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  1. Time to kick off 2021 and this year is all about moving forward. You might expect something like this: But this challenge will be more like this: FITNESS First order of business is to actually get moving. I'm going to break through this mental block that has kept me from getting back to any type of fitness. It's something I need and I want, but I just don't want to, you know? I'm going to keep it simple with any gentle movement, anything. Yoga, stretching, going for a walk around the dog park, or the block. Pick up a sledgehammer and do a little
  2. Terah

    Terah - 75 Hard

    How is it that every time I want to jump back on the forums the challenge has almost ended? I just decided to ignore that fact this time and post anyway. Since last time I got back to exercising and eating healthier (nothing extreme). Summer vacation is almost over so it's time to get a good plan and get back to business! I just stumbled across #75hard. And as much as it sounds crazy, it might just be crazy enough to work There are 5 rules: Follow a diet I'm going for the no-s diet Workout twice a day I had started with
  3. Welcome back to my challenge! In this one I'll be making change. Change as in coins I mean I'm going to reward myself with euro's for things I did good, so I'll be able to buy new sims expansion packs that will becoming out this year. Credit must be given: I totally stole this idea from the amazingly clever @Snarkyfishguts 😘 I can earn euro's by: - Going a whole day without eating sugary stuff - Doing exercise for at least 30 minutes (ringfit, walking, yoga etc.) I can earn 50 cents by doing chores I hate doing: - changing sheets - vacuu
  4. I'm back (again). Things got a bit crazy the last couple of months, and I had to take time for myself. Do some soul searching and such. But yeah, I really missed this place. For the people that don't know me: I'm Terah*. A 35 year old from the Netherlands. Fitness enthousiast, dance fanatic, and I love playing sims I'm married to William, also 35 years old And we have two awesome sons: Peter (9) and Cory(7) We live in a small city in the Netherlands. We bought a new home two years ago and are loving the new environment.
  5. I know. I said I wasn't going to do challenges anymore. I guess I just couldn't resist the 10th anniversary hype. And also @Tanktimus the Encourager's necromancy skills are on point! So here I am, doing another challenge, the Anniversary Special. To celebrate the 10th anniversary everyone is getting all nostalgic. This year will be my 6th nerdversary. So much has happened during my 6 years. Like many of you, Nerd Fitness has changed my life. I may not have reached my ultimate goals yet but I've learned a ton about building habits, perseverance, fitness, and myself. I've ga
  6. I've been away from NF for so long. I really needed to sort myself out. Don't get me wrong: I love you guys and I have missed you <3 I used to be with the Druids, but it's time for me to step out of my shell, and become what I truely am: An Assassin I always sorted my challenges in diet, fitness and life. I think I'll stick to those cathegories once more. I will tell you where I started, what I've realized in the last months I've been away and what I'm planning on doing this challenge. Diet Diet culture is a lie. I've been on diets since I was 8, and
  7. Hi all. It's been forever, but I'm back. Warrior's Barracks Challenge 1 Finishing 30 day challenges: Plank Challenge: on day 13 Russian Twist Challenge: day 5 Challenge 2 Weights/bodyweight exercises or cardio 5 days a week Challenge 3 Ranger Mini challenge: Doodlie challenge Athenaeum Challenge 4 Journaling/writing every day Read 1 chapter a day of: On Writing Well by William Zinsser Monk's Temple Challenge 5 Read 1 chapter a day in my chronological Bible
  8. Hey Doodlies, how are you all doing this lovely fall? I've been away for a while, but now I'm back. And I'm really feeling like starting another pvp challenge. Don't know what a Doodlie is? No worries, you're still welcome We're a weird bunch that have been around NF for I think 5 years, maybe even 6. We worship the Great Yak, talk a lot of smut and just have fun accomplishing our goals. We divide yourselves into two breakfast items: pancakes and waffles. And sometimes French toast (or Flip Bitches) if our numbers are great. To get us started I
