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  1. Hi guys! Holy crap what a big challenge! NERD FITNESS 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Can you believe it?!!? I can’t!1/!?11 It was the fall of 2014, and I was at Forever 21 trying on cute dresses for work. I remember trying on some in my usual size, 6, and it was just the breaking point. Nothing fit, nothing zipped up right, nothing felt good, I felt like a human sausage and I’d finally had it. A bad dress shopping experience finally put my path back into my own hands as the next day at work I googled “fitness for nerds”. And the rest, as they say, is histor
  2. Heya I'm new to Nerd Fitness and am looking to get involved in the community... I'm a boxer (just starting out again--and struggling to do so--after a very long absence), so I'd love to meet some other NF folks who are into that, but if you're not, that's Okay, too. I have a lot of great friends IRL, but not a lot of friends who are interested in fitness, unfortunately, so I'm reaching out here to see who I can find. Excited to meet you!
  3. Yesterday I ran my second half marathon (YAY!). I enjoyed it and may a third some time, but it meant that I had to dedicate most of my summer to being a Scout. I like running, but I am not a Scout. I am most definitely a Ranger and having to stay focused on one discipline to that extent made me antsy. So for this challenge, I'm going to catch up again on some of my other preferred methods of exercise that have been getting neglected lately: Adventure If I were to leave the guild (which isn't going to happen) I would probably be an Adventurer. There is nothing I like as much a
  4. FRIGEDÆG, AUGUST 03, 2018 | JUST STARTING OUT ODYNNE'S INFO: Former: MMA fighter, lifter, owner of a healthy confidence and a sick 2-pack Current: tired, out-of-shape, overweight, bored, and frustrated normie... but in the process of getting back on track Near future: getting healthier, getting more confident Far(ther) future: getting healthier and more confident than I've ever been PERCENTAGE TO BERSERK MODE: 0.5%
  5. Hey guys! Just wanted to reach out for your thoughts, again! I'm starting classes in the Fall, and while I've been in school for several years now so I know to balance that first. I'm not really a social creature, so I've already been dedicating my evenings to lifting and running. Now, I want to get back into combat sports. Specifically, I want to join our school's boxing and brazilian jiu-jitsu clubs. I have some previous experience in karate, kickboxing, and western boxing. Boxing meets 5 times a week and BJJ meets 3 times. Brand new to BJJ and have trained western boxing for roughly a ye
  6. Me, personally? No. But that doesn't mean I can't become ready. Time to brush up on those assassin skills and see what I can do. Goals: Hang Out: I bought rings last year and I really need to start using them. I live within spitting distance of a park and could easily get up in the mornings and play a bit. Ring Play 2x per week Week 1: Fight: Boxing Workout 1x per week Week 1: Stretch: I am the most tight. And starting my new job soon will mean even more desk work. Can't do fun stuff if my muscles const
  7. Hi everyone! I'm part of the Rising Heroes program and I'm following the 4 week challenges too. I love finding like-minded people for encouragement, inspiration, resources, ideas and humor! I'm 44 and run an MMA and fitness gym. I've been boxing and practicing Muay Thai for years, and I'm a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu. I lift and do conditioning too with the goals of cross training and aging with strength and grace. As for leveling up.... I have too many directions I want to go, gotta narrow it down! I look forward to getting to know others here!
