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  1. I'd been thinking about doing a challenge to help me in my (suspected) COVID recovery, but hadn't gotten very far on the specifics when I came on here two days ago to see when the next challenge was. Surprise! I went ahead and started a topic to anchor my commitment to doing this one. The last two years have been quite a series of adventures and lessons. And, I have several more big ones planned for the next couple years that I need to get ready for. Expect to see goals beyond simply recovering. I've got hikes and back country travel planned–and plenty of other adventures–as soon a
  2. As I write this - during Week 5 (barely) - the place I live is getting ready to relax some of its quarantine protocols. The government seems to be confident we are now out of peak (barely? Ish?), and that with the onslaught of Summer and the time when Western expats leave en masse to spend those months in more agreeable climes, things are relaxing a bit. We still have to wear masks outside when not exercising and to enter shops. Temperature checks at the door are still de rigeur, as is checking the tracker app everyone has to have on their phone - if you don’t h
  3. fitnessgurl


    Hi everyone! I've returned to the Rangers instead of doing a battle log this time. My challenge will be a bit unstructured compared to the last few. I felt that I needed to change things up a bit. I will post my quests in a bit. My last challenge
  4. Hi there, I am Casbin! I've been with this community on and off, because life you know. Life is still in flux but I want to get back to the way I felt when I was around here. You guys and gals are so inspiring, breathing positivity, trying to help and encouraging that I can't help myself; I just love this place. This will be a partial Challenge and my Respawn point. Time to take things slow and ease back in. And thus are the daily goals (50% for a pass): Nutrition - 1 Proteinshake a day 0.5 extra credit for a second Fitn
  5. Hello everyone! I'm going to do an extended summer challenge in this thread that will run for roughly 7 weeks. This will include prep week, the four week challenge, and the two week summer vacation that the nerd fitness forums have planned. It feels a bit nostalgic for the old days of nerd fitness when we did six week challenges on these forums. I'm a thirty something single woman with a cat named Dragon. There's a lot going on in my life currently in terms of my mental health and recovery, and it can all feel pretty intense and heavy. I've decided to make my next challenged center
  6. I was going to sit this one out, because I don't have anything in particular that I am targeting right now. All of my major goals are in the "keep doing what I'm already doing" category. I'm hitting cals and macros pretty consistently, lifting a la Starting Strength 3x/week, meditating, drinking water, don't currently have any compelling reason to change any of that. But I have some space right now in my life to add a little nonsense, so I am going to stay and play for a bit in Wonderland, just because I can. Two goals. Simple. Ride the Ba
  7. I'm back and ready to nuke! So guys, i joined the rebellion one year ago but i have never managed to complete more than one challenge. I'm here again trying to improve my life, which is pretty depressing and sad, as it pains me to admit. Something quick about me : i'm a 23 years old male that lived the childhood like an hermit, and there i think the majority of my problems are born. I have made a tremendous amount of progress in these years, going from a hermit to someone who is considered to be the crazyhead of my workplace for my entusiasm and good madness. However i seem to
  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ASSASSINS!! I'm here! I'm ready to kick some ass after a solid end to 2017! (To be honest I had a shit end of 2017, including two funerals and a polar vortex. And I still managed to get my workouts done, read my books, save money...I feel good about it.) I'm about 85% of the way through my yearly goal setting activity. I reduced my areas of attention from six to seven, which feels great. I think I'm ready to start tackling some diet improvements, so one goal is to include at least one diet-related quest in each challenge. An ove
  9. I'm back for my second challenge! What's changed? Well, I have decided to say farewell to the Rangers and join the Warriors! Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement. I am looking forward to working on this one for the full 4 weeks, as I joined my first one a few days late. THE GOALS: Write weekly blog posts Create a content calendar by 4/25 and post it to the NF thread COMPLETE 4/25! Share links of weekly blog posts on NF thread to keep me accountable Finish setting up website Finish setting up footer, social media thre
  10. Hi all— This is my first challenge after lurking around Nerdfitness for a few weeks. I joined a gym at the end of January (with the rest of the n00bs.) I started with spin and BODYPUMP classes. I am grateful to these classes for getting me moving and building my confidence, but BODYPUMP needs to be switched out for some good ol' fashioned weight training if I want to see serious results. Working out is now a solid habit, but my creative practice has been slipping. Here's my plan for integrating all of my hard work and using my time more wisely: MAYLAKAE'S 4 WEEK GO
  11. Hello, Assassins! I'm new to the group, but very happy to be here, and excited to get started. I've been around NF before, years ago, but this is my first time with the Assassin guild. I'm making some life changes lately, and I'm needing to change a couple big habits. It's a good opportunity to start a challenge! My life has been very comfortable lately, but I feel the need to switch things up and maybe make some bigger changes... but if I want to ever make big changes, I need to start with some smaller ones first. There are three major things I need to train on over the next 6 mon
  12. The Loft: Creativity Never Dies The Loft has returned! I'm keeping this train going because as the title says...Creativity Never Dies. It sometimes can be fleeting, and blocks happen to the best of artisits, writers, and crafters, but it never really dies! Just needs the right inspiration to pull it out! Hopefully this group can offer this inspiration in order for us Rebels to level up in our skills and passions for our chosen craft! This is a place to share pieces you are proud of (or not but need advice, etc), what inspires your creative juices, as well any
