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Found 1 result

  1. Raptron Falls Repeatedly

    Because falling down and getting back up is what RAPTRONNNN STUFF is all about. I do gymnastics, lift weights, bake pies, run around sometimes, and really, really, really like themes and costumes. 1. Sunday Funday *Work out every Sunday I have so much trouble getting to the gym on Sundays, but WE GOTTA, ok?! There are only like 6 weeks until my powerlifting competition on Dec. 2! 2. Don't Forget to Assassin *Vault 2x *Uneven bars 4x *Back handsprings on high beam at least 2x *Routine/choreo run-through at least 2x (<-- which means I have to have it ready to gooo!) Just because I am competing in powerlifting doesn't mean I should ignore the incoming gymnastics competition season, especially as there is a meet I could choose to compete in as early as Dec. 10! 3. Eat More Good *Aim for eating real meals at home (dinner with a vegetable, sitting down) 7x week *Eat out < 8x over challenge I'm a little soft around the edges right now from all the travel and wanton disregard of nutritional needs. I do want to actually compete in the weight class I signed up for, after all, and once that is over, leotards are pret-ty small. I am not doing a formal cut or anything, but there are some unnecessary indulgences I can stand to lose for a bit. I maintain within like a 10 lb range and am just at the higher end of that range right now. 4. New Beginnings *Apply for a job that I am genuinely excited about 2x per week It's time to turn over a new leaf! I love my workplace but there is no growth potential and I want to start being serious about seeing what is out there for me.