  8. Hello, I'm 37, 240, and 6'4". In the past, I tried my hardest to try to bulk up in muscle mass, but I never could, no matter how much I lifted or how clean I ate. However, I was able to walk a full marathon and run a few half marathons about eight years ago. I swam a full mile in a lap pool here and there as well. I just read recently that one main reason ectomorphs like me have such a hard time building mass is because our limbs are so long, so doing a full rep of anything is significantly harder than it would be for someone shorter...which makes a lot of sense (le
  9. I'll write out my goals and then write a bit about me, where I've been and where I'm going. All you readers can follow along and enjoy but all you non-readers can skip the wall of text that's sure to follow. My main overarching goal used to be weight loss. I still weigh 300 pounds (down from a recent high of 315 on Oct 24) but I've changed my theme from weight loss to improved performance. Weight loss will be a happy side effect. I'm a rugby coach now and still playing some. Even if I never play another game, I need to improve my physical performance so I can demonstrate things to
  10. Hi friends, It's basically been two years since I've been on the forums... kind of fell off the wagon (not with fitness quite as much as with posting, but there's been some of both) what with college graduation, moving to a new city, starting an Adult Job (sort of), commuting, and trying to find a new routine... But anyway, after being in New York for just over a year now, I finally feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, I had to choose between my rock climbing gym that I loved and the boxing/mma gym I joined a few months ago because of cost
  11. WOW GUYS. I somehow missed that last challenge was my THIRD FREAKIN’ NERDVERSARY!!!! I can’t believe what a wild ride it’s been, particularly the last year and a half. Obligatory pre-challenge Raxie brainings & a bit of background under the spoiler. AND NOW THE MOST EXCITING THING!!! I also have decided to integrate D&D concepts into this whole character thing a bit more. Big Show finding his true hybrid class really inspired me to find mine, and I realized I have already been secretly telling myself what it is via my D&D game! I’ve been after the Dragon Disci
  12. Started my quest to reset my flabby body and boring minimum result work out routine and get in shape as a fighter should. I've set up a program of training 6 days per week : Day 1 - Resistance Training Day 2 - Interval Training Day 3 - Punches, Bag work and Jump rope Day 4 - Interval Training Day 5 - Speed and Power drills ( calisthenics, punches and kicks ) Day 6 - Interval Training * ANY TRAINING OR DIET TIPS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED
  13. So last week for the second year in a row I got to spend an amazing 5 days (+2 extra in Atlanta) in the woods with THE MOST AMAZING NERDS ON THE PLANET! Camp was yet again one of the most mind blowing experiences of my life, and the things I learned and the people I met and reconnected with will stay with me always. There's a hashtag on social media we use #CNF365 to represent bringing all the goodness we got there into our every day lives. My goals this challenge, and until the end of the year, are to do this hashtag justice. October is also going to be in INSANE month for me.
  14. joedog

    joedog returns

    Hello friends! I missed NF a lot but I think I needed a break since I had fallen in the habit of writing magnificent goals and not ever actually working on them. For those of you who are joining me for the first time, I have done some boxing but I'm currently an honorary monk since I'm not actively training a martial art. Right now I'm pretty active with my new rugby team. Last summer I realized that I was out of shape, about to turn 40 and would likely never play rugby again. Four days after my 40th, I got a message about a new team and would I be interested in helping get them started. I qui
  15. This month, the king in the mountain begins to come down the mountain to reclaim his kingdom. He's wide awake and as strong as he's ever been. At the end of last month, I switched from a hybrid of Stronglifts/Starting Strength to 5/3/1, as I feel my ability to continue with strictly linear progression has ended. I'm pretty close to as fit as I've ever been, and certainly I'm stronger than I've ever been before, and only getting stronger. My goals for the month are a continuation of my goals from last month: Goal 1: Heft the shield (Get Stronger) Finis
  16. This month, the king in the mountain is awake, he has surveyed his domain, and he does not like what he sees. This month, the king in the mountain draws his sword and begins to trudge down the slope to reclaim his kingdom. Main Goal: Become the paragon of all that I can be. Goal for the year: Attend my own wedding in November with a 2x bodyweight deadlift, a bodyweight bench press, a 12" drop from chest to waist, and generally make people say "Holy crap, what happened to that pudgy guy we saw last Christmas?" Goal 1: Heft the shield (Get Stronger) Increase b
