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Found 2 results

  1. Our Story So Far: An introverted, cosplay-fanatic girl joins a nerdy fitness website, and starts learning how to eat healthy, how to work out, and how to connect with people again. Things go well for a year. Our heroine loses more than twenty pounds and has learned to love many strange new and healthy foods, and has also discovered a love of hitting things and getting sweaty. At the start of the year, our heroine faces her greatest boss battle yet: divorce. It costs money, and time, and emotional energy. She watches her social circle drift away, disconnect, or be visibly taken from her. She feels alone and isolated. She struggles with food again for the first time in two years. She stops going on walks, or sitting outside. Staying in and watching Youtube is the only thing that feels safe. Then, she hears about this crazy Camp thing. It sounds like a major herself. But she does it. She goes to camp and learns to smash boards with her arm, and kill sentries with a bow, and climb waterfalls in her bare feet, and open up about dark, inky emotions. She finds hugs, and love, and acceptance, and support. She realizes she needs a new name, something to embody this new avatar, this new person she's become after all this pain and loss and growth. In a sense, she's still 'everanything', because now she's a hero, and a survivor, and a holder of space, and a teacher, and a fucking badass magical girl. Our Cast of Characters: Merrin: Me! 30 years old, foodie, recovering junk food addict, soda free for 1.5 years, lover of avocados and bacon, fond of teaching, passionate about sewing, bubbly introvert, depressive, baker of cookies. Rebecca: The name for my Depression; the Monster I frequently try to kiss on the nose. Ifrit: Boyfriend! Main supportive force, disliker of avocados, expert bacon cook, incredibly weird, incredibly intelligent, introvert, archery master, stealer of snuggles. Part-Time Spare Spoons Puppy: only the best and sweetest and smartest dog ever, tolerant of hugs, fetcher of rope, murderer of sticks, giver of snuggles. I have so many things to apply from camp, but I'm going to start off slow. Well. Slow-ish. Camp-Style Cooking: I've never eaten so healthy in all my life. Fruit at breakfast? Salad at lunch? Yes please! I'll be aiming for two healthy meals a day. Smashing Boards: I loved all the movement and strike patterns from Theory of Power. I want to incorporate them into a boxing-style workout. Goal is 2x a week. Deku Tree: Meditation is really easy when you have a beautiful place in which to practice it. While my yard needs work (and I do have a tree where I could build a tree house but it's getting cold here so maybe next summer) I do still have a hammock, and the hum of the highway is relaxing. Goal: minimum 5 minutes 3x a week. Dammit Clover: When necessary from meditation or if it's just been a hard day, I will take at least ten minutes to write out my thoughts, and incorporate new journaling techniques as needed. Body Movin': a goal in three parts. Daily walking, no set time minimum. Daily stretches, shoulders, hips, and back with the most focus. Dancing when the mood strikes me. Killing Sentries: I will need to test out both the longbow and the compound that belong to Ifrit, and see which feels best weight-wise for me to shoot. Then, I'll set up some targets on our fence. Goal will stand at 1x per week until I assess how much and which muscles this utilizes. Goals are set to start Friday, because I came home with camp crud.
  2. Everanything: Those New Mistakes

    No, I won't leave, I want to try everything, I want to try even though I could fail~ In case it's not become clear over the last year and a half of being here on NF (wait, what? wow) I really, really love Disney. I worked there a decade ago as an intern, and it's kept a hold on me ever since. I love Zootopia for giving us a main character who gets told 'No' at every turn of her path. 'No', her parents tell her. 'No', says the academy. 'No', says her new friend. But our beloved Carrots does. Not. Quit. She doesn't care if she might get hurt, or look foolish, or make mistakes. She wants to keep going. I do, too. I've tried several things over my challenges, and when goals or activities don't work, I try not to let the failure hold me back. I just look to see what the next thing is that I want to try. Of course, successful framework helps even out any potential mistakes, so I've also got several goals on here that have really worked in the past. Eat Like an Animal: stick to paleo 2x meals a day at minimum. Don't Be Clawhauser: 1 sweet snack a day. Back-Up Tigers: one five minute dance party per day, at minimum. ZPD Academy Climbing, poses, inversion 2x week at minimum Suspended for accident recovery. Push-ups, lifts, rows, planks 2x week at minimum Yoga/stretching 1x minimum Go On Patrol: scooter ride 1/x week minimum Performing Arts Sewing 1x week