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Found 14 results

  1. I got a little buried under work last time (or two... or three) I tried to do a challenge, so time to give it another try. It would be a lot to try to explain here, but long story short I went from functionally being the only person doing my job (it's a 2 person job and the other person wasn't interested in actually working) to literally being the only person in my job for a few months, which also meant I was pulling some crazy long weeks. This is thankfully no longer the case, and the person working with me now is doing a fantastic job so far and eager to help out, me
  2. I’ve got a lot going on…marathon at the end of week 1, traveling for all of weeks 3-4. I’m stripping down the challenge a bit, but even stripped down, I know the goals will help me stay on track. 1. Run 3x per week. This is a maintenance goal for me. Did it this way to allow for recovery and travel. If I have a legit reason for missing a run, I can make it up in the following week. 2. 20 days of 30 pushups. When possible, add a set of 10 narrow pushups on the stairs. 3. 8 days of strength training, ideally 2+ per week. I’ve written out my program, including acc
  3. Hi everyone! I've been here before, but now I'm here as kind of a last ditch effort. I'm here because I've had a hard time with some disordered eating habits that have hit me again more recently. I'm weak, unfit, and my mind is suffering. My goal in coming here is to feed my body and inner nerd. I'm really really hoping to meet some people here. I have a really strong support system when it comes to my disordered eating and I am hoping to break all ties and fill the void with something healthier. I'm excited to be in a place that loves the nerdy. I'm less of an RPG nerd and more o
  4. Last challenge, my theme was “to be a cat, or to stop being a cat?” The answer was quite clearly to continue being a cat, so this seemed like a good follow-up theme. #scientificmethod Last challenge was not my best challenge. I continued my workout and meditation streaks, and learned some things, but my overall scores were kindasorta not very good. Near the end of my challenge, I found myself suddenly feeling very worn out and uneager to do anything. I suddenly felt like I was fighting with myself just to do basic things. But, y’know… I thought
  5. Hello Friends! Last months simpler challenge was good, not a complete success but we're going for progress not perfection here. So I'm going further down the road of "doing less is more" and just doing ONE goal for this challenge. That's right. You heard me. ONE GOAL. In earlier challenges I sort of spread myself thin trying to do a lot at once. And it was necessary to see that while I COULD do a lot all day everyday, it's not necessarily the approach I want to take. And that led to some reflection about what type of goals work for me. All of my goals last challe
  6. Welcome to my challenge version of Neko Atsume - Kitty Collector! For anyone who isn't familiar with this game, here's a brief description from Neko Atsume Wiki: The game provides the player of a small backyard area (which can later be expanded with an indoor area as well) where the stray cats of the neighborhood come to visit. The game currently features more than 50 different cats: white and black, tabby and calico. Rare Cats are rumored to roam the neighborhood too, but you'll need particular items to entice those elusive felines! I
  7. Meow. My last challenge was declared the unofficial NF cat appreciation club, so I figured I might as run with the theme. This will be my 10th challenge, which is pretty cool! Double digits! That means something, right? Here’s the basic structure I use for my challenges: Everything is worth points. Some things are worth bonus points. Bonus points can be applied to any category, to help remind me that health is hollistic. I’m slightly concerned that rangerbrain is creeping in this challenge, but I’m trying to be conscious about it. I removed some things from my goals
  8. The winter blahs have set in here in Minnesota... So let's start a warm and fuzzy thread where we can show off out furry (or scale-y) companions! Feel free to post pics, share funny or heartwarming stories... anything pet related is a-ok. ...Cause who doesn't love a good pet thread?
  9. A few months ago, my boyfriend and I got cats from the local shelter. They are very nice, adorable, playful and everything else you expect from kittens, so that's really awesome. However, I have been away to Greece for almost a month for my work, and my cats and I really missed each other. Time to spend more time together! 1. Do yoga every morning on a working day My morning yoga is the moment we always start with cuddling. I start in a cross-legged position for neck rolls and arm raises, and one of my cats then always sits in my lap. The yoga makes me happy and it also releas
  10. * coffee = I am a java programmer, reference to my life goal bender = this challenge will mostly be about flexibility Fit Intro: As a kid, I sucked at everything sport related and was known at my school for failing almost every time on P.E. The last couple of years I have discovered that I actually do love to push my body, but that I'm not a fan of team sports. I love dancing, yoga and strength training(free weights and body weight). My most recent victory was the 5k race that I ran in May and I hope to get a <30 min time on that soon. Nerd Life Intro: I recently graduated as a Java D
  11. SuNoYo Want to Be A Cat 'Cause a cat's the only cat Who knows where it's at. 'Cause ev'rybody digs a swingin' cat. Previous challenge My last challenge was pretty awesome, though there were some stumbling blocks and, somewhat stereotypically for a Brit, 'rain stopped play' at times. Well, I say 'rain' it was more like hurricane force storms, floods and structural/property damage to my local area (and the country at large). Equally stereotypically, I put on my stiff upper lip (well, with one or two exceptions) and kept on going. Not one to let my momentum tail off when I'm on a roll,
  12. Bonjour I'm a bit nervous and excited about posting, as ideally this is the start to something that could be an extraodinary part of my life/future. Currently I'm 165cm and 56kg~ and looking for a huge change in my life. I've always loved running and the outdoors- but being so inclined towards videogames, computer learnings, and other such indoor activities, paired with a sort of growing anxiousness towards strangers - it's stopped me from pursuing those activities. Because of that I've lost a lot of my athletic ability, and I've gained a bit of weight as well (having been 52kg previously).
  13. Cleaning the litterbox: it's a daily chore. Actually, it's a twice-daily chore if you don't want your place smelling like cat pee. I tend to look at my life like it's a litterbox. I mean, I have two cats IRL, so I already actually have to clean two litterboxes (my boyfriend helps!) - but RL is the "dumping" ground for a lot of crap, and unless I take care of it on a daily basis, things get unpleasant pretty quick! I feel like I have a strong grasp on most of the stinky parts of living: doing the dishes, doing laundry, keeping the floors swept and the countertops wiped down, making sure my
  14. I've always wanted to be more fit, and pursue pakour, rock climbing, and urban exploration, but never had the right motivation. Until I found Nerd Fitness. Now, I'm going for it! Time to level up, for realsies! I love cats. Great agility, speed, as well as style and grace. My challenges are based on the greatness of felines. Fitness Goals 1. Getting Ready :Do the Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3 times a week. Nuff said. +3 Str, +1 Stam, Con 2. Endurance and Speed: My wife can run a mile in 12 minutes. I'm a smoker, and have ehhhh stamina. I'm good for short distance, but not much more. R
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