  9. I've been away from NF for so long. I really needed to sort myself out. Don't get me wrong: I love you guys and I have missed you <3 I used to be with the Druids, but it's time for me to step out of my shell, and become what I truely am: An Assassin I always sorted my challenges in diet, fitness and life. I think I'll stick to those cathegories once more. I will tell you where I started, what I've realized in the last months I've been away and what I'm planning on doing this challenge. Diet Diet culture is a lie. I've been on diets since I was 8, and I
  10. Hi everybody! I missed you <3 So, I've been away for a bit because I've fallen off the wagon. Big time. I started dieting again: counting kcal, fasting, over exercising. Just pushing myself way too hard. *actual footage of my feelings On top of that life happened (details on why my life sucked really hard 1,5 weeks ago in the spoiler) So anyways I started skipping dance lessons. I stopped practicing dance at home. And I spent way too much time playing the sims and not so much doing chores and work. I had to quit dancing early yesterday beca
  11. Welcome back to a new challenge! After going through many restriction/binge cycles I stumbled onto intuitive eating last October. I went through the steps, read "Brain over Binge" and now I'm completely binge free, and have a much better relationship with food and my body. But now I have to figure out what "normal eating" means for me. Two challenges ago I tried to count kcal again, but that caused binge thoughts, so I quickly stopped (after about 2/3 weeks). BUT all that counting did made one thing clear: my protein intake was really low. So last challenge I
  12. Hey Doodlies, and welcome to a new challenge! This challenge is only open to existing Doodlies, you know who you are! If you're not a Doodlie, I'm sorry this is not for you. This time we're playing hangman. But no ordinary hangman, it's Doodlie hangman! We're having two teams again: Pancakes and Waffles. Sign up here if you want to join. So how do we play? I've got a list of challenges here. Each challenge will earn your right to guess a letter. There is no taking turns. The faster you finish your challenge the sooner you get the right to a letter. I
  13. Hello everybody, and welcome to my new challenge! 2018 was a year of recovery where I re-discovered Intuitive Eating, and in 2019 I will build on this. My ultimate goal is to feel healthy, fit and to be still kicking ass when I'm 80 years old. To do this I'm building habits this year. Slowly. January was meditation month. I meditated every day. February will workout month. BUT I've been working out consistently since November. So I feel like I can add a little something else this month: Intermittent Fasting. So, how will these things help me achieve my ultimate goal? Let
  14. *emerges from the murky depths* oh wow hey look it's been...nope not even contemplating how long it's been since i've been on here. one goal: check in and reflect. one sentence. also! for those who're wondering: i'm back at school! i'm about two weeks away from finishing my first semester and i'll (FINALLY) graduate in the spring. HURRAH! more details to come? maybe? also if anyone is on discord lmk because that is my primary mode of communication these days
  15. Hey there, it's time for a new challenge! And I've got my Road Map locked and loaded Okay, it's not completely ready, but the basic structure is there. This first challenge of 2019 I'm going to focus on reducing stress, as to lay a foundation for the rest of the year. Stress is also one of the four pillars of health, but if you read my Road Map you already new that This challenge I'm going to build the habit of Meditating. Every morning, after the boys have gone to school OR after brushing my teeth when there is no school I will meditate for at least 5 minutes.
