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Found 2 results

  1. If you aren't familiar with this video game, this opening video from the original gives a pretty good idea of it's... ridiculousness: Come Roll Up Into My Life Hey all! If you're just tuning in I'm Raxie - this will be my 37th challenge here at Nerd Fitness. I took some time off a while back so I've actually been challenging since 2013! My 5 year nerdversay is going to be coming up this year which is super exciting! I am going to use it as a chance to start really reflecting on how I've grown and changed since joining here. Main things to know about me are I ballroom dance - I just started towards the end of 2017 and have been REALLY into it. Like it's kind of taken over my life and I haven't looked back. I also powerlift, focus on mobility, love to cook, and have a second unpaid job (in addition to my day job which is a standard 9-5) where I volunteer for the Human Rights Campaign on their steering committee. So my plate is pretty full - I love using these challenges as a place to ground myself, so for the most part I've kind of been using them as glorified battle logs/BuJo and I'll probably continue that for the most part this challenge. Background If you followed my last challenge you know it kinda derailed halfway through not because I stopped following my goals, but because I realized I was kind of having a bit of a mental breakdown in terms of all the clutter in my apartment and it was really frustrating for me. I am a SUPER busy person and I absolutely love it. I took stock of my priorities and there is nothing I am willing to give up at this time so I just have to figure out how to get my place in a state I can live with, not perfection, but just something livable. I think this will come way easier if I go in a decluttering journey. And what better way to declutter than with a katamari?! It's what they were basically made for, no? The Goals GOAL 1: ROLL IT UP I need to get rid of the clutter in my apartment! It's seriously out of control. Each week will focus on a different aspect: Week 0: My clothes & linens. Mercilessly, without emotion, brutally, collect clothes and linens to donate. I want to have leftover only 2 t-shirts per "category" of t-shirts that I have (thanks Starpuck for the idea), 3 sets of sheets for each bed, and only towels that have been purchased in the last 2 years. Send any laundry hanging around out to get done so I can reset the laundry beast for the challenge. See if once it's all done if I can stay on top of it. Week 0+: Guest Room. Attack the guest room closet. I have seriously no idea what's in there at this point. It's a disaster. Throw stuff away, donate stuff, find a new home, idc, but I haven't even opened the closet in a year so I'm pretty sure I can basically roll up all of the things that are in there. Week 1: Recycling. Figure out a system for recycling that WORKS and do it. Right now there is just cardboard boxes all strewn in the kitchen waiting to be broken down on recycling day, making it hard to get around the apartment. Week 2: Shoes & Coats. I have way too many shoes. I also have no where to put them. Figure this out. Also go through the monster pile of coats hanging on the back of the door in the kitchen because I literally only wear 2 coats what even are the rest of those things there?! Week 3: Cleaning. Start setting aside one hour per weekend to do some maintenance cleaning. This should be easier now that things are decluttered. Week 4: Pass the Katamari to Someone Else. Now that things are decluttered and I have an idea of how much effort once a week cleaning will take, do some research into how much a maid service might cost, and maybe use a trial offer to get a deep cleaning done so I can start fresh in the next challenge. Figure out if I want to keep doing this regularly (maybe once a month?). Take stock of the laundry situation and see if now that I have way less clothes if it's been manageable for the past 4 weeks or if I want to start sending that out regularly too. GOAL 2: MAKE SOME STARS Once a katamari is done, it is used to turn into constellations and planets! I need to use all my newfound clutter-free existence to have more stars in my life. By the end of the challenge Mr. Raxie and I will have people over (we DEFINITELY have can't-have-anyone-over [CHAOS] syndrome) and I want to be able to enjoy company! We really do have a lovely apartment and I want to enjoy it. All this decluttering will hopefully give us the confidence to be hosts, or maybe having to be hosts will give us the motivation to declutter. Who knows which way it will go but either way... we will do it! GOAL 3: DANCE I don't really need this to be a goal because I'm 100% definitely gonna do it anyway, but I really just wanted to use this gif hahah. Sometimes I do get imposter syndrome-y about taking private lessons though so I guess having this here will force my hand in case I start being weird again. During all 6 weeks of this challenge period (this includes week 0 and week 0+) I will have do a private dance lesson. 5/6 will still be passing if I have a good reason. Right now I'm taking lessons in Rumba, but I think I want to actually switch back to samba or maybe jive - so a light goal (ie I don't really have to do it but I'll think about it) will also be to switch it up and take a lesson in something else at some point this challenge. GOAL 4: BuJo I need lists, otherwise I lose my mind. Lists help avoid the King of the Cosmos's angry eye lasers of death. I will post my internetified BuJo stuffs here every Monday or Tuesday for the upcoming week and the results sometime before I post the next week's list.
  2. I competed in my first powerlifting meet in April (145.5/65/165.5 kg @ 84.5 kg) AND finally pulled 2x bodyweight after my flight, with a slightly knee-shaking 170 kg deadlift. Then I got a lovely hacking cough. And chronic health issues flared up. And conference travel happened. Though I did manage to get a nice 10 RM squat PR in the middle of all that. Now I'm just focusing on re-building my basic eat-sleep-lift habits, and actually keeping track of whether I meet my goals. GOALS 1.a) Eat: (Mostly) follow my meal plan (some wiggle room is okay - I just want to get in the habit of following it). For those of you who were interested in the meal planning tool my boyfriend is making - it's getting there, but we have to figure out some legal stuff because data privacy laws got a lot stricter in Europe this past spring. 1.b) Eat 2: No sugar. 2) Sleep: 8:30 pm screen curfew. 3) Lift: Follow a lifting program, because I need a break from programming for myself and want to add some other programming strategies to my toolkit. I'm doing the main portion of the Danger Method 3x/week, + "work on your weaknesses" day 1x/week to work on chin-ups, push-ups, and some upper body bro stuff. 4) Walk: If I haven't hit 10k steps yet (and I usually don't), go on an extra 10+ minute walk. + LUYL goal: Build my data visualization skills/knowledge. I've realized that this is the element of my PhD work that I enjoy the most, and might want to make a career out of it.