  17. Hey everyone. It's been 5 months since I started really working out again in earnest, and while weightlifting is fun, I'm looking to do something more dynamic at least once or twice a week. My gym offers boxing lessons included in the membership fee (private lessons extra) so I thought I'd start there. I have some minimal (several months) experience with aikido, and that's really it, so this will be basically all new to me. I still want to weightlift at least twice a week, preferably three times, in the morning, and box in the evening (when the instructor is there). Can anyone
  18. Okay, since week 1 is winding down, seems like I should post goals or something. I really hadn't planned for this one so my goals are probably not going to be all that SMART. I just had such a huge crash and burn at the end of last year. I just need to rebuild some habits and then really attack my long term goals once I get a plan going. The long term goal is to do the things I need to do to continue playing rugby into my 40s. The first 2 steps to that are to get my weight down and my cardiovascular endurance up. I also have a problem with glute activation so I need to work on tha
  19. OK, I did a little better than that, but I still didn't really live up to my own expectations. Howdy, I'm Thrillho. I think I was here last year sometime, maybe the year before, but I am generally over in the Monks' Dojo. I enjoy boxing and MMA, and I've been more focused in slowly reducing my excess weight (down to 255 from 268 so far this year, 238 at my lowest last year and 288 at my highest last year, so... it's a struggle). For this particular challenge, I need to focus more on the strength that my body is lacking. I'm still heavy, but I need to worry less about
  20. ... so this last year didn't exactly end on a high note. Dammit, Thrillho, we talked about this... It wasn't all bad! I got to spend a lot of time with my kids, we got to go sledding quite often and we played a lot of board games, and we had a pretty awesome and quiet Christmas at home, without any ridiculous northern Canadian mid-winter travelling (except when we got snowed in at my sister's during a freak storm for two days... which was actually still kind of awesome.) That said, I was sick almost literally from the first day of vacation until... yesterday. I exercised almost less tha
  21. Live for the Kill He catched up with them at midnight at a small farmstead near the mountains. It was too late for farmers to be awake but yet the light of the fireplace and a few oil-lamps shone clearly through the cloth –covered windows.†It’s gotta be themâ€. As he closed in, the wind carried the sound of drunken singing voices along with the smell of roasted pork. He grabbed his axe and shield and took a deep breath to calm his thoughts. “I will not turn this time. I shall strike with vengeance- man to man- and make them look into my eyes as they die†he told himself. Indeed, de
  22. I'm wildly unprepared for this challenge to start. Fortunately my goals are pretty much unchanged. Fitness goal 1: Boxing twice per week. This will be Wednesdays and Saturdays. Fitness goal 2: Rugby practice twice per week. Monday and Thursday Food goal: Eat breakfast at home 5/7 days. Level up my life goal: Figure out what steps need to go in my morning routine and then make it a habit so I stop being late for work. My overarching theme this year is to get fit enough that I can convince my wife it's okay for me to play rugby at 40 years old. I was just going to help out with the te
  23. I was going to do a theme, but then I didn't. Might add one as this week progresses, might just work on one for next challenge. Anyways, the next couple months are going to be in a state of uncertainty. My gf is in the process of buying a house back where I grew up and as things are heading into deeper waters I am looking for a job back there with the intent of moving. With that I'm going to step out of the gym and use the challenge I created for the doodlies as an impetus to start training at home with the limited equipment I have. Back to the stone age. Unfortunately it is winter here
  24. I jokingly told my partner that we were going to be the last gay couple in America to get legally married. The next day she said, "What are you doing December 5?" I said, "Uh, whatever" and she said, "Well that's when Phil can marry us." Ooooookay. She decided that we could pull together a wedding in just a few weeks. I didn't realize what that entailed. Basically, UPS throws up on our porch every day and we are single-handedly keeping Etsy going. Sadly, no TARDIS cake, although my friend Brandon is bringing a red velvet armadillo cake. Let's do a challenge! The last challenge was not so hot
  25. Hey everyone, My names Mike Caulo, pumped to be apart of the Rebellion... So I am 28 years old, a Health and Fitness business owner and Amateur Martial Artist looking to get back to fighting in 2016. I took 2015 off after struggling through 2013-2014 with 8 herniated discs that are fight related. I originally started seriously competing in Martial Arts when I was 12 years old in TKD but after a few years of competition and realizing the future as a martial artists as a sustainable career wasn't realistic I turned to athletics and school. As an athlete i have never been anything special b
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