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Found 1 result

  1. Okokok HI FRIENDS~ I've based this challenge theme off my two favorite classes in FFXIV - Bard and Dark Knight. ( I know, you're SOOooOOoOOoo surprised~) Y'all know what a bard is obvs but the Dark Knight class is a tanking job with a big sword (see above) that's pretty much a combination of My Chemical Romance and Hot Topic and too much black eyeliner and has skill names like Delerium and Quietus and The Blackest Night IT'S NOT JUST A PHASE MOM The challenge theme really isn't apropos of anything, I just like the classes and wanted to cram them together to birth DIRGESINGER. (Also I have never played Dirge of Cerberus, isn't that a crime??) Also this time of year is my favorite and my dark little haunted heart loves a spooky New England fall.......... I guess I should set some goals, huh?? :3 So I have a LOT GOING ON in the next few months (aside from my normal hijinks) - mostly trips! I finally sat down and populated my personal calendar the other day with all my upcoming stuff and I was kinda like The things that will fall within this 5 week span are as follows: - Work trip to Texas for training (Monday 9.16 - Wednesday 9.18) - Saturday on-call shift (Saturday 9.21 from 9-2) - Tattoo consult (Tuesday 10.1 9:30am) - Work charity event (Saturday 9.5 all day - basically we have people submit applications for a family in need that needs a new hvac system and we choose a winner and go and install it all for free <3) - Tattoo appointment (Monday 9.7 9:30am) - Weeklong coastal MA vacation in a bomb-ass beach cabin with The Boy (Thursday 9.17 - Thursday 9.24) After that I've got a trip to NYC for a show with K, she is coming to visit here in December for another show in Boston, somewhere in there I have an audiology appointment to find out why I Don't Hear Real Gud, hopefully scheduling a dentist appointment sometime, the Holidays (HOW IS IT SEPTEMBER ALREADY) and just surviving I guess phew. PHEW. Anyways here's the shit I want to upkeep amidst the chaos: - Gym three times a week at minimum. - Keep batch-cooking work lunches. - Weekend drinking only! - Outdoor activity at least once a week! I'm a weirdo and want to visit as many historic New England cemeteries as I can this fall. - Finish Z'jai's new roleplay profile website AUGH JUST DO THIS SHAAR. I'm going to be doing some minor recruiting for my FC soon and I want to have this done and looking fly before I do. - Be mindful of my health. After my recent bloodwork, while it's nothing to be concerned about right now, I need to keep a closer eye on myself and how I'm feeling and take precautions to take better care of myself when I'm having an achy day, and find out what works for me. <3 - VLOG MORE, I want to try and do one vlog a week as an update!!! Okokok I think that's all for now thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!