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Found 7 results

  1. [Pavowski] Go Ruck Yourself

    When was the last time I challenged? Spoiler alert: you probably don't recognize my name around here, it's been that long. But you're never too far gone to throw yourself back into the deep end, so here goes: For most of the year, I've just been focusing on keeping my runs going. Niggling little injuries and a general lack of free time (I know I know we all have the same 24 hours in the day) have had me unable to do much more. But recently -- well, I don't know if it's the Spring thaw coming on, or just getting a little frustrated with the man in the mirror, or what, but it feels like time to get serious again. The wife and I agreed to lose weight together about six weeks ago, and that's going fantastic (I'm down about ten pounds, she's down more than that!) and I started up my body weight workouts again... but it felt like something was missing. So I went and re-read Natural Born Heroes, which was a mistake, because now I'm all like YEAHHHH PARKOUR and WOO NO SUGAR IN MY DIET and RAAAA DO ALL THE THINGS. A likely sign I'm about to overdo it in a big way. So I'm not going to try *all* the things; just *some* of the things. The big thing is, I'm gonna try out rucking once a week. Whether in place of a run or a workout, I'm not sure yet (my heart says sub it for a workout, my brain says sub it for a run), but I'm gonna try it regardless. I hear it's good for posture (which I'd like to correct) and core (which ... yeah) and it just looks like fun besides. My pack arrives tomorrow! I also want to roll in some of the MovNat beginner exercises with my bodyweight workouts -- cuz the endless push-ups and squats aren't totally ringing my bell these days. Finally, not fitness-related, but I've gotta keep the hammer down on the current draft of my novel. I'm into the mushy phase of editing where it's easy to get lost and lose momentum, and a challenge -- with a little bit of accountability baked in -- is a good way to keep me on the straight and narrow. (Notice that there's no running goal. I'm assuming my runs will stay stable. Surely nothing can go wrong under such an assumption.) So. First challenge in, like, more than a year? Check. Three goals? Check. Go Ruck yourself.
  2. Ba'sini'on Is No Longer Weak

    Felt like I was trapped in a coffin underground with no one to know I was there. But now I have a new purpose and new goals to get to! No more feeling like I'm suffocating under a severe weight. Which means it's time for me to train for my goals that will take me and my family far in life. I just want to mention something some of you may know, but I have some mental problems that have prevented me from hitting my goals years before. My symptoms fit that of schizophrenia but it's only a self diagnosis mind you. I looked into having myself examined by an expert but was told that it would take six months of intense therapy, and testing. And that given how I was functioning on a day to day basis, there would be no point. Because I'm functioning to a point where a diagnosis would be a waste of money, unless, I start mentally deteriorating. On one hand I was a little disappointed, because I'm curious by nature and I wanted to know why I function the way I do. On the other hand I'm apparently sane enough to be deemed a mentally healthy and in no need of therapy. Which makes me happy! But my goals are tough and I need to make sure I'm taking care of my mental health, especially for the sake of my family. So let's do this thing!! Warrior Training: Bodyweight training everyday; Weight training 6x a week; Cardio 2x a week. I'm a mesomorph so I only see weight loss results when I exercise. My diet is pretty good despite being on a strict budget so I'm not worried about that. But I want to train bodyweight to eventually be able to do parkour, gymnastics, ballet, and martial arts with better ease. Wisdom of Solomon: Follow School Schedule and Business Plan. I want to increase my intelligence and increase my business income. My school schedule also includes my daughter's schooling. She's a smart little thing who gets bored easily and likes to be mentally challenged. So my studying will help me when she's ready for school since I will be homeschooling. Mistress of Time Management: Unplug Until Nap Time and Bedtime. I am really horrible at time management. And the biggest culprit I'm up against is social media and being a tv junky. I'm even seeing my daughter becoming addicted to television. She's not going to grow up like me. No Way! So no phone or tv until she's asleep. And even then it will be for business purposes only. Earthly Riches: Emergency Fund 60% or More Completed. We're dedicating ourselves to becoming debt free. Which means we first have $1000 for an emergency fund. And we're 30% there so far! Life Goal: Read Bible and Meditate Everyday: As I said, my mental health needs to be priority for the sake of my family. Spiritual growth and making sure I'm mentally calm and collected first thing in the morning will keep me sound of mind. I need to make this a habit. I really need to push myself to train, and learn. I wasted a lot of my life already being in depression, and not having any goal in my life. I'm not getting any younger and there's things I want to do and places I want to go. And I want the finances there so my family can join with me in traveling and learning. I never thought I deserved a family of my own. Now that I have one, I want them to join in and be with me wherever God leads us. I will be making mini challenges every week that correspond with my goals. Each one I finish is 2+ points, and at the end of my challenge if I get 32 points I will treat myself to a manicure.
  3. Vixen: Team Up

