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Found 2 results

  1. Tova the Vibrant

    Tova is feasting on life

    A almost accurate picture of a classical Roman feast Everyday I get to pick from my menu of things to do. Some days I'll just want appetizers, and some days it'll be a multi-course extravaganza. It'll depend on what I'm up for and how "hungry" I am. Tasks are organized into categories based on time involved, location, and level of concentration needed. Bread Basket Just like some restaurants bring bread, there are some things that I'll get for "free" regardless of if I really want them or not. These are non-negotiables. Dance: Sunday and Wednesday Yoga in studio: Tuesday and Thursday Pony: Sunday after dance, plus Tuesday and/or Wednesday, possibly also Saturday after work Healthy foods, no snacks at work, lots of tea Appetizers Easy to eat, grab-and-go kind of things. Drop and do a plank, lower as far as I can with elbows in Facial stretches for jaw pain Take a breath and think before eating In-the-moment meditation Review of Italian words with phone app Salads Quick to fix up and good for you, too. Short home yoga flow Plan meals for the week Pull an oracle card and journal about it Read something for fun Entrees Take time to make. Please be patient. Go for a bike ride Meditation in my special place Sat down Italian or chakra study (write things down) Therapy related work (deep reading, journaling) Dessert Special order things that you don't get often. Make meatball #5 (20) Make jam/jelly #1(30) Make creme brulee #1 (it's a dessert dessert! dessert inception!) (30) Work on striping furniture (10 each time) Complete craft project #1(way behind on these) (50) Go to social outing #4 and #5 (20) Have date night with Mr. Vibrant #4 and #5 (20) Because point systems work well for me: Appetizers are 1 point each Salads are 10 points each Entrees are 20 points each Desserts are pointed as marked Chef reserves the right to make changes to the menu as she sees fit. Related goals that I'm working towards: 1 date night/social outing per month 14 non-pressured bike rides this year 1 real pushup/hold chaturanga Master my headstand 30 consecutive days meditating 40 books read this year Have basic understanding of conversational Italian
  2. Doe

    Doe's Battle Log

    Updated: 12.12.18 My ever-evolving battle log. I change this summary up occasionally. As a nerd trying to get fit, what motivates me? What kind of character would I most like to emulate. I been thinking about this allot lately. I always mention my love for mahou shoujo (magic girl) anime that's an RPG I could get behind for my real life. But what does that mean exactly? To me: Giving it my all! Moderation - why do desserts look so good in anime? How did Usagi eat all of that cake and not weigh a ton? Unabashed girly-ness - I'm girly, for an engineer, in construction, who doesn't wear stripper heels or much makeup, and doesn't understand the new brow craze. Yet, I probably tote heavy duty pink gear and will throw on a dress on a office day. I feel super girly, till I get around other women. An awesome transformation sequence - all the twirling, flips, gracefulness, etc. Doing all these things in public like it's normal. I'm in a dance group, I love tap and jazz. What's the purpose of transformation sequence? "Through this power the main character transforms into a more adult, more beautiful, more skilled version of herself and she needs to be in that form to be capable of performing magic. " About Me I'm ~33, an engineer, in the SF Bay Area. No, not a software engineer. I'm an electrical engineer, my specialty is lighting. For 7 years I worked in construction for energy efficiency. Nowadays, I work in an office doing research for energy efficiency. Though occasionally I still have the opportunity to get out in the field. In my free time, I'm in a body positive dance group which PC for chubby girl dance group. We have practice once a week most of the year, except during performance season. Also volunteer with the Coast Guard Auxillary, mostly food services. I had gastric bypass surgery when I was 16 in 2002 . Because of the surgery don't absorb nutrients as well through food so I have to take vitamins. I tried most 2014-15 to get nutrients exclusively from food and ended up getting blood/iron IV treatment for almost 2 months. I know for many people vitamin supplements seem like a waste of time but for some of us, it is a necessary addition to eating well, rather temporary or lifelong like me. To me it's like how some people drink protein shakes while others get all their protein from food. So please, no judgment. My highest weight was 415, when I was 15 and a few inches shorter(I'm 5'3" now). Until recently I was bouncing between 250-265, keeping 150+lbs for over 15 years was such an accomplishment for me. After my mom died in September 2018, I've gained 20+lbs and clocked in at 288 on 12/03/18. The highest I have ever been since my surgery. My first weightloss goal is to get the grief weight off and get back to 250.