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Found 6 results

  1. iatetheyeti

    iatetheyeti: metanoia

    metanoia (n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life Or all of the above. It’s another step along the way to become the person I want to be, the kind of person I know I can be, if I give myself a chance and enough support to grow. A large chunk of this journey has been moved to my battle log as it’s more a day-to-day, goalless kind of thing. Though that does technically mean I have to find myself some goals for these challenges. Like so: Goal One: The Pistol I used to be able to do pistol squats. Only a couple on each side, but still… My progress in that area has reversed drastically over the years. I can just about wobble to the ground on each leg, but it is a very shaky wobble and I cannot rise up on either leg without ending up on the floor. As far as I recall, I managed to figure out pistols the first time around through brute force and ignorance. There will be a fair amount of that this time around, but there will also be some specific mobility and balance work. I can do this, I just need to help my body remember how. Aim: Do a whole pistol squat on at least one leg (more likely to be the right leg) by the end of the challenge (ambitious, not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen, but I’m determined to make sure it does!) Goal Two: Downward Facing Dog My heels do not now, nor have they ever, touched the ground in the downward facing dog pose. All signs point to my not-so-great mobility and general lack of flexibility. This is where the specific mobility work mentioned in the first goal comes in, and I’m hoping that since there are two outcomes resting on it that it will encourage me to actually get it done properly. Aim: Three times weekly leg mobility practice Goal Three: Vegetables Seriously. I am not getting enough in and it has a noticeable impact on my insides and my energy levels. This is basically a repeat of my food goal last challenge. Aim: Five to ten portions of vegetables daily Side Project: Guitar Something to force me to have some fun, even on the days I feel like crap. I can kind of play guitar. Very badly. I’ve wanted to improve for ages but have never actually made it a priority. Until now. I’m committing to ten minutes a day, five days a week minimum. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing so long as I’m playing for ten minutes. And that’s that. Keeping it simple goals-wise in an effort to help myself actually stick to things (as well as continuing the things I’ve tried to incorporate into my life already), especially when life gets rough and the stress climbs higher. I’m going to also aim for five small updates per week to try and keep me a little more social and connected.
  2. annyshay

    Annyshay Writes Like the Wind

    Hello nerds! I'm annyshay! Here are my goals for the next 6 weeks... Pass my boards Win NaNoWriMo Go Deeper with Health Coaching There's been a lot of upheaval in my life in the recent past from moving across country to the death of my Grandpa to a lot of traveling, but things are starting to mellow out just in time for... my boards and NaNoWriMo. Hehe. That's right, within the span of this challenge, I will be taking two sets of medical boards and trying to write 50,000 words in one month. So, I want to try to lean on my community here a little bit harder instead of just phoning in my updates. So, I have overarching goals and will give narrative reports within those about what's going on for me at the moment. I hope to continue to post consistently and wander among other nerds threads a bit more than I have been doing lately. We'll see how it goes, and everything is open to tweaking as necessary to help support my goals. Sound good? Let's do this thing!
  3. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    This is the first stanza of a children's spring song we sing here in South Africa, with English translation in brackets. I tried finding a YT video but alas... Dis heerlike lente, die winter is verby, (It's wonderful spring time, winter is past) weer vrolik die velde vir jou en vir my! (joyful are the fields again, for you and for me) Ryde the Spring Wave Blooms are opening up in an array of colours; grass shoots are pushing their little heads through the dark, nutritious soil; the warm sun is shining bright, and every now and again the soft swish of rain comes down to quench the thirsty soil. I'm just trying to keep my balance between stress, life, and continuing with a 'normal' routine. Not aspiring to reach any level of fitness, not training for anything, just keep moving. Oh, but I am trying to reach 100 (maybe aim at 150?) push ups at some point in time. I am going to try and learn line dancing with my youngest son, and I am going to try and loose a bit of weight. Again, nothing serious, just... cut down a bit on food, think seriously before I eat, weigh myself every Saturday and see how I do. The extra stress-causing-things going on in my life at the moment are... nr. 1 probably the current situation of our country (South Africa). nr. 2 our plans to try and emigrate (and all the preparations it entails). nr. 3 my mom, and the usual little foxes that happen in life to throw you a curve ball. NOTE: My birthday is going to be end of week 3/beginning of week 4 and I am going to have cake/chocolate or something in that line. Goals to focus on this challenge: (only going to check over week days - will continue over weekends, and try to stay in control over weekends, but only check weekdays for the challenge) Bible/Quiet time doing bible study with/without my boys and/or quiet time sometime during the day to gather my thoughts, praying, or just unwinding and relaxing (catching my breath). Water/Herbal tea, fruit/veg water drinks +-2 bottles (just under 2Lt) per day. Go to bed at the latest 21h30 (give or take 5min.). Food: keep gluten to one day a week only (Fishy Fridays), and try to cut down on how much I'm eating. Check weight every Saturday (report on Monday). Let's see if I can loose 1kg (2Lb) this challenge. I'm the heaviest that I've EVER been in my life. Finances: monthlies and dailies. Monthlies are up to date, but will need to be done by end of September again. Dailies are done +-3x/week, or as necessary. Clean house: I have a schedule for the month. Certain chores that I need to check on every day. My vacuum cleaner just burnt (basically brand new) and I'm back to using a broom. Will know whether they'll fix it within the next two weeks. Burpees at least 3x/week, which will include a pushup, which will count to my pushup challenge if they are full pushups. Pushup count: currently 39 Other exercises: Walking (Wednesdays for a long walk, and short, steep uphill on a Thursday) and Dancing (going to try and learn line dancing with my youngest son) on a Friday.
  4. iatetheyeti