    Safe on the other side of the ravine, Vixen decided to make camp. Building the fire was no problem, and soon a pot of water was boiling merrily away for tea, but putting up the tent was a bit more of a struggle. "If only I had someone else to help me," Vixen grumbled, before clapping her hands together in delight. That was it! She'd struggled on the vines because she didn't know what she was doing, so why not invest in some help? Before you could say 'product placement' Vixen had signed up to the NF rings and handstands courses and was flicking through the pages on her phone. The terrain ahead of her though... hills and mountains. She wanted to learn how to swing on a vine, but for the road ahead, what she really needed was a Ranger. She looked back down at the phone in her hand. Time for a team up. So I'm still going to be working on my goals from last month, but I'm also going on a walking holiday in North Wales over Easter, so I wanted to incorporate that into my story, heh. My Ranger is one of my BFFs, she's working on her mountain leadership qualification, and she's agreed to do some truly gnarly ridge walking with me. It's still too cold to climb outside. In my soft southern opinion. Hang Glide When I was little I said this was my life ambition. I've decided to actually just do it this year. Because there's no time like the present. Hang glide this year was my 2018 New Year's Resolution. E-mail to ask when the deadline is for booking in June Book onto a tandem hang glide session in June Become a Gymnastic Ring Aficionado I'm on the last level of the bodyweight path in the NF Academy, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. I've just bought the NF rings and handstands course, so time to work that out. Read through both courses Create a workout plan Strength train x3 a week (except for holiday week) 1 2 3 Become Proficient at Aerial Hoop Hoop is my new favourite thing in the world. I love it. I want to do it MORE. Schedule classes for the month except for holiday week Practise once a week 1 2 3 Write First Draft of a Story Another one of the things I always said I would do. I went on an OU creative writing course last year, now to start putting it into practice! Vixen is a character in one of my WIPs, btw. Schedule in one writing session a week (except for holiday week) Write once a week 1 2 3 Find a New Job My other half is a doctor, and we will be moving for his work in August. I'm trying to put in the groundwork now, so I can find a new job that I like! Job interview prep - read their websites - familiarise yourself with their research - answer the sample questions S gave you Apply for at least one other job Complete Care Certificate SIDE QUEST: The Misty Mountains Going to Snowdonia with a crowd of my bestest buddies, and I want to go walking with my favourite Ranger/Hobbit Make a kit list Finalise travel plans Find two really challenging walks that I want to do Liaise with the Ranger about how feasible they are WALK
  4. Akura collects Rare Blades

