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Found 2 results

  1. Wolfpool

    [Wolfpool] A Pleasure to Burn

    Fahrenheit 451 -- the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns... Hello boys and girls! I have a confession. I've never read Fahrenheit 451. And I want to read it. I also want to watch the movie on HBO. How did I even get here, you ask? It actually started with a sermon I watched from Mike Todd about 3 months ago. He was explaining the importance of memorizing scripture and how there could be a day when there were no more Bibles to read. He was somewhat exaggerating but with very serious undertones. What would happen if there were no more books like in Fahrenheit 451. And more importantly, what would happen if there were no more Bibles?? This, of course, spawned a story idea which I'm not really working on, but still feeding ideas to the google doc I've created lol. Having not read Fahrenheit 451, I still know the premise of the book. I did NOT know that the one book that Montag stole was a Bible, though. So, it kind of became a "full circle" type thing for me when I discovered that. Along with what I feel God is calling me to do, I want to put more emphasis on memorizing scripture. During this same sermon from Mike Todd, he challenged us to memorize 2 verses a month for a year. Then up that to 3 for the next year, then 4, and so on, and so forth. So, I'm going to take that challenge starting THIS challenge. I'll be reading out of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) which has become my new "go-to" version of the bible. I already know a few pieces of scripture and want to narrow down 2 more for this next month and then vlog my verses at the end of the challenge with confidence. Since life has become hectically busy as of late, I need to make solid use of the time I DO have. Time management has always been fairly easy for me but like most people, I can get distracted and thrown off course. I'm going to simplify my goals and just rock them. Family time has become more important since starting my second job, so quality time with them outweighs everything else except time in the Word and time with God. Goal 1: Parlor Walls Limit my time wasting away watching TV (specifically YouTube) and focus on perfecting my craft: studying the Word of God. Not that watching TV is terrible, but I should have my weekly sermon completed or worked on before I watch something mindless. Time with the Wolfpack is excluded here. No more than 30-min spent on YouTube (unless I'm listening to a sermon) during the work day and instead, work on my upcoming sermons. Use my Voice Memo app on my phone to record ideas down and what I feel like God is speaking to me on certain pieces of scripture. +1 WIS, +1 CHA Bonus: Complete 3 sermons this challenge for an additional +1 CHA Goal 2: Distracted by the Dentifrice Jingle The parable of the Sower says it best; Matthew 13:7 Memorize 2 pieces of scripture this challenge and vlog with confidence these pieces of scripture. +2 WIS Bonus: Memorize 3 pieces of scripture for additional +1 WIS Goal 3: The Mechanical Hound comes Sniffing I want to be focusing on progressive overload calisthenics. My programming will be based off ThenX's mastermind, Chris Heria. At least 3x a week. Before and After photo's required. +1 STR, +3 DEX Bonus: Max pull-ups are at 7 right now. Shoot for 10 to gain an additional +1 STR Goal 4: Kerosene Salamander My busy schedule also leaves me with lacking something very important: Sleep. I need to be getting more rest or it's just going to get bad for me. My mood, job, health and family will all be affected by a cranky Wolife, and we can't gave any of that! Be in bed no later than 10:30 PM on the weekdays and take naps at least 1x a week on my lunch break. +3 CON Bonus: Get to bed before 10 PM on 2 consecutive nights for an additional +1 CON BONUS GOAL: Post a music video involving the words fire, flame, burn, smoke or any other synonym 1x a day. (Started 06/27) I'm going to read Fahrenheit 451 over the course of this challenge as well. I'll also be watching the movie after I finish the book. I'm excited about this challenge and that I have manageable goals within my busy schedule, which makes me feel more at ease . I'll spend the rest of this week narrowing down the pieces of scripture I want to learn but I'm open to anyone's favorite ones as well. I'm thinking Ephesians 3:20 for sure. Thank you for all your support guys and gals! I look forward to seeing what everyone else has cooking this challenge! P.S. Heather and I are heading down to San Antonio on the weekend of the 20th to hang with @Tanktimus the Encourager and Sra. Tanque . I'm super stoked about that! Wolf
  2. Akura

    Akura writes things down

    During this challenge is really, really should finish my dissertation. Just considering the text itself, I'm maybe halfway through. But there's still alot of images to produce, applications to program and data to analyse. But this should definitely be the main focus of the next weeks. Apart from that: Exercising went well the last challenge, but my diet was... questionable. But because I don't want to focus on anything else in particular, I won't for anything during this challenge: I will simply write down what I did. Except for my year-spanning running goal. Putting Everything into categories... PHD Track number of pages written for my dissertation. Track other things done for the dissertation like programming. Pretty much self-explanatory and straight-forward. Currently I'm at 138 pages and my two central theory chapters aren't done yet. And the introduction is also relatively long and important. I guess, accouting for everything, I need another 100 pages... Movement Track number of workouts per week. Track number of (additional) Yoga per week. Go running 33 times until December. Track number of steps made per day. I try to workout three times per week; callisthenics with some kettlebell exercises. I also bought a door anchor for my TRX straps and will experiment with them. As I still have some back problems I'll try to do Yoga on my rest days. As this didn't went that well last challenge, I'll try to do a shorter routine. I planned to go running 42 times until December and I went nine times in the last five weeks. So, I'm on track. Last challenge I walked about 9000 steps per days. Let's see whether I can increase that to 10000. But I won't stress myself over these numbers. Diet Track number of calories. Track number of carbs. My weight goes up, my bodyfat percentage goes down. Let's observe what I eat and things change. Low-carb and/or intermittent fasting always worked well for me. But the last few week I've been pretty hungry all day long. Maybe it's the increase in workout volume and intensity. Be as it may, let's collect some data. I track these numbers (and others) in a spreadsheet. Not sure whether I'll write them down here, too, or whether I just do tally marks to check for doing it... Hobbies Track number of times practising the guitar each week. Track number of video games, audiobooks and books finished. Playing the guitar is very relaxing for me, but in the last few weeks I was so busy that I wasn't really in the mood. But right now I don't even miss it too much. Playing video games and listening to audiobooks (while being on the move) are more or less my only hobbies right now. I want to read many, many books, too, so I'll just track what I consume this challenge. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The biggest challenge overall will be to remember that this challenge will last six weeks for me. So... Let's start writing!!!