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Found 2 results

  1. So after meeting a few nerds IRL and not having a daily battle log, then finishing my six week challenge that I loved getting feedback on I've decided to create a battle log. I'm opening up with a long term goal: the Providence, RI marathon on May 1st (Link). It'll be my first marathon. I ran into a little trouble with my half marathon (Wicked half Marathon in Salem, MA) in October, but I said that if I ran it under one and a half hours I'd do a full marathon in the spring. I managed 1:25 even though I was walking/limping for about a mile. This tells me two things. One, holy crap I'm way faster over distance than I thought. Two, I've done something(s) horribly, stupidly wrong. My leg cramped up and my knee didn't feel right for weeks after. It would feel fine walking, but would hurt after I ran for about a mile of running or hitting a hill. I started running too soon after the half marathon (about a week) and lifting too soon (less than a week). I obviously out-paced myself (I was late getting there and couldn't help trying to "make up" time even though I was running my own timer). And I kind of, sort of, didn't warm up that well. Or possibly at all. Depending entirely on your definition. So, to try and avoid injury and to try and maintain a good pace I am if anything over-planning. Being an accountant my natural response to virtually all stimuli is to make a spreadsheet. So I did (link). One tab with my mileage (I track Km from working on 10 and 5k goals), and one tab with my lifting regiment. I've altered 2 things from my half marathon plan: I've stretched the mileage buildup more slowly (18 weeks) and I'm tapering a little more. I start training on the 28th so if anyone has suggestions, notes, criticism, encouragement, knitting patterns, tips, tricks, or knows a good bar in Providence near the race. If anyone's coming: I'm not registering until after Xmas, so we can team up. Also, I don't own a car so I'll pay for gas for a ride. There are those I suspect of coming.
  2. elizevdmerwe

    elizevdmerwe - Spring has Sprung

    Spring has Sprung! Dis heerlike lente, die winter is verby weer vrolik die velde, vir jou en vir my. (It's wonderful spring time, winter has gone) (happy the fields, for you and for me) loosely translated Die Ystervark I realised that some of the funny in the name is lost because of translation, but hubby (Brandt) called this weight plate storage stand he built, "Die Ystervark". Direct translation is "Iron Pig", and we found it appropriate because it is not just made of iron, but holds our iron weight plates and training paraphernalia. There is also a saying in Afrikaans "gooi die ysters rond" (throw around the irons - directly translated) for someone training with weights. And of course the normal comparison with a porcupine - little squat body with all those quills sticking out. Just going on with the normal routine that I've been trying to establish since... for ever. This is the first year where I did manage to train relatively frequently throughout winter. Other years I stopped my morning training for two, three challenges at a time. Bible study: every weekday morning; Strength training: 2x a week (Monday and Thursday mornings); Joint circles (warm up) Jumping jacks 20x (warm up) Plank2Pullups 10x Abs roll out 10x Front lunges 10kg 10x Deadlifts 30kg 10x Flys: front, lateral, bent over lateral (back shoulders) 10x each Bridge & Pinch 20sec Sit-twist stretch 1x Shoulder and Chest stretches 1x each Walking: 2-3x a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons); Tue: with Brandt and the boys +-3-3.5km (up and downhill) Wed: alone +-5km (flat farm road) Fri: with boys +-3-5km (nat.reserve or neighbourhood) Dry fire: 1x a week (Wednesday morning), and 1x a month at club; Food: focusing on what I'm eating: loosing weight by cutting down on carbs/starches; drink 1x bottle water a day; BUT if I really crave something, then I allow myself to eat that as long as I don't overdo it. This goes hand in hand with a lot of brain things going on upstairs about WHY; measurements beginning and end of challenge. Sleep: be in bed by 21h30 every week night. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We had a hiking/rucking weekend planned for 22-24 Sept. which might not happen because all accommodation in the area are fully booked because of the long weekend, private school holidays, and some trail races planned for that long weekend. So we'll have to play that one by ear. In the meantime we are trying to spend more time together as a family.