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Found 1 result

  1. Raxie Fights the Heartless

    Anyone who knows my Nerdlife knows that Kingdom Hearts is PART OF MY ACTUAL SOUL. These games are seriously my favouritest thing ever, and I may or may not have a keyblade tattoo in the works. Basically Buffy and Kingdom Hearts are at the core of my being, and for some reason I haven't done a Kingdom Hearts themed challenge before in my 30+ challenges?! What's with that??? With the potential leaking of the release date of them FINALLY dropping KH3 (like seriously we've been waiting since 2005 guys let's get this show on the road) maybe possibly hopefully this October, now's as good a time as any to do this. So join me on this journey and let's do this challenge thing. This being the theme is actually well timed too, since I really need to dig deep and do some real self care this go around, and the KH series gets really deep in terms of personal growth and friendship and all that is good in the world, so... yeah. Anyway I'm at the point where I know I will be doing a lot of the things that I've tried to build up as a habit over the past few challenges - namely ROMWOD, lifting, and dance. I'm really never not going to do these things, because I love them, and in prior challenges I've hiding behind them by saying I've done those things and kind of down playing that I haven't done the other things. Time to just focus on the other things. OTHER THING ONE >> FOOD << This will be my #1 priority. My biggest issue with food is where I live. I live in a city where there is delicious amazing wonderful authentic ethnic perfect anything you could possibly imagine food everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And it's... so hard to resist. Last challenge I did a really good job of reworking my brain a bit so now when I eat out I (usually) end up getting something pretty healthy. I thought this would be tough, but it turns out healthy food at restaurants is still delicious. My current problem is I just cannot afford (literally $$$) to keep up the habit of eating out so much. And it makes tracking macros mega hard because really who knows what's in that stuff. I need just let it go and be an adult and cook my own darn food! *quietly mumbles Simple and Clean at my desk* I'm a really busy person so honestly a lot of times I eat out because I don't have time for anything else, and this is what I'm aiming to fix. Because I am near Kairi level tears thinking about giving up all the food in my area all together (#foodie4life), and because I realize I realistically will never have the will power or desire to do so, my goal here is to never eat out because I don't have time to cook or because I'm too tired to cook. Going out for Reasons is just fine, I've just got to say the reason here and it has to be legit not like, it was my cat's half birthday or something. Food Goal 1: Meal prep at least 6 meals each week. Food Goal 2: Only eat out for Reasons. Report Reasons here. Scrutiny on the legitimacy of Reasons from my NF Fam is encouraged. OTHER THING TWO >> BRAINSTUFFS << As I think I alluded to in my previous challenge my job has been really frustrating lately. I was absolutely loving my job for years, and it was continuously getting better and better, and then something I was completely and totally excited about was snatched out from under me and cancelled and has me feeling really bummed and useless. I have other things I need to do, it's not like I don't have work, and it's not like my job is in danger, it's just I like to feel like I'm doing something important and not wasting my day away being a bean counter and that's kind of how I'm feeling now. But, I'm young, I know people value my work, the project was not cancelled having anything to do with me, and I know things will look up soon. I just have to not let my brain be a jerk and drag me down. So, more than ever, I need meditation right now. I tried to incorporate it back into my routine last challenge to varying degrees of success but I want to really focus on it this time around. I am always less stressed when I have a meditation routine going and I think it will really help get me through this stressful time. Brainstuffs Goal 1: Meditate AT LEAST 3x/week using Headspace. Brainstuffs Goal 2: More of a bonus goal to chase and not really something mandatory, but try to build up a meditation streak of more than 10 days at some point during the challenge. OTHER THING THREE >> SLEEP << My sleep hygiene is so bad. So so so bad. I have regular insomnia and sleep paralysis issues, and not having good sleep habits REALLY exacerbates this issue. I know sometimes those issues rear their heads and there's nothing I can do, and I can adjust from there, but I need to do my best to set up myself up for success. I need to go to bed on time. A lot of this is related to the food goal, since a lot of times I'm up late cooking or trying to find something to eat when I get home from a busy day, so I think fixing the two will go together. Feeling tired and exhausted all the time just can't be a thing any more. It's not good. Sleep Goal 1: Get in bed 8 hours before I need to wake up. Lights out at least 7.5 hours before I need to wake up. EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Sleep Goal 2: Stop the social jet lag. Wake up before 9 on weekends to try to maintain some semblance of sleep schedule instead of sleeping in until noon and then not being able to fall asleep on Sunday night in time to wake up again at 4:45AM Monday for work. OTHER THING FOUR >> MOBILITY << OK so yes I did say already that I do ROMWOD almost every day without needing to keep myself to it. This is true, and I LOVE ROMWOD and I'll probably never stop doing it. But I know that mobility is not JUST stretching - even the specialized yin-yoga-esque ROMWOD stretching that addresses fascia and musculature issues. True mobility also deals with rewiring our brains to fire our muscles appropriately, with making sure our muscles and fascia are supple and not crunchy, and with building strength in the right areas and the right ways. Especially with all of my dancing, I want mobility to become more of a priority for me. So I have basically been obsessed with Kate Galliett (of Unbreakable Body) since the first camp NF I went to. She is seriously AMAZING, and after talking with her after class she gave me some drills to do and some horrible back pain I was having for ~6 months was healed in about a month. She's a huge proponent of foot mobility and this is something with all my dancing I need to make sure I am on top of. So I was THRILLED when she dropped a new mini-Unbreakable body series - Unbreakable Feet! The full Unbreakable Body has always been way outside of my price range and a bit beyond what I want to commit in terms of time and programming, so this little mini-program was super exciting for me. Anyway, I splurged and I got it. I also have been really digging the MWOD videos that NTB turned me on to, which are quick little sessions (~10 minutes) that focus on strength and soft tissue work. I've been kind of doing those here and there and not really holding myself to it but I'd like to be more consistent about it because I definitely notice a difference on days I do it vs days I don't. So in addition to my daily morning ROMWOD (which relaxes me and I look forward to) I'm going to do The Hard Things for mobility, which are: Mobility Goal 1: Do the Unbreakable Feet drills 3x/week. There is a four week progression through them but depending on how I feel I may move through them slower than that, but as long as I do them 3x/week that doesn't matter. Mobility Goal 2: Add an MWOD Perform routine to each lifting workout, and every day I lift do an MWOD Recover routine before bed. --------------------------- And that's my challenge! I'm pretty excited about focusing on some hard stuff, hopefully it's not too hard! *runs away to contemplate playing through all the KH games again for about the 14th time*