    iatetheyeti: push and pull

    It often seems like we have to fight for everything we get in life, and once we have it, something tries to take it away. Not that that’s always a bad thing, sometimes what we have is less than we deserve, dangerous, perhaps, or maybe something we’re better off leaving behind but have become attached to instead. But it isn’t personal. Chances are there isn’t any kind of something doing any kind of taking. It’s just a thing that happens. We assign meaning to it all by ourselves. I used to believe that everything happened for a reason, that the bad was always a lesson and the good was always a reward. I don’t believe that anymore. There’s a constant rhythm of pushing and pulling, a dance played out across nature conducted by an indifferent universe. Things happen because they happen, because that is the nature of life. It’s up to us what we make of it. It’s up to us what we do with it. I had this challenge all planned out and ready to go, and then the universe pulled. Now I have the threat of homelessness hanging above my head on top of everything else. And maybe this is something that will get resolved tomorrow, maybe my landlady will decide not to sell the flat after all, but until I know one way or the other I have to prepare myself for the worst outcome. But that is not the same as letting fear and anxiety rule my life. Right now it’s a waiting game. At some point I will get an answer and I either get the immense relief and embarrassment that comes with overreacting to something, or I get the information I need to make the appropriate arrangements. After all, even if it does come to the worst, it won’t be a permanent thing. Really, it means carrying on doing the best I can, striving to keep the little trickle of progress going. That was going to be the whole premise of this challenge anyway, but with the focus on the oncoming winter and how that usually leeches both happiness and drive away from me. This latest situation is just the latest pull, but I will keep pushing myself forward regardless. I’m not ready to give up just yet. These aren’t SMART goals, but they are adaptable ones and not too different from the direction I was originally going in. If the worst comes to the worst, I can continue on with the majority of these. If things turn out for the better, I can build on them and take the steps I originally wanted to. Goal One: Food After undeniably massive success with cutting out sugary junk, I’m taking the next step along to improving my diet. Sugar watch - Chocolate almond milk is allowed when I feel the need for the world’s cheapest mocha, plus a weekly non-dairy treat. But only if I feel like it, it’s not an essential, nor is it a reward. Veggies - The current NHS RDA is 5-10 portions of veg a day. I thought that was a lot until I found out that a portion is 80g. Regardless, I will have five portions minimum daily. Goal Two: Movement It turns out that daily walks are not always doable for me, but exercising whilst not leaving the flat is far more agreeable when I’m in a low mood. Therefore I will be capitalising on that (but if I can walk, I will walk). Yoga - I’m keeping the short daily sessions and adding in two extended sessions weekly. Either I’ll follow an NF yoga video or I’ll string together several short sessions to make something longer. No strict guidelines here, just as long as it happens. Mobility - Wrist mobility exercises three times weekly. I have truly awful wrist mobility and it makes so many things more difficult than they need to be, for example I actually cannot do push-ups with my hands flat on the floor, my wrists just do not bend that far yet. Primal movement - Something else to help my sub-par mobility. To begin with I’ll be focusing on two things. First, the simple squat. That’s something I’m going to incorporate at work. Whenever I need to spend time reducing/stocking the lowest shelves, I will settle myself into a squat rather than subject myself to knee pain by kneeling. Second will be the just as simple dead hang. At the end of every day I’ll spend a little time hanging off of my pull-up bar, not until failure, but until near failure. No time limit yet. I'm also not ruling out doing bear crawl/duck walk laps of my flat when I've been sitting still for too long... Goal Three: Recovery I think this could also be called self-defence right now, I’m working on protecting me from myself… Meditation - Continue the daily habit, but also branch out, try new techniques and do more reading on the subject. People - The worse my anxiety and depression get, the more I want to pull back and isolate despite knowing that that only does more damage. I do need to balance this, however, as too much will overwhelm me fast. So I’m going to commit to being more active within the Druids and check in with other people on a weekly basis at the very least. Positivity - A lot of what I have written is heavily flavoured by my current negative mood. I do not want that to become the norm. At all. I want to be able to find the positives, to speak about them, to live them. So I will. I will make an effort to put at least one positive in every update, no matter how small it may seem. And that is that. Fortunately I’ve got the whole of zero week off of work, and I fully intend to spend it calming myself down and allowing myself to relax. All going well, I’ll get the answers I need before the week is up and at the very least that will remove the anxiety caused by waiting and not knowing. For the rest of zero week I will make the effort to check in daily.
  5. Mel The Hangry

