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Found 18 results

  1. Hello! It's been awhile. Oh... you don't remember me... oh... well... that's not surprising to be honest. I have a tendency to start one of these, post like once or twice, then drop off the face of the Earth for 3 or 4 challenges, then pop back up randomly to do it all again... BUT NO MORE! I have had enough. Lately I've been making more small changes in my life to be more present, active and get out of my comfort zone. I've been attending meetups with *gasp* ABSOLUTELY NO ONE I know *dies of shock* So, to further push myself I will do another challenge! But also back it
  2. Hi, I'm Mad Hatter, a dabbler and explorer of the circus arts as well as a climber and all-round messer-arounderer. And this is my battle log, where I'll be tracking some of the fun skills I'd like to learn this year (current level in brackets): Handbalancing 10s consistent freestanding handstand (extremely inconsistent handstand kickups, but can occasionally catch long holds 15+ seconds) Make shapes in forearm stand (need the wall to stabilise me) Flying crow (solid crow and ok flying pigeon) Crane (can sometimes hold it for a split second) Crocodile
  3. I typically hide out in the assassin's den but for this challenge I thought it'd be fun to embrace my adventurer spirit and, well, go on an adventure! I'm going to Sri Lanka for 3 weeks TOMORROW (nope I haven't packed) and want to do a fun little mini challenge. Since I'm way stressed right now and procrastinating by going to a gig I'm going to get straight to the point. (Did I mention I haven't packed, or done the other million things I need to do?) Goal #1 Do something most days that will be useful for my activities For you that don't know me yet these are: * Handbalancing * Contortion
  4. To infinity and beyond! Last year I’ve been quite negative about lack of progress but truth be told I’m in the best shape of my life. I have a level of fitness that allows me to do things with my body that I’d never imagined doing, be it climbing or aerial or arm balancing or other things that make my mum go whoooah and my dad shake his head, roll his eyes and call me crazy. And that feels amazing. Since I already can do so much I might as well relax and have fun with it rather than get upset or sad because I’m not progressing fast enough or think that I suck because there a
  5. The one in which Mad Hatter pulls her head out of her ass The past six months have been hectic, for starters I’ve moved flat twice, been to Argentina, Thailand, Barcelona, Laponia and I’ve injured myself - twice. As a result I’ve been struggling to get into solid exercise routines and lost a bit of ground from last year. Instead of accepting my current level and doing whatever I can I’ve often made up excuses and stuck my head in the sand. And instead of being happy about all the fun and cool things I CAN do I’ve been sulking about the things that I can’t do. I’m getting bore
  6. Why the title? Well tomorrow is my 29th birthday. Which is very close to 30. And while I don't have a problem with getting old as such, I always feel like I've accomplished too little and that I still have the same issues as when I was 20, especially relating to body image. I think it's really about time I'll squash those issues so that my 30's can be even more awesome than my 20’s. I don't want to feel weak. I want to keep a consistent level of basic fitness that allows me to try anything I want without being hindered by or worry about lacking fitness. I don't want to feel fat. My
  7. Yeah my last challenge started to fall apart after being taken off meds during the last few weeks. Now I seem to be much better now (getting quit use to it now). Art 1) So past few days now started a challenge for myself of drawing an art piece a day for a year (today be day 10) and putting it on all my social media. I gave myself minor guidelines; use circus arts and some use of geekness. I like to make sure that keeps up. No missing days (not even when sick...though I don't have to worry too much on quality if sick...atleast drew something). Must be posted by midnight. 2) Must joi
  8. Mad Hatter bends over backwards Hi! I'm a level 15? 1 dabbler assassin (and perpetual noob). In my past lives I've played with circus, aerial, poledance, acroyoga, climbing, kitesurfing, lindy-hop, ballroom dancing, gymnastics, burlesque and I love it all! But lately I've been utterly fascinated by contortion and handbalancing and my current epic quest is to develop super powers in all things bendy and upside down! I feel like the last 1 3 5 challenges have been all over the place, and that I've strayed quite far from this epic quest. Perhaps not in goals, but in spirit. So in this
  9. I decided to focus on my assassin side and follow on my quest of being druid assassin. Because I'm the hero of my story. Fitness (Because every great hero needs to focus on their fitness): 1. Parkour practice on the basics because how is one suppose to get great without mastering the not as "cool" stuff. (Sorry that Team America Montage song was stuck in my head again) Practice 2 or 3 times a week (but don't do if it's ridiculously icy out...on second thought indoor training then if icy)Start picking up more cool places to practiceDon't kill myself, especially when poisons snakes decide 'he
