trip for post quarantine. Quest 2: Work out for 10 minutes each day. Quest 3: Only drink soda and beer once per week. Quest 3: Walk Jax 5 times per week.
  2. Are you thinking.... MMA beginners need to change their workout routine?
  3. You down with O.P.P...P? Yeah, you know me. I'm looking for a small group of beginner Parkour members. You don't really have to be old, that part's just a joke. Basically, I want to start a training group where we're all pretty much training from the beginning and working our way up. So let me know if you're in. Let me know what you can do as far as fitness level and a little about yourself. For those of you doing the 6 week challenge, here is the spreadsheet in which to log your numbers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Asc4kaQ_j6WndFM0b0I3aXBiY0FfOEZvc0JOU2NUWUE#gid=2
  4. I am 25 and 180 pounds give or take. I just recently found out I am pregnant but I am more motivated than ever to lose weight. I used to do PT in high school and I'm quite the walker but I have never been the epitome of "fit". I have always been chubby and gained a lot of weight with my first born. I lost most of that "baby fat" but fell in love all over again and gained most of it back. I am back to square 1. I am going to lose weight all over again and I am going to get stronger and I am following the rules. My diet consists more of quality calories instead of quantity. My workouts will beco
  5. After being contacted by another member of the rebellion, we decided to start our own beginning Parkour training club. We meet 530PM on Wednesdays, at the park on the corner of S.1st Street and Emerald Wood, Austin TX 78745. Open to all, please come! Tonight (2/27/13)we'll be practicing precisions, rolls, and general flexibility.
  6. This group is for those interested in bodyweight strength training. Beginners especially! And all the more love for my fellow ladies looking to get strong. (But if you've got experience, and/or are a boy and want to hang out here, by all means, come be our ring leader.) This will be a place where we can support each other as we begin, or continue, our journeys to become stronger, more balanced adventurers. While adding weights to typical bodyweight moves is welcome, mostly this will focus on the standard beginnings of workouts that are dumbbell and barbell free. So if you're looking
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