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Found 5 results

  1. So for the majority of 21 years of living on this Earth, I have had the WORST digestion of all time; I was a baby with severe colic, struggled to worship the Potty God throughout my entire childhood (ie, going number 2 was a difficult experience, and doctors could not pinpoint the answer as to why, and chalked it up to that oh-so-ambiguous IBS), and tried every remedy under the sun to relieve my problems; I suffered from a confirmed (via stool test) candida infection last summer, got small intestinal bacterial overgrowth early this spring, and am currently restoring my stomach acid levels as I
  2. Hello, everyone. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I am curious to each response. I suffer from IBS-C (irritable bowel with constipation), with occasional bouts of diarrhea. I've been diagnosed with IBS by a doctor, taken labs, enzymes, probiotics, food elimination/FODMAPS. While I've made great strides in improving my condition, the constipation and bloating are still a pain. Sometimes, sporadically, I get loose, and really just cannot pin down what in the world is going on. Much of my condition is psychogenetic, but even on the days when I am otherwise calm
  3. Hello, everyone! I decided to post here in the Paleo section, as once I looked over the vegan section, I decided to spare myself from being burned at the stake given the title and subject of this post. (Don't Slay This Dragon…) I have an intro. post that you can read through for more detail, but I'll summarize my current state of health: Survivor of a decade of abuse, during which time weight was low and digestion wrecked (although to be fair I had troubles even when I was a baby and child). Went vegan in February of 2014, and digestion worsened. Saw Dr and went on candida cleanse in June of
  4. I've been struggling with gut health for a decade and a half now. I've been through the gamut of tests and possibilities. Conclusion: All roads lead to my diet! The major issue is that my digestive system, MY GUT, has been abused and neglected so often for so long that it is quite difficult to pinpoint what foods are troubling me and what are not. I recently went on two month long candida diet to battle a candida overgrowth in my gut, which I got under control. YAY! But right after this I fell back into old eating habits. I also had a small surgery that left me pretty inactive for two mon
  5. So quick backstory. I tried out intermittent fasting some time ago, skipping breakfast and eating around 11-12. During my recent cut, I kept up the no-breakfast thing because I liked being able to stuff my face and feel full during my meals. Now that I'm eating to perform, I've re-introduced breakfast, in the way of a breakfast scramble. Eggs, bacon/sausage, veggies, cheese. It's pretty goddamn nom. I've had breakfast now for 3 days. Between 8-9:30. And, okay, I'm having digestive issues. I'm sure y'all can infer my meaning. I'm concerned I am getting dehydrated. None of these foods seem
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