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Found 1 result

  1. As I write this - during Week 5 (barely) - the place I live is getting ready to relax some of its quarantine protocols. The government seems to be confident we are now out of peak (barely? Ish?), and that with the onslaught of Summer and the time when Western expats leave en masse to spend those months in more agreeable climes, things are relaxing a bit. We still have to wear masks outside when not exercising and to enter shops. Temperature checks at the door are still de rigeur, as is checking the tracker app everyone has to have on their phone - if you don’t have it or it’s not clear, no entry is supposed to be allowed to any shopping spaces. I don’t believe they are still doing police stops to check and see if the app has been downloaded, but I don’t actually know since I’ve been in a car twice since this all started. Kids and people over 60 are not allowed in any shopping spaces (as far as I’ve seen). Families of over 2 can now drive in the car together - some beaches and parks are opening (though it’s like 114F; who tf wants to go to the park?). The malls are partially opening - larger stores at 30% capacity, though how they will police that it’s hard to say. Restaurants and cafes are now allowed to offer curbside takeout (not just delivery). Restaurants will start the first openings July 1, with strict capacity rules and without the multitude of buffets that are so popular here. Pools are opening, but I think they are not supposed to be - at least not in my neighborhood. Still no real gatherings (that’s phase 2 for gatherings of under 10 I think and July - probably to coincide with the restaurant openings). Gyms open in August and are already starting to inform Zoom clients of plans. Watercraft are allowed from this week, just not personal watercraft (yachts: yes, SUP: no) - not sure what that will do to neighborhood traffic at the marina. This all means little for my bubble - I’m continuing to stay home, but will go with DH to IKEA this next weekend to grab some house supplies (some way to block off the lower quarter of the balcony so the pups can’t see the pool, a rug to keep bitchy downstairs neighbor appeased, a comfy place to sit on the patio despite the heat, maybe a nice nonstick large pan because I still frickin hate metal bottom pans, and maybe a Dutch oven for a different type of crusty bread. I’ll not be rushing out to dine, though we may try and schedule a date night out. I’ll not be meeting up with friends just yet - but may once the 10-person limit is enacted. Not sure what this means for my Tuesday coffee group; my Wednesday group is pretty much dead as 2 more are moving out of the country the second they get clearance COVID tests, 1 still isn’t back from her quarantine abroad, and 2 usually leave for the Summer - leaving me and 1 other person. So, effectively dead - and that means wine group is, too. Which is kinda fine? I’m also not rushing out to hit the mall alone - I’m enjoying my no Uber/no spend time. When gyms open, which is either phase 2 or probably 3, I’ll be heading back to in-person yoga. I may also go on a supply run to a craft supply store. Maybe. I’ll probably just finally break down and order stuff on Amazon, 2-3 week lead time be damned. Goals Nutrition as always. This challenge cycle finds me utterly tired of the amount of garbage I’ve let creep into my diet in an effort to be gentle to DH and his food ish. I’m sick of the salt, the junk, and the lack of actual nutrition. That stops. No more chip binges, no more fries as the default on weekend meals, no more big pizzas, no more batches and batches of noodles. No more 2 takeout meals in a day. I think I’ve been “fun” and indulgent enough over these last 3 months. Back to mean wife. I’m not to the point I’m ready to track macros, but I do need to bump up my ‘don’t eat like an asshole’ directive. More effort to eat proper veggies, even though I’m currently scared of them. I’ve not been doing terrible on quantity, but more work is needed here. More cognizance of limiting garbage, even on the weekends. Especially on the weekends. Yoga as always. Continuing on with my Monday Zoom class; trying to get off my ass for more actual yoga and less coloring or ACNH meditation. Not assigning judgement here quite yet, because my brain is a stubborn child, but it’s coming. Feeding my creativity - I’d like to pick a non-coloring non-ACNH craft and work toward getting the supplies and starting that this challenge. ACNH is a great creative outlet and it has given my hands a chance to (mostly) rest, but I miss hand sewing, be it seam finishing or needlework. And that’s about it. Another super simple challenge full of shit I’m already doing, but that’s what I have the bandwidth for at the moment. I feel like I’d just entered a space where I could submit to pushing myself before all this happened - and now my energy (and giving a fucks) level is back to square one. And that’s okay. For now. I just don’t want it to stretch another 3 winters. 4, really, if we’re being honest.