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Found 6 results

  1. “Let’s start from the beginning, one last time...” Have you guys seen Into the Spider-Verse? Cos if you haven’t, how dare you. It’s the best animated movie I’ve seen in a hot minute. And so, it’s the theme of this challenge! I was on a bit of a Spider-Man kick before, but then I saw the movie and, well. Here we are. I’ll do my best to post movie references and inspirational quotes without accidentally spoiling anything. And I’ll post other Spider-Man stuff too, not just from ItSV. Spider-Man (plus a dose of Assassin’s Creed) has hardcore reignited my desire to be stron
  2. I've noticed that as I've been eating healthier, most of the month I feel full and fine with what I have been eating. During my period though, I want to eat ALL THE THINGS!!!! I never feel satisfied. I'm having trouble controlling my eating habits during this time. Do you have any suggestions on how to control eating during this time? I'm completely new to healthy living and I"m having trouble managing this. I would appreciate any advice.
  3. Hello fellow Druids! This is my first challenge here, so let me know and please forgive me if I commit any faux pas. After I finished my first challenge I went to the Assassins, but given my current needs and the absolute explosion of failing of my last challenge, I need to reorient my goals: they now align harmoniously with the Druid Guild, so I hope I will learn a lot from everyone and find my place here. The short story is that I was being emotionally blackmailed by my boss everyday and did not react well to his behavior. I let my emotions take the best of me and he preyed on it, which
  4. Another challenge similar goals. This time around things will be a little different due to trying out new programming. Previously Stronglifts worked great but work and life would interfere terribly with workouts so will be trying Jonnie Candito's Linear strength program to continue to squeeze out those noob gains and continually work on form. Main goal To get bigger and stronger. Finally at 170+ weight now so will continue to slow bulk up to 175-180 and then do a recomp. Goal 1 Lift at least 3x weekly (Tracking this in excell or printed excel sheets) Goal 2 Sleep at least 7.5hrs each nigh
  5. Ahoy ye mateys! Omg he has a little hat! The names Rookie and I am finding myself back at the Adventurers door step I hope you will have me back! Last challenge I joined the Scouts to help me focus on my upcoming 5k Color Run (July 26). During that challenge I focused on doing my C25K, eating clean without counting calories and doing exercises/stretches to help with my horseback riding. During that challenge another challenge popped up between my future SIL, Mum and my friend... If I lose 55lbs by August 2015.. I get a free trip to Positano, Italy! So my focus is back on losing those po
  6. OK, I'm a snacker, and I read the article on the team snack or team no snack, so I'm definantly on the pro snacks Problem is, I cant tell whether I'm bored and just eat or if I'm actually hungry I know I could pay attention, but by the time I think 'wait, was I really hungry' I'm already finished! We also have LOTS of horrible food around the house (I'm talking rice crispies, cookies and chocolate laying about) so I'm always tempted Is there anyway I can maybe cut down. I'm 5'3" and I eat more than the guys I know! What is a good way to cut down on snacking in the daytime and if I do snack
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