  13. Welcome to the Loft Hey there everyone! I decided to follow a little thread I had in one of my challenges and create a Accountbilbuddies group for Rebels who have creative based quests on their challenges, who like to craft, write or draw in some of their spare time, or who just really like following along artists, writers, sculptors, and various other awesome crafters! I wanted to have a space for people to also hold each other accountable (well...hold myself accountable) for their creative-based quests. Also, I wanted to make a space so I can share some tips on
  14. Revenge of The Loft It has been a while! Welcome back to The Loft! A simple a humble space for all those rebels out there who wish to level up their creative side! This group is here to offer inspiration and support for all the writers, musicians, and artists out there. In the past threads I have been blown away with all the interaction, advice and sharing that has gone on and I hope to have that continue this time around. For myself I will admit that life has thrown some curveballs along the way that I have been pleasantly surprised with or completely overwhe
  15. INTRO: When the wheels come off, sometimes the only thing you can do is stop, step back, and rebuild. This is one of those times. I’ve scraped through a couple of challenges lately and just about held it together, but during the last one, things completely fell apart in a perfect storm of mental and physical burnout, bad luck, and family drama. My work life has been increasingly busy and stressful over the last couple of months. I’ve had to deal with a series of nagging injuries and aches around my shoulder, lower back, hip and groin. My mum had two nasty falls in the space of five days, the u
  16. Finals are over†! Yea! We've moved into our condo‡! Hurrah! Honestly, I'm a little at a loss of what to do with my life at the moment. Free time? What is this? I've also been using my schoolwork load interfere with my self-care. My sleep schedule's a wreck, I've not been to the gym in a few weeks, and swords in even longer. I've a lot of things I'd like to do with my summer, though I do have a summer course. I want to build an application, I have four ideas running through my head right now, ranging from easy to difficult. I want to draw more. I'd like to lea
  17. It's been sort of a whirlwind lately... And I've felt the need to tame the clutter and focus more narrowly. So, I will be concentrating on the Magician's Path this challenge, Instead of running in circles trying to do ALL THE THINGS! (ALL THE PATHS!) The Four Paths The Four Paths - as used in the epic fantasy novel that I have been writing, lo, these many years - is a system of training used by the members of a mysterious order. The paths are: Warrior Scholar Magician
  18. I'm intimidated by the forum change, so this challenge is all about just coming here every day, trying to follow threads, and posting in my own thread.
  19. ShadowLion keeps her stake planted in the ground... Shadow Lion Walks the Circle (Whaddya expect when you've tied your foot to a rope attached to a stake in the ground?) Transforming from the Fool... To the Magician... (This card I chose, rather than drew, to use as a meditation device in the coming weeks.) Last challenge - when I drew The Fool for my theme - was definitely an adventure, full of fresh starts, false starts, exploration, new ideas, taking chances and chasing dreams. A leap
  20. RESPAWN!!! Wow, y'all spiffied up while I was gone. Keeping this challenge pretty loose, so hopefully I can actually complete a challenge without falling off the face of the earth again. Quest #1: Getting Strong, Yo (me doing the OHP) Starting Strength 3x per week Reset my Starting Strength program on Friday, so I have baseline work set numbers to start from. Squat: 55lbs OHP: 20lbs Bench: 25lbs Deadlift: 55lbs Starting Measurements: Weight: 140.4lbs Fat %: 28.5 Bust: 36.
  21. The journey continues as ShadowLion decides to keep her theme the same and her stake planted in the ground. Shadow Lion Keeps on Shufflin' She decides to draw again... (And gets a very interesting result.) The Fool In the Single-Card Draw position A card in this position illuminates the present moment or the question at hand. Meaning: This first Major Arcana card is an excellent illustration of someone who is following their bliss. This card often materializes in a reading when the querent is trying something new and completely different. They may be just beginning their spir
  22. So I'm gonna try and make this a bit simpler. I think I will be better off focusing on a couple of things and doing them well, really making them habits, and then evaluating how I did at the end of the challenge and going from there. This is basically me telling myself to SIMPLIFY MY CHALLENGES I've been re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (and also The Legend of Korra). Mostly, I've been listening to Uncle Iroh. So this challenge is about connecting/listening to my inner Iroh and using the wisdom I've earned. I'm asking myself the things that add the most value to my life and making t
  23. Shadow Lion Shuffles the Cards... and Decides to Stack the Deck (for success) I have been on a strange and unexpected journey this past weekend as I pondered what to do for my challenge. I found myself wandering down paths I have not traveled in some time, and I realized that my life feels wildly out of balance. I am in need of the Queen of Swords decisiveness and discipline, while also bringing my inner and outer worlds into better alignment through intuition and quiet contemplation. This challenge is a continuation of the last one in many ways - of my year theme of planting my s
  24. Last month I did pretty good with my goals, except for my life goal which I completely failed at. That goal was to make a leather bag for my mom, and I didn't get one thing done on it. In fact, I have a general sense that I want to make a bag with a floral design on it, and that's it. No further ideas. I'm low on creativity. I also found last month that the things that threw me off track basically add up to getting distracted and taking things personally. So this month, I turn inward to nurture my creativity, center myself, and try to be less easily distracted. My goals for this month:
  25. Steven Universe Challenge Steven Universe is about a group of Gemstone based beings who save the world, and notably ALL Gems are female (well technically they are a uni-gendered race that uses female pronouns ). GIRL POWER! The show has a couple of main themes: the power of compassion and the necessity of strong, trusting relationships. I love the show for the amazing characters, beautiful animation, fun and catchy songs, and hilarity ("my mind is the internet, I know every continuity mistake ever made on television"). Awesome characters I wasn't able to fit into this challenge includ
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