    The last challenge was kinda mushy... I was sick for a few days, wen to a conference and got sick again at the conference. And even apart from all that I wasn't as sucessful as I wanted to be. So, the goal for the next five weeks will be to do more or less the same again with some small changes. In week 0 I will take it easy, in particular with working out. After playing for over 170 hours -- and not being remotely close to 100% -- the theme will be... Rare Blades of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 I'll be taking quest from four Rare Blades -- not necessarily my favourites, but I wanted to stay spoiler-free and it doesn't really matter after all. (Design-challenge for the next time: Build quests around the field skills of the Blades.) Mythra's Quest: Write/work on the introduction of my thesis. (Open goal.) Write one page about each of the four ideas I have for my thesis. There are two parts of my PHD thesis I can reasonably work on. Firstly, the introduction. Here I have to write about a few different things and stitch them together in a meaningful way. There is no clear goal, hence I won't aim for any amount of output. But I'll track the number of pages I've written to get a sense of progress. Secondly, I have four different ideas/approaches, which are more or less independent from each other, which I have to flesh out. Writing a page about each of them and how they could/should work seems like a good start. Poppi's Quest: Work out 2 times a week. Go running once a week. Read Simple & Sinister. Working out is still my number 1 priority this year. But after being sick for effectively 10 days I feel super sluggish. So, the goal is to actually do the workouts no matter how intense they are. Firstly, two workouts a week which may include Yoga, bodyweight training or bouldering. Secondly, I want to run more. But as it is something I always struggle with, I aim for once a week. As spring came crashing down on us here in Munich, I have no excuses here. Thirdly, I want to start kettlebell training and, thus, I will read Simple & Sinister. And after watching a few YouTube videos I'll probably start by incorporating one or two kettlebell exercises into my workouts. I want to start slow, as I still have many back problems. Dromarch's Quest: Track calories and macros 7 days a week. Stay below 2400 kcal 5 days a week. Meditate 4 days a week. I still struggle with my diet. In order to get back on track I will do a little bit less and focus more. Firstly, tracking is the key, as always. Secondly, I want to stay below 2400 kcal and to see whether that's enough to start losing weight again. My TDEE is around 2300 kcal, so this goal should be a good start. I will also try to reduce carbs as much as possible, but I won't focus on that. Thirdly, I want to and need to re-start meditating. Before getting sick it went reasonably well, however, I did it not often enough. It seems to help, so I want to prioritise it more. Pandoria's Quest: Practise the guitar 3 times a week. Draw something 3 times a week. Read 150 pages. As usually, I struggle with my hobbies. I try to do less in order to achieve more. Firstly, I still want to learn a love song on the guitar to play for my girlfriend. And playing the guitar has also a similar effect on my mind as meditating. Secondly, I realised last challenge how much I enjoy drawing again. So, I want to do that more, too. In order to focus my creative energy, I will try to work on a short comic called Hellgirl. The basic plot is that an old knight rescues a baby from a monster. He then finds out that the baby is the daughter of the devil and he starts a journey to hell to bring her back home. I won't put too much effort into this, since I don't want to stress myself. But, whenever possible, I'll draw something relevant for this story. Thirdly, I want to finish Die Donau -- a book about the historical and cultural impact of the river Danube. I have about 300 pages left, but I aim low with 150 for this challenge. And now... Let's go to Elysium together!!
  5. Lightning's One Week Challenge

    One last try... So here it is. I have not been able to manage my fitness, plus a full-time job and homeschooling my teen. I'm really not certain I'm going to be able to do it all. I'm thinking I may have to switch back to part-time work, but I'd like to try to make this work. All I know is that I'm tired and sore and my clothes are tight so I have to try something. I'm jumping into this challenge just to see if I can handle it for a week. I really want to drop weight, tighten up and regain some spark. We shall see if this works. Goal 1: Track food on MFP everyday. No limits on what I'm eating, its about getting back into the habit of tracking and taking an honest look at how much food I'm stuffing into my face. Goal 2: Complete 3 bodyweight sessions. I plan on doing (3 sets of) some form of push-up, row, squat, shoulder press, and plank. Goal 3: Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetable (at least 3 should be vegetables).
  6. Elastigirl: Back In Basic Training

