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  1. Last challenge, I found a climbing gym, rediscovered my love for climbing, and got into a great rhythm of climbing every other day. I'm keeping things much simpler this time and keeping the momentum rolling. 1. Battling pride Climbing has been great..... but, I'm still struggling with feeling self conscious about sucking or getting overly upset when I can't solve a route that is marked with a low enough grade that I ought to be able to solve it. Yesterday, Pride defeated me. Some new routes were set, and I could not for the life of me solve a vertical wall 5
  2. Hello, my name is Hatter and I'm a commitment-phobe. 😄 This is the third challenge in a row I've procrastinated because I didn't want to set goals haha. This time, the procrastination was disguised as a week of figuring out the right challenge theme. 🙈 But you know what, I've decided that I'm officially bored of overthinking and doubting. 😉 I have two goals: Art daily and train daily. Very simple. 😄 The biggest challenge will be my day job as there are lots of things happening, including crunch time for the project I'm leading. While fixing everybody else's problems. 🙄
  3. Hi. Long time no see, everyone! I finally have the time and am in a mental space where I'm ready to return and get back into shape. On the bad side, moving + covid means I no longer am doing parkour. There isn't a good gym nearby, and I'm at the moment injury-phobic enough that I don't want to risk outdoor play. I'm still battling very low energy levels and weight gain (ugh, tamoxifen), but I'm still in remission! On the good side, hiking has been nice, I've started cycling, and I'll be joining a climbing gym soon. The kids loved their new school last year, and they're both i
  4. Placeholder so I won’t procrastinate further. (I swear there’s a point to the challenge title that’s more than an excuse to post banana gifs)
  5. Hi everyone! With covid restrictions mostly lifted, I have finally started climbing again last week. My level has dropped considerably due to a loss of strength and a gain of weight, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't climb anymore . This challenge I want to focus on getting back to a decent climbing level. Other stuff has started again as well, e.g. clarinet lessons and orchestra rehearsal. Shops are open without reservation again, so I might want to buy new shoes and clothes this summer as well. I'm really going form 0 to 100 in a few weeks time, it feels like, which might not be
  6. If I don't exercise enough, I get grumpy. Since nobody wants that, my challenge is simple: exercise at least an hour per day, six days per week. This can be climbing, running, walking, biking, yoga, etc. It does not have to be intense, as long as it is something. It should be easily doable, but those have been my famous last words before . To keep my hips happy, I will also do at least 4 hip-stretches per day, which can include things like lunges, pancake, etc. Let's go!
  7. Hello friends! I'm back from an absolutely amaaaazing vacay to Iran, I absolutely loved it. I saw a lot of beautiful architecture, beautiful landscapes, bonded with my friends and ate a lot of food. A LOT of food. It was great. I might do a little write up, if you guys want, or perhaps just throw a link to my pics. What about this challenge? The main thing is to get back into a routine after barely having moved for almost two weeks. I got a nasty stubborn cough just before I left for Iran which didn't help. But now I feel fantastic and coming back to spring
  8. In this wild and stressful life, I have a tendency to just drop everything and do nothing. This is not working for me, so I need a routine to make sure I at least stay somewhat active during these periods. I'm recovering from a burnout, so I only work 3 morning a week at the moment. Hopefully this will be more by the end of the challenge, but I genuinely don't know yet. I want to put in place the following routines: Working day routine: after work, make sure to do yoga and either a short walk or bike ride. Non-working weekday routine: walk at least 5 kilometers, starting before 9. Do
  9. Happy 2019! So this is it, the year of doing even crazier things than 2018. I didn't think that was possible, but here we are! I've set out my goals for this year: tl/dr - I'm trying to qualify for the OCR world champs in October. My qualifying race is in May and it's a minimum of 3 laps of a 12km course in a 8.5hr time cap. Technically I've started training for this already, but I'm a little behind where I was hoping to be at this point, mostly in regards to running. And my training has been a little....scattered. I have a weekly training plan but because