  10. Well ok I'm not really taking a chill pill, I actually have loads of fun things planned!! I have class 3x/week (handstands, contortion and circus), open training on the lyra and I'm going to keep up with my bouldering. Since I can't predict how hard the classes will be each week I don't really feel it'd be a good idea to set any particular fitness goals. Instead I want to make sure my recovery is good, which means eating, drinking and chilling. I do have lots of fun skills to work on, so I'll keep posting about them in my challenge thread, but I won't grade any of it. There might be video thou
  11. I'm a circus wannabe and dabble in contortion and get questions once in a while on how to get more flexible. But instead of hijacking random threads I thought I'd start this thread for chatting about anything related to more extreme flexibility training like splits and backbends. You know the stuff that looks cool. There was one question about how to start with backbending and a quick google search always results in this link, which I do NOT recommend. It starts at a way too advanced level, uses old fashioned training techniques and doesn't discuss alignment. Instead I'd highly recommend th
  12. Main Quest - Do my homework! I have about 10 hours of aerial, contortion and acrobatics classes scheduled per week during this challenge so I think it’s fair to say I’m doing ok on the exercise front. But as fun as it is, in all honesty I’m studying too many subjects and I’m probably not necessarily progressing as well as I could. Especially since while I love attending the lectures, I’m a huge slacker when it comes to homework... This challenge I’m going to focus on simple things I can do to improve my work in the classroom. There will be a lot of homework, and I will
  13. Two weeks until the next challenge? Challenge accepted! MAIN QUEST To neatly pack my mental baggage for the next challenge period... Strip my calendar and HabitRPG of low-priority activities. Replace them with my current schedule of training [including blocked off times to train at home] and add to fill holes in practice. Ensure there is one day of recovery.Define goals in aerial hoop, contortion, and dance. Write daily homework to approach each of these goals (and if not already doing, start), brainstorm positive reinforcement reward systemsTake daily notes (even if minimal) in order to get
  14. The next few weeks are going to be crazy with work and travel and who knows what. So this challenge I'm going to focus solely on creating daily habits that make me feel good and that I can take with me through my next upcoming life transition. Side quest 1 - Splits and backbends (+4 DEX) My body tends to "curl up" when stressed and tired. Daily stretching restores it to normality. And who am I kidding, I want to become super bendy. Side quest 2 - Happy meals (+4 CON) Simple, the rule is to eat food that makes me happy. Tasty food = good, binge eating = bad. Side quest 3 - Dance! (+4
  15. Epic Quest I want to perform an aerial/contortion/burlesque act. I have the dream, plenty of ideas and a deadline. What I don't have is the the skills or even personality. There's work to be done. Motivation Because pictures say more than a thousand words... Main Quest This challenge doesn't have a specific focus, I just want to become leaner, stronger and bendier Side quest 1: Shed the flab (WIS +3, CON +2) To do what I want to do I need to gain confidence in my body as well as skills. The excess fat is a hindrance to both. The plan is to a ) average ~1800 cals/week (revised half
  16. Contortion 11/09/2013 Apparently I need to work on my attitude, I'm letting my brain take over too much. I have to trust the process! Also, went to dance physio on Monday and I noticed some definite improvements where she had done her work. Warmup Leg swings, front, side, back Stretch Butterfly Diamond Pike Straddle (twisting to the side) Pancake - Improvement, cheek to floor Front split sequence: Lunge Reverse lunge (pointed foot) Deep lunge - Right leg improvement, lots of thigh on floor Reverse lunge (flexed foot calf stretch) Lunge bend knee Reverse lunge (hands as far forward as pos
  17. Hi all This is my first challenge. Fitness was never a pleasure for me when doing it for it's own sake.I am naturally lazy. Dance was my first love! A few years ago I discovered pole dance and aerial silks/hoop/trapeze.I found myself wanting to do pushups/V ups/leg raises and running so that I could get better at my sport! My body type is not naturally agile, however I gain both muscle and fat easily. I wish my starting race was an elf..but I'm more like a cross between a dwarf and an orc?I am naturally quite flexible and if I was a superhero I would be Elastigirl!I used to say I had the wea
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