    Mel The Hangry is turning into a Druid

    A Bit About Me: This is my first challenge as a Druid as I was previously a Ranger, but Druid fits in with my needs better now and it’s been a couple of years since I’ve done one of these challenges. My health hasn’t been great and for 10 years I was unable to eat normal food without getting very ill, I have finally this year gotten to a point where I can eat like a normal person without getting ill at all woo!!! And now it’s a matter of getting the rest of my health sorted. My beautiful dogs Winston (French Bulldog) and Hank (Beagle x French Bulldog) help with my stress and moods but I need to put more effort in managing this myself as well. The Challenge: Nutrition Quests After Work Snacking & Desert: I have a tendency to overdo this massively and it feels like just have no control and I think this is why my weight is climbing: Don’t overdo it e.g. instead of eating 2 rows of chocolate, a packet of chips & ice cream in one sitting only eat one of these things in one sitting and don’t overdo the portions. Treats are ok but not all the time and try to choose healthy options e.g. instead of always reaching for something sweet and super calorie dense every day try to add better options like air popped popcorn etc. Fitness Quests Walking: I like walking but I just don’t do it anymore and I want to make it a part of my everyday life: 3 days a week aim for a minimum of 5 minutes. Before or after work stop further away from the front entrance instead of right in front of it. Yoga: I have been told that exercising in a gentle way will be more beneficial for me and I thought Yoga would be a perfect fit: 1 day a week at the minimum but hopefully more. Done by either printed routine, an app or a class that I can follow/attend. Level Up Your Life Quests Meditation: This would help me so much and is what my body really needs, it would help my body to learn to not to run on stress and hopefully lift my mood: 3 days a week using my Calm app. If I feel like I just don’t have time 1 minute breathing exercise counts. Exercise Physiologist Stretches: If I don’t do these my chronic pain will never stop/get better: 2 days a week at the minimum.
  6. farflight

    Whats your breakfast?

    Just curious what you other folks eat for breakfast on a regular basis. I've been doing smoothies for awhile, with the following ingredients: 1/2 avocado scoop protein powder (whey) Salt (cardiologist orders) 1 tsp chia seed "Handful" Spinach Almond milk Water Cinnamon (sometimes) 1/4-1/2 cup frozen berries So what do you guys/gals eat? Whats the weirdest thing you put in smoothies, eggs, or toast?