  10. It’s been so long since I’ve last logged in here or even since I’ve last used this username anywhere. If I’m being honest, I’m mostly here because emcee got me to join this month’s challenge. I’m going through some changes with a new job, plus freelancing, and building my own brand so this is as good a time as any. Goals: 1. Fix Muscle Imbalances: Supplement 3x/week climbing with accessory exercises (need to strengthen and loosen push muscles) 2. Eat more vegetarian proteins and protein supplements (goal is 90g protein daily), as of right now I do not eat red meat as I
  11. The Countdown to Awesome 181 Days to Oblivion! There is no theme this time round. Just a plain look at my goals and what I am going to do to make them happen. My goal for 2019 is simple. Qualify for OCRWC as a 'Pro'. There are a number of ways to do this but there is one that I think I actually have a real shot at. That is Nuclear Oblivion. Nuclear Oblivion is a lapped OCR of around 14k per lap. It's very obstacle heavy but the course is largely flat and consists of ploughed fields and nicely wide forest paths. The qualification standards for OCRWC is 3 laps f
  12. So I'm once again going out of town right at the end of this challenge - driving all the way to the east coast for Christmas with our families. But, I decided to put something, ANYTHING, in here because honestly I could use the encouragement. Goals for this month are super stupid simple. Really this is where we're at ladies an gentlemen. Preggo week 16 will end Wednesday.: Goal 1: Get to work before 9 am on non-climbing days. - I already blew it on this one today. I called my mom before work and got to work at 9:30. It doesn't really matter today because the particular
  13. I started watching Adventure Time earlier a few months ago and fell in love with it. It’s sweet, moving and completely stupid! I’m only just getting to the end of season 5, so please no spoilers! During the middle of the last challenge I set out my plan for the next 6 months. I've stuck it in the spoiler here (cos it's loooong) tl/dr version I've signed up to the OCR World Champs in October next year in the Age group category. The plan is to qualify at Nuclear Oblivion in May Challenge Goals 1. Finn the Human Stick to My Training
  14. Last challenge was lovely but rather wishy washy and I didn't really challenge myself. I got into a pretty good headspace though with plenty of outdoor time and mindful chill time. This challenge however is about getting shit done and taking action on some of the things that have been on my ignored epic quest list for the longest time! ||| Physical ||| I've been using my elbow injury as a poor excuse to not train much lately, even though I could've done plenty enough really. Honestly I've just been enjoying all the down time and feeling recovered
  15. Fall is fast approaching, it's getting darker and rainier and I'm slowly getting the urge to go find an nice cozy cave to hibernate in. But instead I'm going to embrace the change of season by channeling three oh so trendy Scandinavian concepts, Finnish sisu, Danish hygge and Swedish lagom. Go outside in nature, even when it's cold and rainy Be brave and keep up with morning swims for as long as possible Fight the schnooze, keep up with morning movement Don't avoid hard stuff (like potential job applications) Make my ho
  16. I changed all my goals about a week ago so this challenge will just be more of the same. For anyone new - basically I'm on a quest to fit in as many fun things as possible without breaking myself. Climbing is by far my biggest activity at the moment, but I dabble in hand balancing, pole dancing/aerial and flexy training/back bending. Oh and now I'm experimenting with rings to get a little stronger for climbing. Morning movement - Get all my non-climbing fun activities done before work GMB Rings 1 prep - 2-3x/w depending on recovery Kick butt at Nerdwarts - The most impo
  17. Hi folks, I have been in and out of the NF community for several years. Most recently, I hopped in to a challenge to shake me out of my lethargic state of self-loathing (see below), so if you want more details of how I reached this state of being and some of my ongoing battles, then feel free to check out my last challenge link. It was difficult, but it definitely did the trick and I'm ready to move forward in my journey back toward being a full-fledged demon monkey. Swinging through the trees with the greatest of ease is where I belong and where I am most happy, but winter weat
