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Found 8 results

  1. Last Time: F A I L. Not sure what happened. Time got all scrambled again. Brain is a bag of fish. Started taking supplement, it hasn't helped so far but it might still do something. Options will be re-evaluated once the supplement runs out, according to the results. In the meantime, time to get up and try again. again. This Time: Unfortunately for everyone who knows me, I finally saw Captain America: Civil War. Have not yet stopped screaming about Bucky. My brother is probably going to punch me through a wall if he hears me say 'Bucky', 'Avengers',
  2. Mike_d85

    On your left.

    OK, time to speed it up. I'm training for a half marathon in November and I have no doubt I'll get the distance in, but I want to tick my speed up a little. From a bit of research it seems the two things that will kick up my speed a notch are sprint training (which trains short twitch muscle fibers giving me anaerobic speed over short distances) and fartlek (teehee) training which raises VO2 Max (the oxygen efficiency in your muscles for distance). To sum up research in a few sentences and grossly simplifying things: Sprinting will improve my over all pace slightly, my "gear switch" to a fa
  3. July/August Challenge A Civil War has turned everything upside down. It is a time full of upheavals and changes. The heroes of our world have left their old paths to remain the protectors we need.... I too have left my old path and am seeking a new one. But I'm still in the grey jungle in between them. I need to complete the transition this challenge.The time-table is somewhat clearer now, but can still change to a certain degree. I most likely won't move before the end of August and maybe even a month later. Depending on how the appartment and job hunting goes. My fit
  4. So, I thought I could escape the Hype of Civil War. I couldn't. As I was thinking about this challenge and my goals only one character came to mind: Captain America. Well, actually, I kinda also thought of Bucky, but I thought that his style would not suit my current quests. Maybe next time. So, small changes that need to be made, hopefully to keep and improve my health/life: Quest 1: EAT = +2 CON, +1 STR I am a bit skinny and underweight (I am in the bottom limit of both the recommended fat levels, and BMI, So I am on the verge of being "Unhealthy"). I figured it's time
  5. Hey nerds - I'm going to try to post here daily. I'm in the process of slimming down while I get healthy. A little about me: I am an IT guy at work. I lift 3 days a week (more when I can) and should go back to running. Last summer I had a gout inflammation and went to the doctor about it. I got on the scale and to my surprise, I weight 347 lbs! I knew I'd gotten bigger but I had no idea how big I'd gotten. I spent a few months trying to cut back on eating out (for both health and money reasons). Then I decided to get serious starting December 1st. I began studying nutrition and changing
  6. Phoenix Riviera | The First Avenger Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man. This will be my first mission as a Ranger. I know it will take a lot of courage, heart & determination but I wouldn't have it any other way. Goal One | Super-Soldier Serum I need to monitor my dietary intake more closely. This is a big part of the transformation. I can't mess this up or it won't work. For this goal, I will use MyFitnessPal everyday to make sure I eat less than 70g of sugar. Less than 70
  7. Hey everyone. It’s been exactly one year since my first challenge J. Back then I was just trying to do 10 push-ups in a row. Now I can do that with no problem. And I used to have designated cheat-days and now I am basically full on Paleo/Primal with allowances for the occasional indulgence. Oh and I also used to be 30lbs heavier, which is crazy. That is like having a backpack full of books strapped on me at all times. Insanity. I really hold this site/forum near and dear to me. I know I only communicate with all of you over the interwebs and not IRL but I still consider you all my friends a
  8. Saw the premier last night. Did not expect that ending, that's for sure!
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