  16. The last couple of challenges I've been working on my relationship to food. I've stopped binge eating/restrictive eating completely with the help of some awesome rebels in the Intuitive Eating accountability group <4 The last step of Intuitive Eating is "Gentle nutrition". Which basically means: eat like a normal human who cares for their health :p There are some more things that I want to be working on this year, but this time I'm not going to try to do them all at once. As many of you know, I love watching YouTube, and one of my favorite youtubers posted a video yesterday
  17. Last challenge I rediscovered Intuitive Eating thanks to @Ensi This challenge I'm going to continue on this path. Quest1: Eat Just eat something when hungry! Don't worry about what is "good" or "bad" foods. Just eat what I'm craving and makes me feel good. I mean, sure eggs are considered "good", but if I eat them my asthma flares up and if I'm really lucky I get bloated too :p Quest2: move Do what I love (dancing and yoga) and what makes me feel good. So no more working out when the sharks are at their peak or when I am dead tired. And I w
  18. Welcome all Doodlies*!! *I'm sorry - this is a closed group, open to all Doodlies. Once a Doodlie, always a Doodlie. You know who you are. There is much Doodlie lore, with a long and smutty history. We've always dreamed of our own island where we can escape the drudgeries of life and come together to be with our people. Alas, it has been found! Land ho, Doodlie Island exists! Unfortunately, the Breakfast Wars have been rekindled. The pancakes and waffles landed on opposite shores and must battle for the rights to the island. What will we do? Who will win? Ready
  19. I'm shooting for a trifecta of pseudo-successful challenges. By successful I don't necessarily mean that I stuck to all my goals but rather I've been successful in turning the corner on getting back to healthy habits overall. For those who are new, this year started off at a low point and just got lower for what felt like a long while. It was particularly devastating to my goals coming off of a less than successful year in 2017. The timing is impeccable though, since this challenge ends right before the holidays. I have no intentions of losing any weigh over the holidays; I will be right
  20. I'm hoping to carry over from a successful challenge in hopes of another. I'm still a long way from where I used to be but for the first time in a long while, I'm happy with where I am now and the progress I am making. The format from the past couple of challenges has served me well but I still have not perfected the streak. I plan to stick to the same format until I earn the 1,000,000 bonus points for a perfect streak... or until I realize I can't... and well, admitting defeat is not an option. Only this time around, I'm just going to make it more difficult. The goals are a bit tougher
  21. Life has been really busy now school has started again, and I'm having trouble keeping up and getting the stuff done that I want. To top that off, I got a nasty cold. It's getting better though My challenge this round will hopefully give me the structure I need to get everything running smoothly again. I love structure and schedules and lists. These things give me piece of mind, and help me "allow" myself to do things just for me. Update: I don't like my first challenge draft, and I'm going to completely change it. Quest 1: Eat healthy I've bee
  22. Soy un perdedor. But instead of losing weight in the last challenge I lost my mojo. Time to try again, as always. My attempt to get back in the gym was mostly positive until I got derailed, so I'm going to rerun the same program and hope for better results. Eat - planned deficit every day, slightly higher targets a couple of days per week. Be mindful of nutrition, but don't be needlessly restrictive. Lift - Stonglifts 5x5 two days per week (Tue & Fri) with 20 min. HIIT (bike) after the barbells. I'm completely disregarding my cardiologist's advice (Suck! It!) and
  23. I've been a little inactive here lately. The boys have their summer break, and for some reason they want and often need my attention a lot (J is 5 and A is 7 years old now, almost 6 and 8 ). And the time I do have left I have used doing my chores, some work, focusing on getting at least some exercise, tuning my diet and watching youtube :p But now SH (Super Husband for those who didn't know) is home for the last two weeks of their summer break giving me some more time to do the stuff I want to do. Like getting back on Nerd Fitness. I've been playing around with intermittend fastin
  24. Boy has it been a year. There was a point last year where I really felt I had my fitness identity figured out and I knew what *I* needed to do for success. But I had some mental health and relationship issues to take care of first and that blew everything else out of the water. It's been really tough to get my head back in the game, so much so that I had completely lost track of what was starting to work before. This year has brought a few ups, and many downs. But my head is finally in the game and I feel ready to make some progress. I think I've blown enough of the cobwebs off of my fit
  25. Who is up for some "friendly" competition? Like any accountability group we'll support each other and cheer each other on. But we also like to play. Just to shake things up. If you want to join go to this spreadsheet, and put your name on it. If you are an existing doodlie, put your name in the "doodlie" column. If you are not a doodlie (yet), pick any doodlie and put your name in the "newbe" column. Easy right? We start the game on May 28th And what games will we play this time, you ask? Good question, if I might say so. We're goin
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