    Everything is quiet in Metropolis. The Incredibles have done a good job of getting rid of villains, and word has spread that villains would be wise to stay far away. Which is great, excewpt for one thing. Elastigirl (that's me) is getting soft and fluffy. And since I know that any time I might need to be strong enough to fight the villain, It is important for me to be at the top of my super hero shape. Here is my plan to ensure that I ready for my super hero duties. Once again, I will be give out attribute points for my character. Quest 1:Start the day right :4 star Morning Stealing the idea from Xena I’ve been working on my morning routine the last month, and this is the routine that works best for me. The idea is to have all these completed by 11:00 a.m. Each item I complete earns a star Bible Read Kitchen tidied ( can be swapped with a morning walk) Breakfast/ protein smoothie finished Workout completed Bed made Bonus star: to do list for the day written WIS:5 Quest 2 :Fit into my Incredible Superhero Costume My spandex costume doesn’t hide anything. I need to be in superhero fighting lean shape. In order to do that: Track MFP 6 days a week (established habit) Write out the meal plan the day before. I can switch it on the day a bit, just keep in the same parameters (new habit) Track weight and measurements once a week (established habit) Con;4 Quest 3: Superhero Training Academy I need to follow my superhero training for strength and to build my elasticity, and to check in with my trainers to see what I need help with. Follow the GMB Integral Strength- post on GMB posse forums, and once a week post videos for the trainers to see Continue with Focused Flexibility and post two videos on that to the GMB forums. STR; 3 DEX 3
  7. ********************************************** References / Sources of Information. Gymnastic Bodies Programs 8 Weeks Out - particularly for recovery information ********************************************** G'day everyone, This is my fourth Holo-Log (the previous ones can be found here). This new Holo-Log has been created to record a focused eight week period, where I have the opportunity to remove a lot of life's distractions and achieve some quality training. After my previous logs and, more importantly, the life experiences I've gathered I believe I am worthy of being promoted to a Padawan. For this Holo-log's class I have chosen Jedi Sentinel, which is a mix between Assassin and Monk. Sentinel is also perfect as it mixes my personal philosophy study (all Jedi need introspection, reflection and meditation), technical interests (computer science and cyber security), martial and warrior skills (career) and preference for mobility and power (gymnastics). Physical Training Sun – Recovery Session & Thoracic Bridge Stretch Time required – 90 minutes Mon – Gymnastic Strength Training – Upper Body (odd weeks); Core (even weeks) Time required – 60 minutes (20 mins warm up, 40 mins GST) Tue – Running Training & Front Split Stretch Time required – 90 minutes (60 mins stretching, 30 mins running) Wed – Gymnastic Strength Training – Core (odd weeks); Upper Body (even weeks) Time required – 60 minutes (20 mins warm up, 40 mins GST) Thu – Running Training & Middle Split Stretch Time required – 90 minutes (60 mins stretching, 30 mins running) Fri – Gymnastic Strength Training – Upper Body (odd weeks); Core (even weeks) Time required – 60 minutes (20 mins warm up, 40 mins GST) Sat – Gymnastic Strength Training Lower Body; Hand-Stand 1 & 2; Movement Time required – 90 minutes (20 mins lower body, 30 mins Hand-Stand, 40 mins Movement) Rest - Rest will be used when required. If I wake and do not feel like training, I will note this under Force Attunement. However, I will do my training. If this occurs two days in a row, then the programmed training will be switched for a recovery session. Force Attunement - This is an indicator of how I felt prior to exercise. 1. Out of alignment. Tired, fatigued, sluggish. No desire to train. 2. Normal connection levels. Considered the 'base-line'. Desire doesn't play into this. You are capable of training. 3. Heightened connection. Above a normal level, resulting in increased optimism and feeling of well-being. I am not going to worry about any other conditioning. No circuits, no weight lifting, no getting side-tracked with other training. This will be tough when I return to Australia, and I will need to become flexible with this, because my mates will want to train. If that is the case, consider the following priority list to do before any other training: - GST Upper Body - Hand-Stand - Movement - GST Lower Body - GST Core - Running Mental Training Daily - Post article for work education (work days only). Weekly - Listen to one educational Podcast and record notes. - Game (video, board, anything) for no more than 21 hours, but no less than 7 hours. - Contribute to finishing one non-fiction book. - Contribute to finishing one fiction book. Monthly - Read one non-fiction book and record notes. - Read one fiction book Emotional Training Daily - Read Daily Stoic and write to family on my reflections. - Write the evening notes in my Journal. Weekly - Reflect on the week. Monthly - Write to yourself in the future, ‘what you want to be at the end of next month’. - Review personality assessments.