  18. I've just come back from a 7-month amazing travelling adventure in Latin America [details in first spoiler]. But I fail at following my challenges while travelling, so I've been mostly out of the NF scene since 2017 Now that I'm back at home (at my parents' house) it's time to set some fitness goals and start taking them seriously again I miss the gymnastics and calisthenics days of 2014-2015 but my goals have also changed a little since then! [details of my NF journey are in the second spoiler]. One problem is that I don't know what level I am at anymore with handst
  19. Ohai! I've been hiding away in the battle logs for a while, but the shiny challenge mood is infectious so I thought I'd try this again! I'm a dabbler in all things climbing or being upside down, but this challenge is mainly going to be focused on climbing as that's what I'm currently doing the most of and oddly enough it turns out I can't do everything at once. Goal 1: Mental game The past month my climbing has been appalling, my grades have plummeted and my fingers are struggling. But I *think* and really really hope it's on the upswing now? Thi
  20. I need something new and shiny to kickstart 2018, so I got myself a brand new battle log! I have a whooole bunch of shinies to chase this year, it's going to be great. My plan is to screw the four week SMART goal framework and chase them on my own terms, i.e. inefficient and haphazard, but with gusto. Everyone keeps telling me you can't do everything at once - to that I say pfffft. Here are things you can expect from this log Handstands Climbing Aerial Pole Flow Acrobatics Flexy things Strengthy things ??? Oh and fooood
  21. Vixen pulled herself up and over the edge of the cliff, carefully stepping away from the edge before turning to look back at the way she came. Her training on the bouldering walls back home had prepared her for the climb, but it hadn't been easy, and she was thankful to be back on terra firma. The satisfied smile on her face soon fell however when she turned to look at the path ahead. True, she had scaled this cliff, but it fell sharply away again to rocky, dangerous gulley. The edge opposite her was tantalisingly close, but climbing back down and up again would more than quadruple the distanc
  22. I am a member of a secret hunting society that tracks and kills monsters. The bounties are high, but so are the risks. The smallest mistake will cost me EVERYTHING- my bounty, my gear, my life and my very soul. Some hunt for wealth and some for power. Some hunt to protect others and some hunt for glory. I must track my quarry through a dark and treacherous world. Winner takes all. Fail, and go straight to hell. Welcome to my first challenge of 2018! My name is Wild Wolf but most people just call me Wolfie. If you're new to my shenanigans, then please, take my sincerest
  23. Ahhh, it's been a while... a long while since I've been around here, but thank you @Knightwatch for continually reminding me that we've got this. All of us, together. The Theme of the Year You heard it. OF THE YEAR. Because this one is going to take time. The theme - my theme - softness. Softness in truths, softness in feelings, softness in acceptance, softness in love, softness in femininity and sexuality. This is the kind of softness that’s defined as being easy to mold; lacks sharp definition. Coming into a challenge with the theme of softness makes m
  24. The title of the thread is a reference to The Six Root Verses of the Six Bardos, specifically: At this time, when the bardo of dream appears to you, Abandon the heedlessness of the delusory sleep of a corpse. Enter into the nature of mindfulness and nonwandering. Recognizing dreams, practice transformation and luminosity. Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. Mind Beyond Death. I'm not planning on doing any dream yoga or lucid dreaming: friends, I'd just like to fricken sleep through the night. Br
  25. Charlie_Quinn Stays on Target After a few dud challenges, I've noticed one big issue that is causing me the most trouble. Lack of consistency. I tend to float through my goals with no real focus and plan and then things start to fall apart near the end. So the main goal this challenge is to build a routine and stick to it for the entire challenge. The Star Wars theme is pretty obvious! I have tickets to go see The Last Jedi at 3am on December 14th. I've never been to the flicks at 3 in the morning before, so that's going to be interesting. Especially as I couldn't get
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