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Found 11 results

  1. Lightsaber skills Create a routine for staff containing the tricks I already know plus at least 2 new tricks to learn this challenge. Routine should be around 20 mins including warm up. (probably will be lots of video and bloopers this challenge) Why it's a challenge: Honestly, picking up my staff and playing with it is not really a challenge. I truly love it. However, the challenge lies more in the time management. I am THE WORST™ at time management. I have to structure my morning better to accomodate a 20 minute session and still get everything re
  2. Well, not to brag (too much) but it has been a pretty Incredible year for this super hero. First off, I had a rollercoaster named in my honor: The Incredicoaster, https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/11/pixar-pier-to-bring-new-incredicoaster-and-more-to-disney-california-adventure-park-summer-2018/ and now the sequel to my movie has been announced (premiering on my birthday) To continue the awesomeness I will work on these goals this challenge. The last week of the challenge we are having out of town family, and hosting a Christmas get together, so I will do what I can
  3. Intro/Chapter 1 here: Chapter 2: A Blinky Mess WhiteGhost reaches the end of the wall and takes a bounding leap off of the back wall, tic-tacing over to a window ledge and pulls himself up. Afraid that looking over his should to check his pursuer will take precious seconds, he focuses on shimmying up a rain gutter until he reaches the edge of the roof. Only once he has pulled himself over does he risk taking a look to see how things are going. To his delight, the big man is still on the ground of the alley, trying in vain to grab the fire escape ladder. WhiteGhost br
  4. When you first get your Driver and become a Kamen Rider, the path is never always crystal clear. You may win a few battles here and there, but there's an element of struggle. You're not sure how to use this power that you've been given. While you're struggling with that, your battles keep seeming easier and easier until you hit your first hurdle; a new opponent who's stronger than you. That's when it becomes clear; all those previous struggles were meant to prepare you for that first power up in order to defeat said opponent, so you can find your purpose. Sure, I feel like I've won
  5. This challenge, I am going to do the dreaded thing...a sleep challenge. The thing is, I sleep OKAY. Most nights I manage 7 hours, sometimes 6 on bad nights. But when I sleep naturally, I sleep 7.5 hours. I read all these things about how important getting your FULL amount of sleep is and how it affects just about everything. I'm often really groggy. I'm alert for maybe 2 hours after waking up, and then I get sleepy. I am a napper who could easily take 3 naps a day if schedules allowed. And I pretty much only have the mental clarity to really talk well with other people when I'm NO
  6. Goal 1: Be strong. work out, 3x/wk (bodyweight, dumbbells, challenging yoga, TRX) Goal 2: Be nimble. mobility 6x/wk walk 7x/wk (GMB Elements per programming) Goal 3: Be limber. flexibility -pick 4 stretches to perform daily, scale up or down as needed (GMB Focused Flexibility) Goal 4: Be mindful. -switch to black coffee to eliminate unnecessary a.m. calories -play with regular am fasting, aka skip breakfast -do daily walk fasted if possible -drink extra water -one alcoholic drink per week, or 2 halves -take a picture and post it -read a book I'll be tracking this cha
  7. In the past year, Elastigirl and Mr Incredible have destroyed 4 Omnidroids, saved the city from certain destruction 5 times, captured 4 villains, all while still maintaining their normal jobs. They have earned a rest, and have decided to take a vacation. Are you wondering what superheroes do for vacation? They go exploring for treasure! Several years ago, the Incredibles had found a treasure map, but had been to busy saving the world to follow it.For now, the world seems safe from Omnidroids, so the Incredible couple are going treasure hunting. The map leads them to an exotic volcanic islan
  8. It was one of those cold, clear nights of winter that find most people huddled in their warm houses, watching the glow of their televisions while eating popcorn. But not this group. They had chosen a spot deep in the woods, far from civilization. The only lights to be seen were the stars above and the the campfire glowing brightly, around which they sat. Enjoying the warmth of the campfire they sat quietly around it, once in a while pausing to grunt at one another, or to take a drink of their ale. It was into this group that the stranger entered. Dressed entirely in black, she stealthily mad
  9. A Superhero Story In Paris by Lilith I’m a dreamer, and I love fantasizing. I love going to bed early, to live for a bit in my own stories. Stories I thought up based on universes from books and series. They are my escape. In those stories, I can be whatever I want to be. I can have magical powers, or be a parkour goddess, or survive outside with no other means than the weapons I carry. By itself that is not a bad thing, but I usually use it as an escape too. An escape from reality, when I don’t like reality as much anymore. Pressure from university, the struggle with my weightâ
  10. This isn't going to be an exciting challenge. Most of my last few challenges have not been exciting, but I've got to work on what I've got to work on, so excitement comes later. Basically I'm going to stick to it and just keep on keepin' on. My main goals have not changed. Goal #1 - The Plan The same plan as usual. In the last challenge, something seemed to get in the way of me fully completing the plan in every week. Most of that was legitimate (ie. actual obligations that took precedence to working out), but I did not do a good job of working around those obligations, I just let them g
  11. It's me again! The people who have been following me last challenge know I didn't complete it. In fact I disappeared, going into full blown hiding. Which I am really good at! And although I am quite proud of that assassin skill, it is important not to hide from fellow assassins! So that's why I'm coming out of hiding again, and making sure I will stay out of hiding for the duration of this challenge! Uhhh... Nope still hiding... Wait I know how to unhide... I can do this! Close enough? I suppose so... So right, yeah, goals! Not too many this time, I wanted to do a bazillion things
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